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#1 Learn with a Cat

Say hello to Pete the Cat! The series of illustrated books designed for the first time readers is devoted for creativity and interaction between a kid and his book. The character is strongly adored by all kids as it is really hard to find a person that doesn’t love cats. Here we’ve got a lovely Pete in a coat. It is cold outside and we don’t want him to catch cold.

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#2 Cat in a Coat

Those parents who are searching for the book that will introduce your child to the endless world of reading may consider a series of coloring books with Pete the Cat as an excellent idea. The book hasn’t got many words and needs to be additionally colored for extra activity. It will be an amazing option for starters. If the child wants more Pete coloring pages, this one will find some good place in the collection.

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#3 Pete is a Rock Star

Little Pete the Cat has decided to become a rock star. He’s already acquired a cool electro guitar and finished some musical lessons. Now he can start training before he will be able to play on the stage. Fortunately, he’s got his lunch box with him and Pete won’t have to worry that he is hungry as there is always something tasty with him. It’s time to rock.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 3

#4 Fulfill the Task

As it was said before Pete was designed in order to train children to read in some interesting playful manner. This time we have got Pete coloring page with a very easy assignment. You need to practice the artistic skills by coloring according to the numbers. This will help the kid to recognize the color words and learn them in a game manner.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 4

#5 Buttons off the Shirt

Pete is really said. His favorite shirt has got a little problem. The buttons on it went off and something must be undertaken in order to bring them back. Fortunately, the kid is capable to cope with this task. He needs to color the picture and listen to the story about a friendly cat that is known for his good manners and refined style.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 5


#6 Pete Brings Christmas

Pete the Cat is involved into assisting Santa Claus with the delivery of the Christmas presents. This character from the books is well known for the amazing adventures that he has every day and it is accompanied with pictures that are required to be colored. In this case the series of books about Pete is very useful and interesting for the smallest ones.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 6

#7 Interesting Story

When the story for reading practice is accompanied with a series of pictures it perceives in a better way and the results of cognitive process are better. Pete the cat combines two activities which are adored by children. They are coloring and reading an interesting story. Such training will register the association in the mind easier and faster.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 7

# 8 Guitar Style

This slim cat is recognized by plenty of kids. This is Pete the Cat. For the beginner readers it has become a real classic as coloring assists in studying process greatly and this fact has been proven by the behavioral psychologists. In this peculiar case we have got a cat that is holding an electro guitar. He’s about to start playing a concert of his to the crowd of people.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 8

#9 Take it Easy

It’s time to relax and go on skating. Some people say that animals can’t go in for extreme sports. Pete is an exception – he can deal with any type of sports. Right now he has mastered the skate boarding and practices it along the streets. It seems that somebody decided to use the skate as public transport. Just take a look at this lazy turtle.


pete the cat coloring page photo - 9

#10 Pete in Wonderland

The fairy tales are frequently interpreted through the sight of different characters. Here we have an unexpected adaptation from Alice in Wonderland. Pete has gone to the magical land as well. Right now he is talking to a frog that is sitting on the throne. Beneath it you can see some mushrooms which can make you either larger or smaller.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 10

#11 Pete Adores He Shoes

Here we can see Pete the Cat in his awesome white shoes. He really loves them and often wears them without taking off. Pete is an adorable character with a rich history that really attracts children. The simplicity of design makes the cat even more appealing for little students who like to study with fun. Here is a basic appearance of Pete that will be recognized by many kids from all over the world.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 11

#12 Teach a Cat

Pete the Cat is totally new to skateboarding and he has got a friend that is also willing to learn skating. You are the only person that is capable of teaching the book character to do this. You need to participate in coloring of the cat and listen to the story about it. If you learn the basics of reading, you can also try reading together with loving parents.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 12

#13 Pete the Positive Cat

Pete is a rather positive cat. He dresses up with a style and never feels depressed. He understands perfectly well that it is useless to feel angry or sad about the things onto which we cannot influence. Such a sketch is a nice option for coloring as listening to a story with accompanying coloring can enhance the study effect greatly.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 13

