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Download free printable minecraft coloring pages. Beautiful Coloring Pages for your Kids ;)

#1 Sword of Stone

Minecraft is the game where everything is possible and this sword is one of the pieces of equipment that are available for the users. The world of Minecraft is filled not only with kind creatures, but also with dangerous foes and this sword is one of the most powerful tools in the whole game. It makes take some time to upgrade it, but with it you will be unbeatable.

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#2 Fight for Parts

The Minecraft game is all about building and crafting the items by means of blocks of various types. In order to acquire a wide variety of blocks of different types you need to face plenty of enemies so that you were able to farm the details that would be necessary for building anything that you might dream about. The more pixel enemies you kill, the higher will be the reward.

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#3 Explore the World

The best thing about Minecraft is that the world is generated randomly and you can play the game almost eternally. There are no limits to the world and the only thing that can stop you is the lack of fantasy. However, with this game and the options it offers you can build anything that might come to your head, even a dog friend that will assist you during the exploration.

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#4 The Golden City

This colouring page looks like some city from the fables – the city of Eldorado. It would be hard to believe but this town was constructed in a video game by a single person only. However, this splendid city is only a small part of what can be done in the game. Just colour the picture and make it come alive and remember that you can copy this city and make an exact copy in the game.

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#5 Shooting the Arrows

If you do not like taking part in the close combats in the game, there is a fine alternative to equip yourself with a bow and arrows and get rid of the enemies from a distance. Using a bow will be an easier way to gather up all the details to build the most incredible edifice in the whole game. You won’t have to risk with your life to obtain the rarest material like mythril or hell stone that is required for the coolest items.

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#6 Even Zombies Can Be There

The world in Minecraft can be modified in the most unbelievable ways. You can be sure that you will never be bored. You can create the enemies for yourself. The options are quite endless. You can even create zombies to fight against them. In this game you can make up your personal zombie apocalypse and start dealing with it. Colour this zombie and start fighting with it.

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#7 Kreeper is Coming

This pile of block is considered one of the direst enemies in the whole game. They tend to appear out of nowhere and attack fearsomely. The surprise is the main strength of the monster but if you are prepared, nobody can stop you on your way to victory. But be careful as the kreepers often blast when they are close do death. You wouldn’t like to die with all your treasures, would you?

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#8 Guess Who

The crafting opportunities of Minecraft are totally endless and here you can see that it is totally true. Who is this big nosed fellow at the picture? It won’t be hard to guess that this is the character from SpongeBob square pants. The big nose and pair of tentacles prove that this is an always complaining Squidward. Not only he can be created in the game but all other characters as well. You can select all the characters from the cartoon and craft your own cartoons.

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#9 Dummies are Everywhere

If you are playing alone and want to create some additional NPC in the game, you can design and create any type of the character that you like out of the blocks that you have got. The colours depend on your fantasy and it won’t be hard to craft a miniature village with a decent population of dummy characters which will interact between each other.

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#10 It’s all about Mining

The exploration is a never ending process in the game of block building. You will constantly lack one or other material to finish various constructions of yours. That is why you need a reliable tool for mining the rarest material for creation. Your pickaxe is the best friend in the journey for stones as it can dig till the inferno itself until you get everything that you might need for crafting.

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#11 Colouring the Sword

If the kid likes colouring things, the Minecraft art would be an excellent choice for printing as the images usually consist of geometrically correct shapes and it would be very easy to add some hues to the items from the blocks. Here we can see the sword that got stuck in the skull like block. To pull it out from the stone one needs to colour it and acquire the personal Excalibur.

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#12 Walking all Day

During playing the game you can constantly find something new and interesting. One might think what is so unusual in this game of pixel blocks. The very idea of the game was placed in the design. The simplicity of the shapes allows creating an endless world of blocks where you can play for hours and there won’t be any two similar game sessions. Colour the hero of the game to make it alive again.

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#13 Happy to Find a Treasure

This is a way in which the game character looks like when he gets some valuable piece of equipment. That is really cool when you spent several hours in the dungeon and returned back not empty handed. A good sword will definitely come in handy when it comes to fighting back the monsters of all kinds. That is why this character is so happy looking.

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#14 Dig to the Core

The best thing about digging in the Minecraft game is the factor of unexpectedness. You can dig down in any direction and dig as much as you want to obtain the required material that will help to construct the desired building. There are various pickaxes of different metals to mine different materials like iron or diamond digging tool. Acquire the best model and you will get more materials.

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#15 Unexpected Surprise

While creating the village you need to secure your territory from the hostile units who might want to destroy the dwellers and the buildings in your owning. That is why an iron golem would be an excellent choice for the protection of your territory. The golems are large fearsome creatures who take care of the players’ buildings and can even show their friendliness to the gamer.

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#16 On a Long Journey

While travelling in the vast world of Minecraft the protagonist Steve will never feel alone. It is possible to craft various creatures which will accompany and assist in the world of blocks. Various types of pets can assist the player during the game and it will be a great time to spend in the world of eternal quests for some unusual building blocks which can help to create the masterpiece.

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#17 Loyal Stallion

The horse is a being that can be tamed by a player and you will be able to find a wide variety of horse subtypes like zombie, skeleton and mules and many others. If you need a horse for a quick ride go and tamed one, it will become your loyal stallion that will carry you to the edge of the world. It would be a great fun to paint a personal horse into some bright colours.

