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#1 Lovely Minnie

Among the variety of characters that were created by the famous studio Minnie is one of the first ones. She came to existence back in early 90s, when the golden age of cinematography was flowering. She was created as a partner for another famous character – Mickey. Together they were supposed to get into various adventures and deal with hilarious problems.

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#2 Let’s Play Together

Minnie is encouraging you to take part in some interesting activity. This is coloring of a lovely character. The coloring practice is a nice activity and very useful practice for creativity development. A work that is accompanied by a popular character known by everyone will make the progress faster and smoother. It’s time for coloring. Take out your brightest pencils and make this picture radiate with colors.

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#3 Modest Mouse

The character was created specifically to shine with kindness and gentleness if compared with other classical characters of the Disney world. She was supposed to be a voice of common sense that was necessary to add some normality to the cartoon world. Minnie was designed with a mild character that is capable of reasoning Mickey and other heroes. However, she lacks confidence due to natural modesty.

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#4 Resting on a Beach

It’s a nice summer day and Minnie decided to take some lovely sun bathes. She took her best swimming outfit and prepared some tan cream with high ultra violet protection. She has just returned from water and Mickey used some cream for her gentle skin and went diving. As we can see Minnie is already quite tanned – can she become even blacker?

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#5 Preparing for the Dances

It time for the upcoming summer parade and a little mouse has prepared for it in the best possible way. She got a personal designer who designed her the best suitable dress and with the touch of some decorations it looks astonishing. She is waiting for her mate that is also prepared for the holiday and is driving with some nice present for his girlfriend. What is it? – A beautiful necklace, of course.

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#6 Cheerleader Minnie

In the times of her school Minnie took an active part in the social life of her class. She was a nice athlete but she adored cheerleading most. Only there she could both dance and sing together with encouraging her favourite basketball school team. She was the president of the club and did a lot to create the dance show together with a song which could motivate the team and entertain the crowd.

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#7 Dreaming about Something

This little Minnie is sitting on a porch of her house. It seems that she is either thinking or dreaming about something very interesting. Maybe she is dreaming about tasty chocolates for example. She might also be wondering how Mickey is doing as he went fishing with his pals. To make time run faster engage the little mouse in coloring and get some positive mood.

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#8 Resting on the Grass

There is nothing better than lying on some nice green grass. Minnie knows it as she adores swimming in the ocean of greenery. The best time for such activity is late spring and summer, of course. With abundance of flowers the rest on nature will turn into a real miracle. While Minnie is enjoying the flowers, you can also spend some quality time coloring the art.

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#9 Mickey’s Portrait

This is a lovely waved frame that matches such a fascinating photo of Minnie. It will find some nice place on the table of the person that is in love with a little cutie. We all know whose photo is this. That’s right, Mickey really loves this photo and while he is away from home, he always takes the photo of a beloved person to his bag so that she was always near.

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#10 Hula Dance Practice

The vacation is the best time to acquire some new skills. After a year of hard work in the office Minnie decided to take a trip to Hawaii with her beloved husband. During the rest on a beautiful beach with attractive volcanic scenery it is a good idea to study traditional dances in the place of origin. Minnie has already got dressed in a proper manner and is ready for the lesson.

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#11 At the University

Being a clever little mouse Minnie went to the university before she became an entertainment manger at Disney studio. That was really a happy and careless time as she has got so many friends there and was involved into a variety of activities. Now she has preserved all the relations from university and regularly meets with her friends remembering the happy time of the past.

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#12 Baby Photos

There are some photos which people are always shy to show. That’s right we are talking about the baby photos. Fortunately, little Minnie was incredible even when she was a little baby. Just take a look at this sweet little baby. It will be really hard to resist coloring. Take up all the coloring inventory and bring this little cutie to full color.

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#13 Going to the Basement

There is one thing that Minnie doesn’t like – it’s going to the basement. You  see she is terribly afraid of darkness and spiders and the lights went off for some reason. She heard some strange sound and went there to check. She armed herself with a powerful light and went carefully downstairs to see if there is nothing hiding inside the dark. Although she is afraid, she must be ready for everything.

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#14 Loving all of You

At this simple art Minnie is radiating with love and affection. It seems that she wants to transfer her feelings to all her fans. We are all grateful to this little cute character for a happy childhood and definitely wish her to entertain younger generations as well. Teach your child a story of Minnie and offer this coloring page for some interesting art practice.

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#15 In Cinderella Suit

The fancy dress party is about to begin and Minnie has prepared an awesome suit for the ball party. She will arrive there in a lovely pumpkin chariot in a sparkling with diamonds dress and crystal slippers. You’ve guessed right – she will come in a Cinderella suit. Fortunately, she can stay at the party even after midnight and her dress will not disappear. Her lovely prince is waiting.

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#16 Happy Birthday Mickey

Its Mickey’s birthday and Minnie decided to cook a lovely present for him. It’s his favourite strawberry cake that is richly ornamented with cream. Three levels of cake form a giant tower that would be enough not only for Mickey but for all other guests who will be invited to the party as well. The best thing about it is that little black mouse doesn’t know about it – it’s a surprise.

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#17 Flying on the Balloons

It seems like Minnie was sitting on a diet for too long. She is certainly in a good shape but eating some sweets would be a good idea to gain some weight. Just look at the three balloons that are lifting her up in the air. She needs to be really careful as with a single blow of the wind she might be carried away to some distant place. She desperately needs to eat something.

