Paw patrol coloring pages

Download free printable paw patrol coloring pages. Beautiful Coloring Pages for your Kids ;)

#1 Rocky to the Rescue

This little dog is a true hero. He has a got a set of special gear that is hiding inside his back. The special equipment that is always at his paws includes various screw drivers, grappling claws and other things that might come in handy. He is a professional engineer and adores dealing with the machines. When something breaks everybody calls Rocky.

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#2 Member of Fire Brigade

When there’s a threat of fire Marshall is an irreplaceable assistant. This dog is one of the major characters of the paw patrol universe. Besides dealing with fires, he also helps as a professional medic as he’s got the skills of a doctor. Sometimes he might seem a little bit clumsy but this Dalmatian is really a good member of the team.

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#3 Zuma the Labrador

Judging from the anchor sign on the collar, you might have already guessed that this is an expert in the marine operations. You weren’t mistaken. He is capable to conduct the rescue operation underwater and thanks to his gear can breathe and swim fast like a real fish. He protects all the underwater dwellers and saves those animals that have got water emergency.

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#4 Skye from the Sky

This is the very first member of paw patrol who was a female. She is quite an emotional character but very kind and gentle. The breed of this character is a mix of a poodle with cocker spaniel. She is the eyes of the team as she is flying high in the sky and watches for the emergencies from the top of the world. The helicopter is used for special weight lifting.

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#5 Policeman Dog

Possibly there is no need to introduce this character as most of you must have recognized Chase, a German shepherd dog. He performed the functions of a policeman and a spy in the cartoon. Due to his seriousness he might seem a little rough and over mature if compared to other puppies. This is a real wolf – a leader of the team.

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#6 Puppies are Puppies

Regardless of being members of rescue team the puppies still remain the puppies. It is really hard to hide their childish nature beneath the uniform. From time to time even the most serious puppies can become playful. Just look at these fellows. They are tossing each other and playing with bubbles enjoying the bathing.

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#7 Construction Dog

Although he looks rather cool and stone like, his character is totally opposite. He is very sensitive and kind. Rubble adores little animals and likes taking care of them. He specializes in building and construction in the team. His powerful truck is capable of dealing with train railways and even buildings which are going to fall down. He is the youngest pup of the squad.

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#8 Me and My Car

This huge red car is Marshal’s main equipment. As a member of a fire brigade team, he needs to have all the equipment at hand so that he was able to deal with the roughest fire. Fortunately, fires are not the only things with which the Dalmatian has to deal. Fire pup often has to assist animals who got stuck at some heights. The car is equipped with a ladder that is easily manipulated.

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#9 Positively Love

Most of us have watched the cartoon about lady and a tramp. Here we have got a similar situation though we know the Chase’s breed. Due to his seriousness he seems to omit the signs of affections that are frequently shown by Skye. The female puppy is quite a lovable one and is not shy to show her real feelings but very often she breaks after hitting the wall of Chase’s maturity.

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#10 This is Halloween

The Holiday of all Saints is present in every cartoon. Paw patrol hasn’t become an exception. The guys from the squad decided to change their outfit into something creepy and Halloweenish to create the atmosphere in their headquarters. However, they are still on guard and ready to act in case of a possible emergency call that might happen.

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#11 Clumsy Marshal

The Dalmatian puppy is often related to as clumsy and childish. Nobody will argue this, but at the same time he has got a kind and loving heart. He knows how to reduce the tension in the team and often performs the roles of the joker. For such behaviour he is often criticized by Chase, although the shepherd dog often relies on the assistance of the Dalmatian.

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#12 Dog from Snows

Being the member of a puppy squad Everest needs to be well prepared for the roughest weather conditions. Being born on the South Pole, this silver grey dog knows how to survive in the roughest temperatures. That is why she is responsible for snow emergency operations. There is no other dog in the team that can deal with frozen situations like cute Everest.

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#13 My Family

The paw patrol is a team of brave trained pups which were taught various skills in order to help people in emergency situation. They are like lifeguards which can come to the rescue under any circumstances. Ryder trained each pup for a separate emergency situation so that they could provide the best help. Together they are the family which takes care of each other.

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#14 Puppies to the Rescue

Although he is 10 years old, don’t let his age fool you. He is the person who created the paw patrol and trained all the doggies to fulfil separate functions according to their needs. He is a great inventor as well. All the gadgets of the puppies were invented and crafted by Ryder. For any emergency situation we have an awesome team that will come to the rescue always in time.

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#15 Fun Loving Puppy

Skye adores taking part in various activities. She is very active and competitive. She often quarrels with Zuma for some reason. That’s probably due to their similarity in character. The flying puppy is rather smart as well because it is necessary to have some decent skills to operate aircraft. She adores when people hug and pet her.

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#16 Santa Ryder

The Christmas is near and Ryder decided to perform the functions of Santa and deliver the gifts to all the dwellers of his city. He has even got the six reindeers – members of paw patrol in disguise. By means of their cool gadgets the delivery will be surely successful. Ryder has hidden the gifts for his friends to make them a surprise in the Christmas morning.

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#17 Playful Dalmatian

Marshal is a lovely spotted Dalmatian with sparkling blue eyes. He is radiating with playfulness and optimism. He has got two skills which are necessary for the pup squad. He knows how to deal with fire and is a superb medic. The bag that he carries on his back is always filled up with medical supplies and anti-fire equipment. With such a gear your health will be safe.

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#18 A Lovely Team

Here is the team of the characters which are most often seen in the show. It seems like they are posing for some sort of a show picture. Unfortunately, it looks like somebody is missing at this photo. It is definitely the leader of the group. Color these adorable doggies and try to guess who is absent at the photo. Maybe he was making the photo.

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#19 Teacher and a Student

Ryder is the creator of the puppy squad. He is a genius who is a master of computers and likes to help people a lot. At this art he is depicted with Chase. It was the first puppy that he trained and made the member of the team. He loves all the members of the patrol but they have got real special relations with Chase. They understand each other without words.

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#20 Eco Friendly Puppy

Rocky is a mixed breed pup. He is considered one of the main heroes of the cartoon. This dog symbolizes the green movement of the world as he is a professional in transforming usual garbage into something that can be very helpful during the operation. He is the main fixer of the team and adores recycling things so that they could receive the second life.

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#21 The Enthusiastic Puppy

Although Everest is the newest member of the paw patrol team she has recommended herself as a brave and loyal pup. She is very enthusiastic pup that seems to be hyperactive and extremely playful. She tries to be friendly with all the members of the team and often shows her signs of affection to Jake by licking him a lot.

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#22 New Pup on the Way

Meet the Everest – a polar husky dog. She is the second female character in the cartoon universe. She is a part of the snow brigade and as you might have guessed from the design she adores cold weather. She is an expert in dealing with snow and her giant snow cleaning car is very helpful when it is necessary to clean the roads from snow during rescue operations.

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#23 Little Heroine

This cute little doggy is, in fact, a very brave pup Everest, who grew up in the ice cold South Pole. She met with Jake when she saved him from the fall from the rock. She can’t stand boredom as she grew in the snowy dessert where there was nothing to look at. She likes when it is funny and often goes tobogganing on her belly from the snow slopes.

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