Star coloring pages

Download free printable star coloring pages. Beautiful Coloring Pages for your Kids ;)

#1 The Star

This is a typical picture of star which kids often draw at primary school. If you are searching for a fine art to train drawing the stars, you can always print this option and give it to your child. The child will master the skills of creating the star very fast and will be able to add any color to it as stars are considered magical things which can be of any hue in the world.

star coloring pages photo - 1

#2 Wish upon a Star

A falling star is said to grant any wish the child desires. Remember a fairy tale about Pinocchio? This fine art would be a fine practice for training art skills of a child as there is an endless number of opportunities of creativity. The child can draw each ray in a separate color for extra unusual style.

star coloring pages photo - 2

#3 Thick Line Star

Such stars will be very useful when you need to teach your child of a careful work. A thick line would serve as a border that is forbidden to cross. That is why coloring under specific guidelines would be more effective for intellectual development of any little kid. Moreover, all children like coloring stars.

star coloring pages photo - 3

#4 Constellation

Here are multiple stars which can become fine decoration for some Christmas holiday. Play some fancy game with your child by coloring these multiple stars together. Each star can be designed individually and after you cut them out, stick the stars to the windows to show your holiday spirit.

star coloring pages photo - 4

#5 Multiple Sectioned Star

This star looks a little bit different than the other models due to increased quantity of particles which need to be colored. This coloring page will train the attention of the children and assist them with acquiring basic drawing skills as the child can learn easily the ways of drawing sky bodies by copying the image that was offered by you.

star coloring pages photo - 5

#6 Rainbow Star

Here we have a positive little fellow that is smiling to you with a rainbow shining behind. This guy is a cute little star who is living in the skies together with his friends. However, you need to add some colors to the picture to make the star team bright. Make it as colorful as possible to make the star really happy.

star coloring pages photo - 6

#7 Emotional Stars

These stars are filled with emotions like popular emoji. However, designed in black and white does not reflect the full coolness of these stars. That is why it is necessary to add some colors to them. Ask your child to color these stars and they would be really happy to work with such funny creatures.

star coloring pages photo - 7

#8 Star Halo

There is never too much of stars to color. This coloring picture proves this fact! See a fine composition of multiple stars that are dancing on the sheet of paper. The show will not start until a child will add some colors to this art. The little artist can unleash his or her inner Da Vinci and color all the stars in different designs and the resulting composition will definitely bring a lot of fun.

star coloring pages photo - 8

#9 Sparkling Star

This star is a six edged star that is quite different in style if compared with previous options. It will add a totally new model of star to the arsenal of your kid. Offer the coloring picture to your kid or work together to achieve maximum fun while coloring the pages with stars. So it’s time to get ready and prepare a set of tools for the brightest picture.

star coloring pages photo - 9

#10 The Falling Star

It is really hard to see a falling star that crosses the night sky with sparkles. Some people spend all their lives watching the stars trying to see the one. It’s all because the falling start is associated with the wishes that can come true. Offer a coloring page to a child and it will color the picture knowing that all the wishes of people come true.

star coloring pages photo - 10

#11 Stylish Stars

These stars in the sky are marvelous symbols of something magical. In popular culture stars are connected with something unusual and mystical. Coloring of the stars is an excellent practice for training the designer skills at an early age. Several sections will teach children how to combine colors so that they look attractive.

star coloring pages photo - 11

#12 Sleepy Stars

Just take a look at this cute little baby star! Isn’t it beautiful? It’s looking at the people around with a cute smile and is dressed in a pretty star decorated pajama. All it’s missing is some brightness of colors. Why should a star be colorless? It’s not right and your child needs to fix it by using his or her creative skill to make a marvelous picture.

star coloring pages photo - 12

#13 The Meteors Crossing the Sky

When a star of decent size crosses the sky and becomes extremely hot, it leaves a beautiful sparkling streak that is similar to the comet’s tail. These falling stars are excellent description of an astronomical phenomenon. Let your child become a little scientist that will study the celestial bodies by coloring them with bright paint or pencils.

star coloring pages photo - 13

#14 Dancing Star

Just take a look at this dancing star. It looks really cute and attractive. With such big eyes and a broad smile this star would be a very positive picture for coloring. That is why adding some colors to such a funny image would be an excellent time spending for your child. Let it shine with bright colors for a greater pleasure.

star coloring pages photo - 14

#15 Starry Star

This star is like a mosaic that was made of various stars. Here are vast opportunities for coloring the picture with multiple colors as each star can be designed in a personal color to reflect each star’s individuality. Start adding colors to these stars and the child will be greatly involved with this art training.

star coloring pages photo - 15

#16 Girl Star

This star was designed specifically as a girl to match the likeness of girls who like coloring. Look at slim shapes and attractive blond face of this lady – she’s a real superstar. Your daughter is able to add some make up and glamor to this star lady. The girl should take a pencil and start decorating the star in the most attractive manner so that it could shine brightly on a stage.

star coloring pages photo - 16

#17 Laughing Star

After looking at this laughing star many people would also like to start laughing in return. Positive pictures are very important for children as they help to form positive way of thinking and seeing a lot of smiles would increase the desire to color the picture. It was proven that images with smiles are colored with a greater enthusiasm and are more preferable by kids.

star coloring pages photo - 17

#18 North Star

The North Star is considered the brightest star on the sky. It was used by the sailors to navigate in the open sea and find the way back home. It is a very useful technique of teaching when stories are combined with art practice. The child might be coloring the pictures while you will tell the stories about the North Star that might be very interesting.

