Pumpkin coloring pages

Download free printable pumpkin coloring pages. Beautiful Coloring Pages for your Kids ;)

#1 A New Friend

This cute little picture depicts a lovely pumpkin with a radiating smile. You can offer this image to your child and ask him or her to add some vibrant hues to this nice fellow to make the pumpkin’s adorable smile even more attractive. You can also add some interesting narration while the kid will be working hard on the image.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 1

#2 Halloween Hello

The Halloween cannot be held without a nice pumpkin as it is a symbol of the whole holiday. Here is a bright little pumpkin that will become a fine decoration of your premise and charm the eyes of the visitors. In order to make it look even better one needs to add some nice colors so that it could radiate with them.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 2

#3 Evil Grin

Coloring is an excellent time taking activity when a child is allowed to express himself by distributing some unusual ideas and putting the imagination into practice. Moreover, the whole process is characterized with relaxing movement of the hands which calms down the nervous system and helps to get rid of anxiety and worries.

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#4 Pumpkin on a Foliage

You are the one to select a nice coloring page for your little treasure. You can select a nice pretty pumpkin with a visage if you want to add some fantasy to the process or you can add the educative motive by using a realistic model of a pumpkin like this one. Anyway this option will be surely a convenient one for creative practice. This art depicts a lovely vegie that is lying on a fine composition of leaves.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 4

#5 Work with Vegetables

Among a variety of topics which are available for coloring, the theme of Halloween would be one of the most attractive. There are plenty of options that can be given to a child for the art work. Here is a sample option with a pumpkin that can be elaborately painted by little Picassos. Be sure to participate in this activity as common coloring brings mutual understanding.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 5

#6 Enormous Pumpkin

The tradition to celebrate Halloween also includes a popular contest where judges look through a variety of orange little suns and decide which one is the biggest and which one is the prettiest. You can organize such a contest in your family. Print out the pumpkins and color them all together and then try to decide which one is the champion.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 6

#7 Perfect for Carriage

Most of the kids know the story about Cinderella and even watched the cartoon. A fairy godmother made a special gift for a princess so that she was able to go to the ball. She presented a girl a pair of crystal slippers and a luxurious dress. Certainly, there were no Ferraris in that time but there were horse wagons. The fairy made a beautiful carriage out of a pumpkin like this. It would be really fun time to color this image.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 7

#8 Autumn Pumpkin

Everybody knows that autumn is a time of pumpkins. There are various species of them but the most favorite among kids are the classic orange ones. They are mostly associated with Halloween and kids are really happy to paint them and modify in various manners. You can make the painting of pumpkins a part of some festive contest.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 8

#9 An Item for Practice

This blank pumpkin is just a draft image that can be used for some interesting contest. The kids will have some fun while thinking out creepy faces that will match the shape of this item. Look at this round shaped object and imagine what will be the creepiest look that can scare not even people but also evil spirits which roam in the streets during the day of all saints.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 9

#10 Old School Pumpkin

Here is an amazing old school pumpkin that will become an excellent object for coloring. It won’t be really hard to deal with this object and color it in some fanciful design. You can break up the standards of the tradition and color this model with all colors of rainbow and receive a real magical pumpkin that will be able to make all the wishes come true.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 10

#11 Mr. Pumpkin

This honorable gentleman is a fine representative of a Halloween tradition when we can see an abundance of respectable orange guys with various expressions on their faces and sparks in the eyes that appear thanks to the candles. Be ready to create a whole society of pumpkins which will make the holiday livelier.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 11

#12 Drawing of the Pumpkin

Here we have got a lovely pumpkin that is composed by simple geometrical shapes. This will be not only a simple coloring image for a little kid but also a means of study so that your child was capable to draw his personal Halloween Jack O Lantern. Just remember the contours and try to repeat them on a blank sheet of paper and add some new details.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 12

#13 Create Your Pumpkin Friend

This empty pumpkin shell is specially crafted for a little artist who is capable to breathe in a spirit of a real Halloween into this object. Show child various samples in the streets or on the Web and offer your kid to switch on the imagination and draw some unusual face. Be sure that this task will be done with pleasure, especially if you offer some sweets.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 13

#14 “P” for Pumpkin

Pumpkins can be also useful for educational purposes as well. The word pumpkin sounds really funny and memorable. It has got a strong bond with the Halloween holiday and that is why it will be memorized in a better way. Study the letters together with bright images and be sure that it will be a very resultative time spending.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 14

#15 Cute Halloween Guy

If you want to present your kid a coloring page with a pumpkin that looks more cute than scary, this is the right model. Just take a look at this face – it cannot scare anybody but it is definitely capable to bring a smile on the face of a kid. An item like this can be used as an element of some celebrating postcard that a child can present to parents or other kids.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 15

#16 From the Garden

Here is a lovely image of a coloring page with a really big pumpkin on it. Your child can release all the artistic potential by coloring this gigantic pumpkin. Assist your kid with the creation of a totally unique festive vegetable. Teach your little precious one how to draw the eyes, nose and smile which will astonish people around.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 16

#17 An Oval Shaped Vegie

Help your child to cope with the task of designing a unique pumpkin that will become a star of Halloween celebration. The kids are so much passionate about Halloween as they can get many candies and eat as much as possible and nobody will be against it. That’s why pumpkin coloring sheets are so attractive for little guys.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 17

