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#1 Travelling Set

The world of LEGO is definitely a very special phenomenon in the world of children toys. It allows putting all the fantasy into practice and making all the dreams of children real. By means of simple plastic bricks it is possible to craft almost anything. There are multiple coloring pages with the images that are supposed to inspire the kids for some additional creativity and stimulate the desire to build something unusual, like these transportation tools.

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#2 Follow to the Dark Side

Coloring is an awesome way of time spending for a child. It is as good as playing with LEGO bricks. The procedure of transforming a black and white image into something bright and colorful will definitely train the coordination of both hands and eyes. It will be a good practice for future writing skills. The best thing is that multiple universes are combined and intertwined in the most unexpected ways.

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#3 Super Hero Sample

There world of toys would be in a great danger if there weren’t any superheroes in it. That’s why there are multiple characters from various super heroic universes which were remade in the style of LEGO. At this nice art we can see a very serious man that does not need presentation. The man of steel is a part of the brick world and stands on its guard like the real Superman to protect Metropolis.

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#4 Warrior of Shadows

The Ninjago series has introduced a totally new and fascinating plot with awesome characters which were accepted with a great pleasure by little viewers. The story revolves about the team of ninjas who battle against evil and solve world problems with the help of their secret techniques. A set of coloring pictures with some favorite kids’ characters will be a very nice gift that will be colored with a great pleasure.

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#5 Retro Tomb Rider

Most of people have seen the movies about the world famous archeologist Indiana Jones. He was so popular that LEGO has developed a personal collection for him. One can find the figures of hero, usual people and various historical trifles so that everybody could create a totally new adventure of Indiana Jones. This coloring art shows us the picture with a hero that is escaping the dungeon with a crystal skull.

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#6 Wild Wild West

Something bad is happening in the Brick city. The masked robbers are constantly attacking the people who are passing by in the carriages. The law of west states kill or be killed. However, the bandits were wrong to mess up with the local sheriff. He decided to pretend a plain person and catch the criminals in the middle of the dessert while they are still hot.

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#7 Let the Force Be with You

The series is based on the famous story of Star Wars which presented attractive LEGO figures. The series was a huge success among little viewers. Here we have a set of famous Jedi knights including Obi Van, Luke Skywalker and master Yoda. At a closer look you will be able to notice that there is also a pair of droids which also had a great role in the space saga.

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#8 Rescue Ranger Truck

Cars are loved so much by boys. The building bricks grant an excellent opportunity to create a personal vehicle. In this particular case we have got a special rescue car with fire cannon on top of it. Such a machine will be an irreplaceable assistant in situations when a ranger needs to get to the destination spot as fast as possible and extinguish fire to save the forest from the catastrophe.

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#9 LEGO Batman

The cartoon which introduced the universe of DC with the main protagonist as Batman was a huge success. The cartoon was both interesting for adults and kids and the hilariousness of the situations was really stunning.  Batman had a very unusual role if compared to the standard appearances in the cartoons and movies. Start coloring this cubic shaped Batman right now.

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#10 The Team of Super Ninjas

This coloring page demonstrates us the main characters of the Ninjago Universe. The master of spinjitzu has created a peculiar golden weapon for a special ninja warrior. It included the four elements weapon: Quake Scythe, Fire Sword , Frozen Shurikens and Lighting Nunchucks. The goal of these warriors is destroying the world evil that is represented by evil snake people.

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#11 Lego City Machine

This is a part of LEGO city collection where a kid is able to create a personal city with the entire infrastructure. This particular object shows us an attractive building machine – Concrete Mixer. It is fully operable and can produce real building LEGO blocks. Color this car in some fancy manner as it looks really dull in this black and white gamma of colors. Make it bright again!

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#12 Friendly Village

Building a miniature reflection of the real world – that is the main goal of building blocks. The kid will be able to create the episodes of life of the fictional people. This coloring art introduces us a finished composition of the village market. It is a very small one but there are stalls, cars, cafes, people, trees and other elements which make the place quite a lively one.

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#13 Train Depot

The train has arrived to the station. It is not a passenger machine but an industrial one. We can see here a lot of geometrically correct elements that will be definitely useful for the practice of a little kid’s motoric skills. It will take some time to make the art complete but the result will be definitely worth the time spent on it as it is always funny to color some interesting tasks.

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#14 Lego Man for Lego Party

This is how it all began. The LEGO has made special miniature figures of human beings that needed to be gathered out of separate parts. These little men were central action makers in the whole toy bricks universe. They were driving the cars, planes, fight against each other etc. This cute miniature man is ready to have a party and can be honorably called the L-Man.

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#15 Super-Fast Police

The collection of LEGO City introduced a lot different sets with special equipment. All of the items were different in difficulty of creation and design. However, they’ve brought a lot of entertainment to the children from all over the world. We can see here an awesome futuristic bike that is capable to cover the distance very fast with an excellent maneuverability.

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#16 Warrior of Shadows

Someone hiding in the shadows is waiting for the victim to appear. This is a real master of spinjitzu – the Ninja. The franchise became extremely popular among kids. There are both LEGO sets, cartoons, videogames and many other things about which children are getting crazy. Coloring of a favorite character would be a very good idea as the process will run smoother and faster.

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#17 Tough Block

Thick brick symbolizes the whole LEGO universe. Just look at this simple model – it is one of many blocks out of which various masterpieces of creativity are composed. It is a very tough guy and it will preserve the construction stable and firm. You don’t need to be afraid that the construction of yours can fall apart. This guy and his friends know the job that must be done.