#14 Do It Yourself

Now we are getting to something more difficult and interesting. This time we have an assignment not only to color the page, but also to cut out the elements and compose them into a stylish figure of Pete the Cat. Here are all parts that make the cat recognized by people – his stylish coat and groovy buttons. Create your personal Pete!

pete the cat coloring page photo - 14

#15 Interesting Study

The best way to study is to study in a manner that will include games. Learning to read seems to be a very easy task to do but still there might be some personal issues which depend on individual nature of a child. In order to avoid these problems the reading should be conducted in the shape of game and assignments so that a child didn’t get bored.


pete the cat coloring page photo - 15

#16  Walking in the Boots

Here is Pete the Cat – a cat in boots. This is not the character from an old fairy tale where cat fought against giants. This cat is quite a modern one. He walks in the shoes and it is said that they bring him luck. This is the basic appearance of the character and there will be a lot of other designs that will be available for coloring in future as the kid progresses in reading.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 16

#17 Learning the Animals

If the subject of the lesson is the animals, you can prepare a lot of flash cards with the samples of four legged friends of people. For a cat there are many different options and one of them is Pete. This is a character of a series of child coloring books for beginner readers. The pictures are specifically designed for the development of various cognitive skills.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 17

#18 Pete Loves His Shoes

Pete is known for having magical shoes. The usual cats do not wear anything at all but our friend does. His looks really stylish and at the same time funny with such cool shoes. The kids will really enjoy the process of coloring and make their first reading attempts with a greater pleasure. Let Pete make some magic and help kids learn effortlessly.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 18

#19 With a Sample

It seems like Pete the Cat has broken down and has fallen apart. Fortunately, we all remember his appearance and know how to fix this situation. There are no unsolvable tasks for little students. This time you need to color all parts of Pete’s body, his coat and his four groovy buttons and unite them all together by means of glue on a separate sheet of paper.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 19

#20 Set of Boots

Here you can see the boots of the famous character. That’s right Pete left his magical boots for us to color. This would be an excellent color practice as children can be told a story about different colors into which the shoes of the cat can transform. While the kid will enjoy the coloring, they can sing the song about colors for a better memorizing.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 20

#21 Love the Shoes

The reading practice is a very important activity for a child as in the future it will serve as a fundament for adult reading. The best way to teach a child is to start with simple things and slowly increase the difficulty. The process shouldn’t be monotonous and in this relation the interactive coloring practice with Pete the Cat will be extraordinary positive.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 21

#22 The Animal Bus

The bus is going to school. This is not a usual school but a place where all little animals can study various interesting things. Pete will open the world of knowledge in front of these little animals and drive the bus to the best school ever. Join the animals and start your lessons with the best teacher ever. To get a ticket to the bus you need to color this art with bright colors.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 22

#23 Resting Peacefully

This art introduces us Pete the Cat that is relaxing on the beach. It shows us that there is nothing to worry about and sometimes the best way to deal with problems is to lie on a beach towel and relax. The child will really receive a lot of pleasure while coloring this picture and listening to the story about this cute little animal.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 23

#24 Design Your Christmas Plate

The usual things can become totally unusual and even magical if they are modified in some manner. Here we have a set of parts of Pete the Cat. The details can be colored and cut out. Some details are missing, but if you use some paper plate and stick the details to its surface, it will turn out that you have got a lovely Christmas gift plate with Pete the Cat on it.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 24

#25 Pirate Fun

The interactive exercise is the best one for developing various skills. Here we have an art of a pirate boy with a parrot on his shoulder. The task is to color him and trace the words which are written bellow. This will develop both motoric and linguistic skills of the kid who practices such study methods. Study shouldn’t be boring but funny and joyful.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 25

#26  A Big Boot

Right now you have an excellent opportunity to become Pete the Cat’s personal designer who will create fabulous look of his new pair of boots. Look carefully at this picture and try to imagine the most unusual style that will be matching Pete. Color it with pleasure and see how the new boot will fit the most fashionable magical cat in the world.

pete the cat coloring page photo - 26


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