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#1 Enjoying Crab Burger

Sponge Bob is crazy about crab burgers. Cooking them is his hobby, job and passion. Perhaps, the secret is in the recipe that is stored by Mr. Krabs, owner of Krusty Krab. Just look at the excitement in his eyes. There is something hypnotic in this simple, yet very delicious food. Otherwise, why all the citizens of Bikini Bottom adore crab burgers?!

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#2 All Together

On this picture we can see all the main characters of the cartoon about Sponge Bob Square Pants. Starting from left: Mr. Krab – owner of the fast-food restaurant “Krusty Krab”, Squidward – Sponge Bob’s colleague and neighbour, Sponge Bob – the main character, an optimistic sea sponge, Sandy – a squirrel-scientist, Patrick – sea star, the best friend of Sponge Bob. There is also one small character – Sponge Bob’s pet –Gary.

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#3 Tough Policeman

Sponge Bob is a very energetic creature. He always likes trying something new. This time he decided to perform the role of the underwater policeman. He has cool dark glasses, a police cap, a uniform and even a badge. Beware, the criminals! Sheriff Sponge Bob the Square Pants will set everything to order. No villain will stay unpunished.

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#4 Hawaiian Party

Who doesn’t like parties? Bikini Bottom citizens have a great time on the Hawaiian Party. Sponge Bob is dressed in the Hawaiian hula skirt and plays on the ukulele, Hawaiian national musical instrument, while Patrick listens to this fantastic music. Larry the Lobster shows athletic exercises and young fish girls look at him with admiration. The holiday has just started and more people will come.

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#5 Hah-hah- hah-hah

Sponge Bob has a fantastic laugh. Once you hear him laughing, you would like to join him immediately without knowing the reason why he laughs. He is really a very positive character with a wide smile and eyes sparkling with joy. Coloring such a picture would be a nice idea to cheer up any kid. The brightest pencils should be used for such a smile.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 5

#6 Karaoke

Sponge Bob likes singing a lot. He doesn’t care if he sings well or not. The most important thing is to be sincere and share your emotions with others. Sponge Bob is positive as always. Any kid will like coloring this nice picture a lot. Don’t forget to sharpen your best yellow pencil to make Sponge Bob bright and optimistic.

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#7 It’s Prank Time

Something terrible is going to happen to Squidward. Sponge Bob can’t help but playing various pranks and jokes on his favourite friend. He came to the house of the octopus unnoticed and pretended to be a pillow. Squidward didn’t suspect anything at all until early morning when alarm clock was turned off with a yellow hand that was reaching out from under his head with a hilarious laughter.

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#8 Football Match

Sponge Bob is a football fan. What about you? Do you like playing or watching football? Our main character is dressed in nice sportive clothes and has cool football boots. Bikini Bottom citizens watch the greatest football match ever. It seems that Sponge Bob is going to make a goal. Every little fan of football and Sponge Bob will have a lot of fun while coloring this nice picture.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 8

#9 I Will Drive a Boat!

Sponge Bob has made numerous attempts to get the driving license, but each time he failed under the most awkward circumstances. The creatures inhabiting Bikini Bottom run away with horror once see that Sponge Bob is going to drive the boat. However, this time it seems that luck was on his side. Sponge Bob finally managed to get the driving license. Hopefully, he learned to drive well this time.

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#10 Eureka!

A culinary competition was announced in the Bikini Bottom. The one who will cook the tastiest dish will become the best chef of the year.  All his life Sponge Bob has been dreaming to become the best chef. That is why this time he couldn’t miss a chance to get the title. For a long time Sponge was overwhelmed with the thought what to cook and at last he knows the best dish to prepare.