#18 Create a Jack

The tradition to carve the eyes and a face in the pumpkin comes from the Irish tradition and has been accepted with pleasure in the United States. It used to scare the evil spirits away from house and attract best luck during Halloween. Here you can have a wonderful opportunity to draw and finish a personal charm for Halloween.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 18

#19 A Garden Work for a Kid

An autumn garden and a lovely weather – what else can a child dream about when seeing a beautiful pumpkin? The child will certainly think about Halloween holiday as it is the funniest holiday when children can transform into magical beings. This pumpkin is an excellent fresh vegetable that definitely needs coloring in the brightest manner.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 19

#20 Pumpkin Patch

This year the harvest of pumpkins was really amazing! Just take a look at this lovely patch. The pumpkins here are of an incredibly large size and all of them are so sweet and tasty. The child can certainly paint this patch into some traditional colors but it is also possible to color the art into totally amazing hues that will make them look as magic ones.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 20

#21 Really Wide Mouth

Here is a lovely Halloween pumpkin that got frozen with its mouth open wide. It seems that someone has told this pumpkin some sort of a funny joke and it burst out lough with an uncontrollable giggle. Participate in the fun by adding some bright colors to this image. The child will definitely enjoy such a friendly companion.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 21

#22 Waiting for Carving

This is just one of many pumpkins which were prepared for the Halloween party. It is a fine tradition to carve the pumpkins for the Halloween which passed to us since ancient times. If you are worried about your child using sharp objects, pencils and paints would be nice safe tools for creating festive faces for the Halloween occasion.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 22

#23 Design Your Halloween

Veggies are among the most popular themes for coloring exercising. It is an effective means of distributing your kid a variety of items so that the little ones were capable to recognize them. The pumpkins are special topic for coloring as it is mostly associated not with food but with the holiday of Halloween when there is a tradition to carve them with various faces.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 23

#24 Pumpkin Style

Most of the children do not like eating pumpkins but they like the way it looks and adore coloring the giants. This pumpkin that is lying on the fallen foliage will become an excellent alluring coloring object that will catch the attention of children for a long period of time. This mode is quite simple and easy to color so there won’t be any issues with it.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 24

#25 A Round Draft

The classic species of pumpkins are characterized with nearly a perfect round shape and very easy for coloring. Your child can unleash the flight of the fantasy and transform this blank vegetable into something totally fabulous. It is possible to create a pumpkin with various emotions. The opportunities are totally endless.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 25

#26 Vined Pumpkin

The vegetables of each season are truly amazing. All of them seem to be created for their personal time and look marvelous. The pumpkins have multiple usages. They can be carved to receive wonderful images and you can cook them to acquire some magnificent courses. The pumpkins are excellent means of design and children would be happy to color them.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 26

#27 Storage for Winter

The year brought a giant harvest to the people and this is only a few of the pumpkins that are available for you to see. Children will be really exited while working with such a picture. The kid can express himself by thinking out some totally unusual design for this winter storage with pumpkins. Forget about standard colors and add some rainbow to them.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 27

#28 Evil Spirit

Here is a stylish pumpkin that will surely become an excellent decoration for your house. It seems that an evil spirit has jumped into the vegetable and made it alive. Just look at this angry green that is piercing through you. The kid would really like working together with such a scary partner especially when there will be a chance of getting some sweets.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 28

#29 Bats are Coming

The Halloween is not possible without a list of special characters: bats, skeletons and pumpkins, of course. Here is a fine composition with a giant pumpkin and a few bats which are flying at a distance. You can color this picture and even modify it by drawing the parts of face that will make this vegetable a scary Halloween scarecrow.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 29

#30 Lovely Autumn Gift

This art introduces us a lovely pumpkin that will become a fine option for coloring by a child. There is really nothing special in this coloring sheet but the fact is that it’s very simple to work with. People usually associate pumpkins with two holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. Offer your children this picture to color and tell about the origin of the holidays.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 30

#31 Vampire Pumpkin

There are plenty of pumpkin designs that are available for coloring and here is one that is filled with a spirit of Halloween. This is a real vampire pumpkin – a being of night. It has got narrow predator like eyes and razor sharp teeth look really awesome. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry that this fellow will burn on the sun and it is not afraid of garlic.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 31

#32 Pencil Style Pumpkin

The art can take various shapes and even a vegetable can become a work of art. In this case we have got a fine sample of natural drawing with a pumpkin that was done with a great realism. It can be a good practice for a little artist to color this image with bright colors or maintain black and white design and use simple pencil.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 32

#33 Happy Smile

This is a fine coloring page with a stylistic image of Jack O’ Lantern, the spirit of Halloween, which is said to protect the houses from ghosts and monsters. This is a lovely character that will be smiling to anyone who will participate in coloring. The kids will really like to work with such positive looking night being.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 33

#34 Add Some Warmth

A Halloween is not a Halloween without pumpkins. This giant sun colored vegetable preserves the sense of home warmth even after a scary face is carved on it. You will definitely enjoy the holiday of Hallows Day with such an attractive coloring page. Both kids and adults will enjoy the celebration with fun.

pumpkin coloring pages photo - 34

#35 Just Color It

Deal with this coloring page as fast as you can to obtain the holiday spirit. It will be a great fun to add some personal details to this art and modify it in the manner that you like. You can try out a non-standard approach by applying totally unusual colors. Use the rainbow as the source of inspiration and let the creation begin!

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