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#18 Cubic Spiders

Some people are afraid of spiders and the creators added them to their videogame. The spiders are dangerous monsters which attack the player until a portion of light catches them. They can overcome all obstacles and climb all types of surfaces both horizontal and vertical. They loot the stings which would be useful for creating a wide variety of items for crafting

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#19 In a Large Family

The world of blocks is limited only with your fantasy and the opportunities in the game are totally enormous. That is why Minecraft has become more than just a game – a cult where everything is created of blocks. There are various environments that are available for the players like hills, tundra, savannah etc. Each of them has personal peculiarities of nature and one must be capable to deal with it.

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#20 Box Monster

Though it might seem a totally worthless enemy, this spider can pose a serious threat to the player as they attack in a great amount and can eliminate Steve in a few seconds. This red eyed fiend appears in shady places like caves or on the surface during the night time. They are active at night only, but during day time they will keep calm unless they are provoked by your actions.

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#21 This is a Chicken

The chickens look so cute in this game that they are one of the most favourite characters for many Minecrafters. This is a totally passive animal that is completely peaceful and doesn’t pose any threat. As any poultry this chicken is very useful in the household and can even lay eggs. The animals are the main source of grass blocks so having them in your household would be an excellent idea.

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#22 Square Zombies

Zombies are dangerous decaying corpses which exist in dark places and often come to the surface during the night time. They attack in large groups and if your level and equipment is rather low, you’d better run away from them. The existence of such popular being proves the fact that this game is universal and contains elements from various game universes.

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#23 My Little Pony

Did you ever dream to ride a magical unicorn? Minecraft provides you with such an opportunity! You can tame a beautiful horned cubic horse and ride it along the spaces of your own personal universe. This is an epic moment when you are fully equipped and jump onto your loyal pony and are able to roam through the whole world in search of an ultimate block.

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#24 Skeleton Archer

Skeletons are also present in the Minecraft. This is the type of the enemies who try to eliminate you the moment they see you. They are pretty fast and can even jump while shooting at you from a bow. They can be a hard target to get for a player. However, if you manage to give them some light, they will immediately burn down to ashes. You might receive a regular or magical bow out from them.

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#25 Where’s my Blade

When you face the kreepers, the best way to survive is to run away. They might be quite stubborn and will not want to leave you in peace. They prefer to come closer to you and then explode in the most inappropriate moment. Try to help this guy to get rid of the monster – colour this picture and it will grant our hero strength to run faster.

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#26 Horrors of the Minecraft

Although Minecraft might seem a real paradise of creativity, it is a dangerous world filled with various monsters which can finish your life in the Minecraft world very fast. Herds of zombies, blasting kreepers, evil spiders and many other monsters are wishing to get you. The Enderman is of the scariest among them. It was based upon the Slenderman character and looks very similar and as much dangerous.

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#27 Making a Farm

Those people, who are interested in catching the animals, can create a real farm in the area. There are various animals in the world which can be gathered and trained to produce the valuable resources. When they are combined with saddles, the animals can be ridden upon and travel around the world. The more animals you have, the more resources you will obtain.

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#28 A Loyal Puppy

Breeding is an excellent time spending activity in the world of Minecraft. You can create and grow up a little puppy that is made of blocks. It can be trained for various activities and it can learn how to show you affection by offering you some decent gifts like rare block or other useful items. Get a kind Minecraft puppy or even a whole pack of doggies.

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#29 Ambushing the Player

The stage is occupied with the central nemesis of the whole Minecraft society – Kreeper. It has exploded not one but thousands of players all over the world. It has got several valuable items such as gunpowder. It can be transformed into a charged Kreeper. That would be a more serious enemy to confront.

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#30 Super Minecraft Man

When everything is maxed out, you can literally become the god of the game. You can float upon your territory, get incredible amounts of loot for building and nobody will be able to harm you. All the monsters will fall at the sight of your might. However, such mastery requires a decent portion of skills and time unless you use cheating codes.

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#31 Good Dog

The dog is the best friend of the person and even the video game can offer a loyal pup that can be cared of and it will become an excellent companion in the world of square shapes. The dog is the best assistant when it comes to gathering the material and it can protect you and your territory in case of a mob assault.

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#32 If You Feel Lonely

If you feel lonely, you can create a set of four legged pals which will accompany you in the world of Minecraft. The dogs are four legged mobs which are capable of searching various loots and they can be trained to kill the monsters and defend you. Even the wolves at this game can be tamed and they will be very useful in the exploration of the universe.

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#33 Escape while You Still Can

At this picture you can see a crowd of zombies which are running towards the gamer to get rid of him almost instantly. Their main danger is their number as they prefer to attack and spawn in large groups. Unlike stupid slow zombies they are very fast and jumpy and can quickly eat all your health points. Like all the undead they are afraid of fire and light, so you will manage to deal with them.

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#34 Lurking in the Dungeon

When you descend into some cave, you must be equipped not only with a standard digging set of equipment, but also with some battle gear and the source of light as very often near the most precious stones you will find a lot of monsters which protect the treasured block and want to get rid of you. Take up all the equipment and get ready to fight for loot.

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#35 Craft Your Universe

This colouring picture shows us the limitless capabilities of the Minecraft world. There are various climatic zones which have special opportunities for building and interaction between the world and the players. There are also additional dimensions which don’t look like the real world – Nether and End. You can do whatever you like and this is a thing that attracts the gamers most of all.

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