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#1 Ariel and Friends

Little mermaid is one of the oldest characters in the fantasy world as it is a folklore character that existed for many centuries. Disney created an image of a princess of the underwater world that became loved by several generations. She is a kind and adventure liking girl that has got many friends and who likes helping all the dwellers of the ocean.

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#2 The Princess of Sea

Ariel is a lovely princess of the ocean. She is dwelling in the Atlántida with her family and with lots of friends. Ariel is a very playful girl and she can’t sit all day in the royal palace like her sisters do. She is sitting on a nice mossy stone playing with little sea horses. They are dancing around her producing lovely bubbles. Color this page and enjoy the underwater world.

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#3 A Beautiful Mermaid

Here is a very simple art for coloring that will be a nice option for drawing by little girls. They are usually crazy about princesses of various types and Ariel would be a nice idea for designing. The little mermaid is an awesome example of kindness and gentleness. The girls will spend some nice time while designing an attractive mermaid.

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#4 The Musical Lesson

Sebastian is a real master of music. That is why he occupies the top rank among music organizers in the royal palace. He is also a royal advisor of the king Triton and Ariel’s teacher. Sometimes he can be very annoying but still he is a very wise crab. As we can see this is a musical lesson for annual festival and Sebastian is explaining something very important regarding music.

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#5 Resting on the Rock Bottom

What is the best way to spend time during a nice sunny weather under the water? – That is right, you need to go to the area that is close to the shore and lie onto the warm sand. Such a beach rest would be the best for a little mermaid. She went to relax from her princess’s duties and is located far away from everybody dreaming about something very romantic.

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#6 Posing for a Sea Artist

The underwater master Octopini decided to create the royal portraits of all the ocean family. Right now he is working on the portrait of little Ariel. It was really hard to find an appropriate pose for her, but finally he found a place that would match the beauty of the princess. The area with corals would be the best for her. He finished drawing but his tentacles became tired and you need to help coloring her.

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#7 Something is Going to Happen

Ariel looks somewhat worried. Maybe something is happening at the ocean bottom. She heard that there was an underwater explosion of a volcano and some dolphins were stuck in the torrent of boiling hot water. She is flying like a torpedo to her father. He is the ruler of the ocean and knows how to control the power of nature with his magical trident.

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#8 Happy Birthday Ariel

The time of birthday has come and king Triton has invited a lot of guests to celebrate the holiday in the royal palace. Right now we can see the most important event of the party. The royal chef has cooked a giant cake for the party and Ariel is cutting the first piece of it to try. The candles have been blown and she has already desired something. Color this lovely composition for extra fun.


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#9 With a Nice Decoration

Here we have a lovely underwater princess with a pretty hair decoration. In fact, this is a magic flower that grows in the deepest ocean canyon and it blooms only when a full moon light reaches the distant dark place. Being a very adventurous girl, Ariel went to the cave and managed to acquire such an amazing hair decoration for gorgeous red hair.

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#10 Easter Ariel

Easter is also celebrated in the underwater kingdom. This is the holiday of spring and the time when all the bottom of the world ocean is covered with colorful flowers. Ariel made a nice flower décor for her head and now she is visiting the friends and presents them various gifts including colorful Easter eggs.  She likes making everybody happy.

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#11 Gathering the Flowers

The ocean bottom is rich in various plants. There are corals, sea-weeds, anemones and other colorful things. Flounder and Sebastian were swimming all around to find some attractive flowers to make Ariel happy. The princess looks really joyful as she likes unusual flowers and her friends know best what she likes. Take part in their flower party and color this picture.


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#12 Making a Wish

The tradition of making a wish upon the star is present even in the world of a real Mermaid. Since the time of Pinocchio when he was transformed into a living being by a magical fairy, a star became a symbol of wishes that can become real. What can Ariel desire most? – All of us remember about her love to prince Eric. She might wish to have a pair of human feet.

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#13 Watching the Prince

This coloring page demonstrates us the image of Ariel who is watching the prince who is walking along the beach with his dog. The princess with her friends is hiding beneath the water surface behind the rocks so that they weren’t noticed. Ariel is sighing dreamingly as she wants to come closer but is afraid to do this as she is a mermaid and people are afraid of them.

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#14 Sitting on the Rock

It’s a nice day for leisure time. Some of Ariel’s friends are running, some are screaming and she has found herself a nice place on a rock where she can sit and watch at all the merriment around. The picture is totally colorless and requires some aid from the little fans of hers. Think carefully what colors would be matching this lovely picture and color it.

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#15 Rocking on the Swings

Ariel, Flounder and Urchin always have something interesting to do. Being a street boy Urchin can offer some entertainment that is totally new for the little mermaid. Even now he came up with a brilliant idea of making nice swings from a shell and some sea weeds and attach them at the rock with a strong water flow. They can sit in comfortable chairs while the water will move the swings very fast.

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#16 Preparing for the Ball

The festival of summer is very soon and little mermaid is working really hard to prepare herself for this important event. She will put on all her best jewellery and make a nice hairdo for an amazing princess look. Right now she is giving a final touch to her hair and Flounder is watching at her astonished with beauty. The little mermaid will do her best at the ball.

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#17 Dancing with Sisters

There is not much attention offered to the sisters of Ariel. She is the main character of the story and the whole plot turns around Ariel. There are three older sisters in the family of Little Mermaid. We can see them introduced in the full length movie about Ariel when she gets married. All of them participate in the festival at which Ariel was absent.