star coloring pages photo - 18

#19 Shine Little Star

It’s time to make a wish upon a falling star. However, it will not be possible until the sky gem becomes as bright as the real one. This task depends on the shoulders of your child. He or she should take the coloring weapon and start making the star to resemble the one in the sky. After the final color will be added the child might make a wish and you can assist in making it come true.

star coloring pages photo - 19

#20 Christmas Star

The star of this design is often depicted on the night sky pictures in the Bible for kids. This design is connected with a special star that signified the birth of little Jesus. You can tell your kid the stories about the origin of Christmas by illustrating it with such a star. It can be colored afterwards by your child in the most beautiful manner.

star coloring pages photo - 20

#21 Casting a Shadow

This is a very simple composition that can be drawn by the smallest child. Here are basic primitive lines and geometrical figures which are combined according to a simple pattern. This picture can be a very simple pattern for coloring and copying for training decent skills of drawing. Such thing is often distributed at nursing schools for training.

star coloring pages photo - 21

#22 Just Color It

Another plain star is at your disposal. Just print it fast and it will be ready for coloring. The best thing about printed coloring pages is that they can be printed as many times as possible and recolored the same number of times. Offer your child a lot of star like coloring pages to create a unique collection of kid’s art.

star coloring pages photo - 22

#23 Learn Math with Stars

The usage of stars is appropriate for studying various subjects. While studying arithmetic the stars can be used as means to study counting. If a child will color the stars and count them each time an image is fully colored, the process of remembering will go faster and smoother. Try it out and see the results of interactive studying.

star coloring pages photo - 23

#24 Shining Star

Pay attention to the lines around this star and it will become obvious that it is shining with bright light. But why can’t we see this light? The answer is very simple – the star lacks the source of light. The colors of the child’s pencils are the source of light. Give the child this sheet with a star and let the child unleash its energy.

star coloring pages photo - 24

#25 Many Stars for Celebration

If you are planning to decorate some premise with stars, these stars will be an excellent choice. Just print them on a big sheet of paper and start coloring them together with your child. After the art is finished you can start cutting them out and sticking them to necessary surface for decorating effect.

star coloring pages photo - 25

#26 Patriotic Hint

Here’s a coloring picture that is supposed to develop the sense of patriotism. The star and strips flag that is inserted inside the star can become an excellent teaching item that will not only help a child to train coloring skills, but it will be easier to memorize the native colors of the flag. Let the child memorize the nation’s heritage in a form of game.

star coloring pages photo - 26

#27 Gem Like Star

Here’s a stylish decorative coloring page that was made specifically for little girls. Everybody knows that ladies are passionate about gems and this art will be a fine picture of some crystal that can be colored in any possible color to spark brightly on a sheet of paper. Give this art to your daughter and she will definitely enjoy the process of decoration.

star coloring pages photo - 27

#28 Take a Star from the Sky

Offer your kid coloring a personal star. This large simple art would be very comfortable for coloring as the size and the lines of an image is well suited for training the motoric skills of small children. That is why coloring skills are one of the most essential ones. Train your child coloring and in future he or she might become a famous artist.

star coloring pages photo - 28

#29 Ten Tip Star

If you place one five tipped star upon another, you will get an awesome ten tipped star that will be so fun to color. You can select among a variety of color options and create a marvelous star rainbow with multiple colors. This activity will come to liking of many kids as children really adore coloring various geometrical figures at an early age.

star coloring pages photo - 29

#30 A Classical Star

A five tipped star is the star that is most often depicted in various books to serve as the best example of star depicting. This model will teach the kids to practice the drawing of the stars with further coloring of the image. It’s an excellent option for learning the simplest figures for little kids. It can be done either alone or with parents.

star coloring pages photo - 30

#31 Many Stars

Here is a fine practice for drawing five tip stars of various sizes. The designs can be drawn of various colors and that will support the creativity level of your kid. After all the work is done it is possible to cut the stars out along the contours and stick them into album in a shape of some composition.

star coloring pages photo - 31

#32 Kaboom!

The blast actions in the cartoons is often depicted with the stars and in Looney Tunes cartoons we can see how often the stars fly around the character that has been hit with something heavy. Now your kid can learn how to draw a blast effect in his or her works of art after coloring this fine picture. There no need to explode anything in a real life if it can be done on paper.

star coloring pages photo - 32

#33 Underwater Star

Not all stars inhabit skies. There are some living stars which inhabit underwater depths. These are sea stars and they are greatly adored by children. Although it’s not Patrick from SpongeBob series, it’s another friendly underwater star that will become a great friend for your kids and it will be very funny to color it.

star coloring pages photo - 33

#34 Shocked Star

The star in a shock! That is what this picture is trying to tell us. Just look at the eyes and wide open mouth of the creature – there is something awesome waiting there. Now your kid’s responsibility is to add some colors to this star and maybe it will share a secret with your kid of what is so amazing that it is staring at.

star coloring pages photo - 34

#35 Hello Dear

This cute little star is waving to you. The star boy looks very cute in these boots and with such big expressive eyes. There is only one thing that we need to add to make it more beautiful – some colors are extremely necessary. It will look even more attractive when some bright colors will fill the transparent contours. Your child is the person who can deal with this task in the best way.

star coloring pages photo - 35



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