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#11 Sponge Claus

Christmas is coming. Everyone decorates the house for Christmas, looks for presents for friends and relatives etc. Sponge Bob changed the spatula for cooking crab burgers into Santa Claus cap and now tells children the fairy tales and grants them with gifts as the real Santa does. If you want all the children of Bikini Bottom get presents from Sponge Santa, then help him by coloring this picture.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 11

#12 Get Some Easter Eggs

Everyone, children and adults, love Easter. Sponge Bob loves it too. Now he is looking for Easter eggs hidden by Easter Bunny. Yes, you understood correct: Easter Bunny visits even Bikini Bottom, no one can’t stay without the holiday of Easter. It would be a great idea for a kid to color this page. To make the task tougher, one can try to draw Easter Bunny nearby.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 12

#13 Have Some Crab Burger

Sponge Bob adores both cooking crab burgers and eating them. His feelings are true unlike Plankton’s, who wants to get the secret recipe of this delicious fast food to earn more money. Just look at the adoration in his eyes. He really fell in love with that crab burger at first glance. Color this picture and maybe you will find the secret recipe of crab burger and cook it yourself.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 13

#14 Again and Again

Nothing can be worse than walking to the work you hate every day – that’s what Squidward thinks. Unlike Sponge Bob he is really pessimistic and ill tempered. He doesn’t like to work at Krusty Krab, he prefers staying at home and spending time alone. Every time Sponge Bob tries to make friends with him, he does his best not to make it true. Maybe if someone colors Squidward in bright shades he will become more cheerful?!

spongebob coloring pages photo - 14

#15 Best Friends

Patrick, the sea star, and Sponge Bob, the sea sponge, are the best friends ever. They adore to spend time together. Both of them are very cheerful and optimistic. They laugh almost non-stop and if one of them is sad about something, his friend will surely help to cheer up. If you have such a friend or want to find one, color this funny picture in bright hues.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 15

#16 Walking Near the House

Sponge Bob likes healthy way of style that is why he likes walking outdoors a lot. He often walks near his house. The street where he lives is very picturesque. There are various seaweed bushes and trees. Houses on the street also deserve attention, especially Sponge Bob’s. It has the shape and look of the pineapple. Every time our character is outdoors, he is very happy.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 16

#17 Arch-Enemies Stopped the War for a while

Here is a prank again. Sponge Bob is having fun with Plankton. There was no such an episode in the cartoon. However, we can always imagine some parallel world where Sponge Bob and Plankton are the best friends. They love to spend time together a lot. However, Patrick is their worst enemy, who wants to steal the secret recipe of the crab burger, but they won’t let him to do this.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 17

#18 Science is above Everything

Sandy is the squirrel from Texas, who adores science that is why she visits Bikini Bottom so often. She carries out various experiments to get a better understanding of the underwater dwellers. Like all the talented scientists she is a bit crazy, but still very positive. Sponge Bob and Patrick are good friends with her and eagerly take part in all her experiments.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 18

#19 It’s Time to Repair the House

Sponge Bob decided to change the look of his house. His pet snail Gary is really shocked as Sponge Bob colors his house into blue color. Have you ever seen blue pine apples?! But our main character is rather bold person who likes to experiment. Your kid will surely like coloring this picture. It would be a nice idea to add the blue pine apple house nearby.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 19

#20 Panic Attack

Sponge Bob loves cooking a lot, the best and the only masterpiece he cooks is a crab burger. But one day he woke up and understood that he forgot the recipe of a crab burger! Nothing can be worse than this. Secret recipe of the crab burger is lost forever. No one will enjoy its unbelievable taste. What to do?! Fortunately, it was just a bad dream, it’s impossible to forget this recipe.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 20

#21 Brave Commander

Sponge Bob pretends to be a true military leader on this picture. He sits on a nice sea horse and leads his army to the victory ahead. Sponge Bob is fearless, no enemy will scare him and his army. Perhaps, later this battle will be known by future generation as the Battle under Bikini Bottom. The army of Sponge Bob is fighting against the army of Plankton who wants to conquer the recipe of crab burger.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 21

#22 Summer Time

Everyone likes summer. It is possible to do so many funny things during this season; for example, to spend time on the beach. Sponge Bob is fully equipped: he has the ball for valley ball, small bucket to build sandy castles and sun shade not to get burned. He is also closed in a beach manner: dark sunglasses, a cap with a big peak and Hawaiian shorts. Sponge Bob even took his pet Gary to the beach.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 22

#23 Snails are the Best Pets

Underwater dwellers have underwater pets that is why instead of the cat Sponge Bob has a big snail called Gary. It really resembles the cat and can produce meowing sounds. Do you imagine having such a cat snail at your home? It is really very funny: just imagine petting the snail instead of a fluffy cat. Maybe, physical sensation will be different, but you’ll definitely get a lot of positive emotions.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 23