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#18 Best Friends

When Ariel finally came to the surface, there was probably one thing that she regretted most of all. It was a farewell to her lovely friends. Sebastian and Flounder were her best mates in all her adventures. Flounder was the fulfiller of the tasks, while Sebastian was a wise advisor who took care of Ariel since she was a little girl. Later on they also became friends with the daughter of Ariel.

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#19 Waiting for the Tide

This is the moment from the cartoon where Ariel was charmingly sitting on the rock near the shore. She was singing about her love to prince Eric whom she saved from drowning. That was her voice into which the prince fell in love with as he didn’t remember the face of his saviour but remembered the song that she sang to him.

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#20 Taking Care of Little Ones

Just take a look at these cute little babies. Ariel will surely become an excellent mother. She is teaching a little baby seal how to swim and is supporting him while he is moving with his tail. Little jelly fish are sitting around her with smiles on their faces. Flounder is also here. He is assisting to take care of the little ones as well.

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#21 In Waters of Hawaii

Little Ariel decided to go on the vocation to the warm waters of Hawaii. Certainly she went there not alone. The crab and a little fish also decided to accompany her in this journey. The waters of Hawaii are rather warm and the sun can be sometimes scorching hot. That is why Sebastian took a hat with himself together with a bottle of sun cream to protect princess’s tender skin.

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#22 Daughter with Feet

He we can see not the princess Ariel but her daughter in the royal palace. She resembles her mother so much that sometimes it can be hard to discern which of them is daughter and which is mother. They share not only the appearance but also a strong love to adventures. She might pretend a very polite girl, but when she has got an opportunity she runs to play with uncle Flounder and Sebastian.

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#23  Sebastian Feels Lazy

It seems like Sebastian got tired from the work that is assigned to him. Even such an honourable crab like him might require some moments of peaceful rest. He found some comfy place on which he can lie like on the bed and relax from his responsibilities of a royal advisor. Flounder is also here playing jokes over the lazy crab telling that he is getting too old for his job.

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#24 Dreamy Mood

Today Ariel is not in the mood to go somewhere or engage into some risky affair. It is one of the days when she wants just to lie on the rock and dream about something personal. She is really a nice little girl and a good behavioural example for other little girls. She is kind, gentle and feminine like. She has got all the traits of a real lady.

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#25 Finding a Lovely Treasure

Mr Pelican is an expert of various treasured things. Ariel often visits him when she has got some things that she has never seen before. Right now Ariel has come with an interesting pearl that is shining in the dark. The bird expert is carefully exploring this thing and checking what it might be. Color this page and try to guess what the object is.


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#26 Something is above

A large black shadow has passed above Ariel. It has covered all the sky above her. She is very curious to see what it is. In a few seconds she will be on top of the water looking at a giant ship that is shooting with firework from the cannons. This is a royal vessel and people there are celebrating the birthday of the prince, the future husband of Ariel.

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#27 With Little Sea Horses

Little mermaid decided to take care of little sea horses. They are very tiny and require a lot of care. While they are small they can find place on the arm of Ariel. In a few years they will be large underwater stallions on which mermaid people travel over long distances as they are extremely fast and endurable.

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#28 Loves Me or not

The idea of predicting future is as old as time itself. People from all over the world tried to look though the veil of the unknown. After meeting with prince, Ariel was really interested in finding out if he fell in love with her or not. She took a sea flower and started guessing if he loves her or not by tearing each petal off.

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#29 I’ve Got Feet

This memorable moment is remembered by all those generations of people who watched the cartoon about little mermaid. After making a pact with an underwater witch Ursula, Ariel was granted a pair of human feet and an opportunity to make prince fall in love with her in exchange to her voice. Just take a look at her astonishment with the feet she has.

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#30 Walking to the Shore

Here we can see a final moment of the cartoon. After dealing with the underwater witch Ariel returned to the sea as a mermaid. She was really depressed and sad as she couldn’t stay on the surface. Her father put all his magical power into the trident to grant her a pair of legs so that she could find happiness of all her life.

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#31 The Maestro of Music

The Ariel’s wedding is near. Sebastian is working hard on the holiday concert. He has gathered all the masters of music from the underwater world and prepared a spectacular performance to commemorate the wedding day of his Ariel. The maestro knows how to organize the show and is pretty sure that little mermaid will enjoy the feast in her honour.

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#32 Best Pals

It is really problematic to imagine Flounder without Ariel. This little fish was with her since early childhood. They are the closest friends and share all the secrets that they have got. Flounder is always ready to help Ariel even when he is afraid a lot. He knows the importance of friendship and has to let her go when she leaves the ocean.

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#33 Friendly Flounder

It is hard to find a more cheerful character in the cartoon than Flounder. This yellow and blue fish is always participating in the craziest ideas of Ariel. He is very friendly and likes making new acquaintances. Flounder will eagerly become a friend of yours as well. However, you need to add some colors to this black and white figure of his.

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#34 Father and a Daughter

Fathers can be rather strict. Ariel’s father is not an exception, but everything he does is for the sake of his precious daughter. Being the king of the underwater world is a great responsibility and taking care of daughters is even greater task to accomplish. That is why the king often comes to the rescue in the most difficult moments.

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