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#18 Cake with a Cherry

The baking lessons with Donald’s Daisy were at last over. Minnie has finally learned how to prepare a nice cake with cherry on the top. This is an excellent coloring page for a child who adores sweet things. Look at this lovely cake. We don’t know what taste is this and it is up to little artists what would it be. Color it in some fancy manner and the resulting cake will surely charm you.

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#19 Going to the Party

It seems like little Minnie is going to the party. She is well dressed with a set of nice gift balloons and a nicely wrapped gift box. As per balloons we can positively tell to whom she is going. Mickey has invited all his friends to the birthday party and prepared everything for friends to enjoy time spent together. It’s time for a party, friends! Minnie surely knows what her friends want most.

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#20 Minnie for Mickey

Minnie was designed as a couple for the most popular mouse in the world. They were supposed to be not only a romantic pair but also adventure partners who got into various troubles and dealt with them. Minnie often was in danger and Mickey had to save her so many times. Fortunately, this made their love even stronger.

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#21 Princess Swan Suit

Adele is a famous character from the Swan Princess fairy tale. Minnie likes wearing various fancy dresses and this image sounded very attractive. The dress with a golden crown looks really attractive and matches a little black mouse. This will be a nice option for some date where Minnie needs to look astonishing. Hopefully, she will not transform into the swan.

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#22 Is This for Me?

Just take a look at this shy little mouse. She is radiating with kindness. She is an object of love for many little girls. She is one of the most recognised Disney characters and kids seem to have a lot of items with her image on them. This lovely character needs the assistance of a child that likes coloring and wants to make her look pretty and bright.

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#23 Tennis Practice

Tennis is a nice kind of sports to keep oneself in a good physical shape. The rocket is almost of the size of little Minnie and she seems to experience some difficulties with swinging. However, it is not her first time on the tennis court and she has got some skills in other kinds of sports and will definitely cope with this tennis match against Donald.

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#24 Retro Minnie

Here is of the first drawing of little Minnie. She was created at the time of the greatest popularity of Audrey Hepburn and in some features she resembled this person. That was a very important step for Disney as the real prototype contributed a lot to the growing popularity of Minnie. Now it is a character with a personal features and unique traits which are recognized by everybody.

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#25 Thinking an Idea

It seems like Minnie got bored and decided to think out some fancy idea. It usually won’t take more than an hour till a little beauty will come up with some interesting idea to entertain herself and her friends. It might be some interesting game, journey or visit to the cinema. One thing can be stated for sure – it won’t be boring. Help Minnie by coloring her in bright colors.

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#26 I’ll Catch It

Here is a stylish Minnie in her sportswear. Don’t let her little size fool you as she is a wonderful sports lady. She is spending a lot of time on sporting ground practising various kinds of sports. Basketball is said to be a sport for tall players only. However, Minnie will break this stereotype. She is very manoeuvrable and jumpy so she can play against tall player very well.

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#27 In the Club

Here we have another retro composition from the past. It demonstrates us a little mouse that is performing on the stage dressed in noire fashion. That is probably some gangster club or a Las Vegas casino. She in singing some nice song under the accompaniment of a jazz band. The performance hall is full with fans and everybody is ready to burst out applauding.

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#28 Best Couple

Here we can see one of the most renowned couples of celebrities. Fortunately, there are no divorces or quarrels in the world of cartoons. Fictional characters live happily ever after. This couple have been presenting fun and joy to people for almost 100 years. They are forever young heroes that will entertain kids of various generations as they reflect the best qualities of human beings.

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#29 Queen of Disney Kingdom

Minnie is one of the first lady characters of Disney studio. The popularity of hers can be compared to the one of Mickey, Donald, Goofy and other famous heroes of the cartoon kingdom. If Mickey can be called the king of Disney due to his important role in the world of cinematography, Minnie has got a right for a Queen’s title as she is the wife of the king.

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#30 Scared by Something

Something has happened. Just look at Minnie’s expression. It seems like she saw a ghost. We need to calm her down before she has fallen unconscious from fear. Take up some pencils of calm warm tones and start coloring her. This will surely help to make little mouse feel safe and relaxed. And now we have to find out what scared little beauty so much.

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#31 Bursting with Loveliness

Minnie is a character that was designed to express loveliness and femininity. She manages with this task really well. Minnie always looks so neat and elegant like a real princess though she is a simple mouse. The girls will like the process of coloring so let’s get down to business and start coloring little miss Minnie Mouse. It will surely bring a lot of fun.


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#32 Come Here Pluto

Mickey went to some Disney’s business trip and decided to leave his cute little dog Pluto with Minnie. They are in very good relations. The dog can play with lady mouse for hours without getting tired. Right now Minnie is teaching the yellow dog how to perform various commands so that when Mickey arrives they could show him a little show.

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#33 Learning to Bake

Minnie is undergoing some serious lesson on cooking. Right now she is learning how to create some lovely cake. This is not that easy as it might seem but after some unlucky attempts Minnie managed to cook quite a decent cake. We can see that it is not as perfect as might have been but little lady put all her love to Mickey into this bakery. Mickey will surely appreciate it.

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#34 Real Queen

There is a popular videogame that combined both classical Disney characters with modern computer graphics heroes. The game is titled the Kingdom Hearts. In this videogame we can see Minnie in the role of a Disney princess, while her husband Mickey is the king that is fighting for the establishment of peace in various universes. She is waiting for his return in the white castle.

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