#24 Batman and Robin

Here is a nice cosplay performed by two best friends. Sponge Bob is dressed as Batman, while Patrick – as Robin. It looks like they are going to save the world from another disaster. Keep out, you criminals, otherwise our two superheroes will defeat you. It will strike the entire underwater world. Help two best friends to save the world by coloring them.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 24

#25 Watching the Ballet

Sponge Bob is a very optimistic, positive and emotional character, perhaps, that is why some other dwellers of Bikini Bottom don’t like him much. Just like this time. Everyone came to watch the ballet. Definitely it’s not the circus, so the audience is serious, all except Sponge Bob. He is so excited and happy and really loud. Unfortunately, other fish don’t share his emotions.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 25

#26 I Got a Plan

It is impossible to feel bored with a Yellow Sponge. He has always got a plan that can entertain him and his friends. Even now he is thinking about some genial idea that will bring a lot of fun to people around. We all know that Bob’s ideas do not always mean something good for creatures around. They often lead to destruction and chaos that other dwellers of Bikini Bottom have to face.

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#27 Sandy Cheeks

Sandy is a very clever and strong squirrel from Texas. Sandy is going into karate and adores eating acorns. She came to Bikini Bottom to learn sea creatures and their way of life. She can invent various complicated machines, for example, space shuttles, teleports, submarines that can transform into very small size etc. Sandy’s best friend is Lobster and, of course, Sponge Bob.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 27

#28 Holiday Time

Which of you likes Christmas? Everyone does. It’s really hard to find the person, either adult or child, who is not waiting for this holiday as it’s the time when miracles happen. Sponge Bob is not an exception. He is admiring a big Christmas tree with a great number of balls and shining with all colored garlands. There are lots of presents beneath the tree. Come and get them!

spongebob coloring pages photo - 28

#29 This Will Never End

Mrs. Puff is a puffer fish who teaches students to drive at the boating school. She was unlucky to get such a student as Sponge Bob who can’t pass the exams. He studies at the boating for a long time. Every time he tries to pass the exam, he fails. Very often it hurts Mrs. Puff that is why she is afraid of Sponge Bob. The funniest moment is when she puffs getting into the crash with her pupil.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 29

#30 Tough Skateboarder

“Be active and never stop!” – That is Sponge Bob’s motto. This time he is mastering skateboarding. He already learned some cool tricks. He will conquer Bikini Bottom.  Nothing can stop him. If your kid likes going in for sport, he or she will definitely like coloring this nice page. You can add some obstacles, like a wall, through which Sponge Bob is moving.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 30

#31 Here I am

Sponge Bob is a sea sponge. His characteristic features are big blue eyes, lots of holes in his body and a mouth with two protruding teeth. He can change his body form and also absorb water. He talks with a very high and loud voice. His laugh is also rather special and recognizable. Sponge Bob likes to spend time with his friend Patrick, who is the sea star. This character is very popular among kids and teenagers.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 31

#32 Try Some Crabby Patty

Bob is the master chef. He can cook an amazing food that people from all over Bikini Bottom come to eat. Right now he has made a special crabby patty for a special customer. That’s right; he made it for you with a great love and skills. In order to acquire this jumbo crabsburger you need to color this picture in the colors that will come to the liking of a yellow Sponge.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 32

#33 Happy Halloween

The day of all Saints is celebrated all over the world. The feast of darkness is celebrated even underwater. Sponge Bob went to the shop with various terrific items in order to purchase some fancy suits with his best friend Patrick. As usual they got stuck in the shop while looking at various trifles that might become handy during the preparation of a personal house of horrors.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 33

#34 Hello Buddy

Sponge Bob is one of the most popular characters which were ever shown on Nickelodeon channel. Although some time the cartoon might seem somewhat odd and strange, it is so hilariously funny that it is really hard to resist watching it. It often teaches us some positive traits and shows various situations where yellow sponge is victorious.

spongebob coloring pages photo - 34

#35 Resting on the Beach

The heroes of Sponge Bob Squarepants are currently having a lovely party on the beach. Larry the Lobster is posing for women by weightlifting the anchors on his mighty shoulders. Patrick is hypnotized by the music that is produced by the game of Sponge Bob’s ukulele. Our yellow friend is enjoying the results of his music lessons.

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