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#18 Water Travel Set

Although the water is real the model of this water glider is made of construction block. The design is really awesome and attractive for little artists. It resembles some sort of an old fantastic movie with a super-fast gear to battle the criminals. Spend some quality time by coloring this very simple art in some attractive hues to make the speed of this motor boat even greater.

lego coloring pages photo - 18

#19 Preparing Building Material

If you are planning to build something in the world of LEGO city, you will definitely require a concrete mixer. This model is performed in a very stylish manner and will be an excellent addition to your collection. This will be a perfect sketch that will inspire you for the work with the building bricks. The coloring of such a concept art will be a good practice before actual work with the constructor.

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#20 Office Set

Here is a set of LEGO guys that are sitting in the office. It seems that they are having a break and are enjoying the cups of coffee. We can see that everything is real in the world of blocks.  Everything would be nice in this simple picture but the only thing – it is totally colorless. If you want to fix this grey situation, you need to use the designing tools and color it up.

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#21 Brave Warrior

Jay is the ninja of lighting. In the animation he is a typical joker that relaxes the situation in the team. Sometimes he can be a real pain in the back due to the constant boasting of his awesomeness. He is the wielder of the sword and lightning Nunchucks. His technique is really good and worthy of attention. Color it and make the character shine with glory.

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#22 Evil Skeleton

The ninjago heroes need to have an opponent against whom they need to fight. Among such antagonists Skulkin is just the right enemy to battle against. He is the leader of underworld and desires to catch all the magical weapon of Spinjutzu. This is a typical skeleton with boy arms, torso, legs and skull, of course. They are hard to destroy as they are already dead!

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#23 Pirates of the Lego Ocean

The world of Lego introduced us an awesome universe, where all the fantasies of the children have become real. This picture demonstrates us the desire of every kid to set sail on a long trip under skull and cross bones flag. With the last episode of the Pirates of the Caribbean the popularity of pirates has greatly skyrocketed and this coloring page illustrates that in the most obvious way.

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#24 Why am I Made of Blocks

This Batman is full of astonishment. He can’t figure out why he has transformed into building blocks person. The point is that LEGO has created a whole miniature DC universe with all popular characters and that shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone that Batman is among the most favorite heroes of all kids. So Mr. Batman there is no need to get annoyed.

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#25 My Little Unikitty

Oh God! Lego has united two most adorable creatures in the whole world – My little pony and Nyan cat. The resulting being is Unikitty. It flies along the rainbow bricks and brings happiness to all people around. You need to add some bright colors to the image so that it would shine with brightness. This would definitely be a decent coloring image for some kind of a girl who likes ponies and kittens.

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#26 Halloween Set

It’s Halloween time. All beings in the world are transforming into monsters and LEGO decided to commemorate this great event by offering a special Halloween set of building bricks to add some horror atmosphere to your creative set of items. Here we have a gloomy graveyard, a witch that is casting spells and some scary monster to make the scene perfectly creepy.

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#27 Justice League with Bricks

Something terrible is happening to Gotham city and that is why the justice League has gather to deal with the problems. You can see here almost all of the members like Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern and Robing. They are coming to the rescue of Superman and Wonder Woman that were captured by some evil genius that is planning to destroy the world. Our heroes are their only hope.

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#28 Walking Machine

The Giant Japanese Robots – Mechas are very popular so it is not a surprise that LEGO has developed a personal series with giant machines that are operated by humans. This one is a specially designed transformer that can both walk and fly after it turns into a plane. Such a machine is a dream of any kid who once saw a battle of robots. Color it to add some stylish look.

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#29 Batman of Blocks

The world of LEGO is a totally limitless field of creative opportunities for kids of various ages. The number of options which are available for coloring is even bigger. There are sets of compositions which are close to real life and those which are totally fantastic. A lot of movies and popular video games were adapted and interpreted through the prism of gaming blocks.

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#30 Siege of the Castle

The series of medieval LEGO is one of the most acknowledged and loved by kids. There are simple models that are available for coloring like the one that is presented here and very detailed and awesome looking variations for art practice. There are coloring pages with some fairytale castles and dragons that are flying around with toy flame from their mouth.

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#31 Police Truck with Extra Equipment

This might seem another car from the collection of LEGO City. Though it looks like a truck, it is a very useful piece of equipment. Inside the body, you can find a fully operable set of police equipment. The truck has got a special compartment for a helicopter. With such modern equipment the criminals should be afraid of the law protectors.

lego coloring pages photo - 31

#32 The Battle of Knights

From now on the child has got an opportunity to color a fantastic scene with battling knights. This is an excellent choice for practice of artistic skills as there are numerous details which will be quite challenging for a kid. If the child is tired of simple and easy tasks and wants something interesting and unusual, this battle would be an excellent option for something new.

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#33 Prepare for the Flight


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#34 Heroic Samurai

This is one of the members of the Ninjago team. He is the wielder of the fire Katana and is an informal leader of the team. He has got the greatest potential and leads the group to various battles. Although he is very strong, the young ninja can be slightly hot headed without thinking about the consequences. Due to a wise guidance of sensei he will become a legendary hero.

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#35 Army of Evil

The heroes of Ninjago universe had to face a lot of enemies before they could finally master the skills. Before the creepy snake people they had to battle against strong skeleton fellows which were powerful undead foes who seemed to be totally indestructible. The force of light has got a great power and young ninjas managed to deal with the world evil by means of their magical weapon.

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