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Download free printable leaf coloring pages. Beautiful Coloring Pages for your Kids ;)

#1 Respect the Nature

The coloring sheets with pretty leaves upon them are not only a fun way of time spending but also an excellent educative piece of equipment. The kids can get acquainted with various trees and their leaves together with the characteristic features. Take the pencils and pick the season and the color that is more appropriate for it and start working.

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#2 Enjoy Spring

When the spring is in its peal all the buds on the trees transform into the leaves and cover the naked trees into stylish attires. The kids like looking at the trees which are dressed in green and this leaf is in excellent opportunity to put the creativity of a child into practice. Ask him or her to create a personally designed leaf as a present to loving parents.

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#3 See the Variety

There is a vast variety of leaf patterns which are available for the kids to color. Each of them has one thing in common: they are very easy to work with. One might think that leaves are for aesthetic purpose only but, in fact, it can be very useful to teach the kids how to discern various types of leaves and figure out to which trees they belong.

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#4 The Universal Art

Leaves can be called the hair of the trees. They grow on the bodies of the trees and perform various useful functions. Each leaf is a unique creation that can boast with a fine texture that won’t be seen anywhere else like in a snowflake. The nature is a marvelous artist that is capable of creating unique masterpieces and a child can get a few lessons from it.

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#5 Thick Lined Leaf

The leaves are parts of the trees which grow on the branches. There is a wide variety of both shapes and sizes. One of them are tiny and adorable while others are incredibly large. The leaves are the lungs of the trees and they produce a lot of air during the photo synthesis. There are many other useful functions that can be used by people. This is a nice model of a maple leaf with has thick lines that would be comfortable to color.

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#6 Express Yourself

Fall is the time when all the leaves are scattered everywhere. The colors of the nature during this season are truly amazing. The entire world is covered in the golden dress. This sheet with a maple leaf is one of the endless opportunities which can be granted to the kid to celebrate the period of season change. Use the opportunity and color the leaves close to reality.

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#7 Bookmark Leaf

The leaves are really amazing in autumn. A lot of them fall from the trees when it becomes colder. There is one thing that can be done by both kids and adults. This is a good idea to walk in the streets and take the leaf that you liked most of all. After that you need to dry it out and use as a bookmark for some special book of yours.

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#8 Reason of the Fall

Many kids often ask their parents why the leaves change their colors and fall down in winter. This can be easily explained and illustrated with a coloring sheet. The sun doesn’t shine enough and the earth cannot give enough warmth to the trees. With such a lack of nourishment the leaves slowly fall down leaving the giants naked.

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#9 A Big Leaf

Do you know that autumn leaves are the natural protectors of the trees and are the sources of nourishment for the roots? That is why with the arrival of autumn and winter the leaves are falling all around the trees and are providing the tree with food and warmth during the colds. With the arrival of spring the new leaves are being born again.

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#10 Add to the Collection

There are various leaves of multiple shapes which can be gathered and transformed into a herbarium – a collection of dried samples. It would be an interesting hobby for any kids to start gathering the leaves and flowers from various plants and trees. You can create a personal album with various leaves using not only the sample that you have found but also printed and colored ones.

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#11 The Gold of October

October is probably the most astonishing month of the whole autumn. There are still periods of a fair weather when it is warm, but the entire world is dressed up into magical garments of golden colors. Very often you can see the rain of luxurious leaves and even swim in the river of red, yellow and orange. Color these golden raindrops with some nice hues.

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#12 Learn the Difference

Children adore gathering bouquets of leaves and presenting them to mothers while they are on a walk in the park. There are many other fine means of utilizing the leaves. They are excellent means of educating the little kid. All you need to do is to print out this sheet and sign it with the names of the trees they belong to. The kid should try to find the corresponding leaves and color the samples in proper colors.

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#13 Flying to the Water

It is very romantic to stand on the bridge when the leaves are falling down. There is something magical in watching the crowd of leaves that is running on the water surface towards the bridge and then disappears beneath it to reappear from its next side. This little leaf if one of such water voyagers that are travelling in autumn time.

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#14 Natural Arithmetic

When the leaves are green they are also very pretty and they can become an excellent tool for learning mathematics. Print out several leaves on a single paper and ask your child to color them and cut out. Now try to count them all together and see how much do you have. Add some more or minus them – it will be a funny way of learning.

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#15 Oak Leaf

Oaks are well-known giants in the world of trees. However, they also cast off their leaves like all other trees. There are various interesting stories about trees so it would be an excellent idea to tell one to your child and use this coloring page as an illustration. Take this nice picture and offer it to the kid and work with a great portion of entertainment.

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#16 Distinct Shape

This maple leaf has got a nice attractive voluminous shape. The Maple trees are one of the most beautiful trees among all during autumn time. You will see not only some fine texture but also totally unusual shapes. The kid can unleash the whole fantasy and create unique design that will be a little masterpiece of the cute artist.

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#17 Colorful Marvel

This beautiful leaf can easily transform into a stylish piece of art. It is very comfortable to use the coloring page as a draft for the picture. All you need to do is take the pretty picture and imagine some unusual design and start bringing it to reality by means of water colors or pencils. The resulting image would be your personal autumn leaf.

leaf coloring pages photo - 17

#18 Berry Branch

Everybody loves berries of various kinds. This branch with pretty leaves is a lovely sample for coloring by the smallest kids. It would be really easy to memorize the names of the fruit berries and bring the lost colors to these wonderful pictures. The kids adore various pictures and it would be really interesting to see how he or she will cope with this one.

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#19 Flow of the Fall

When autumn comes, the flow of the wind becomes stronger and colder. Like a wild spirit it is roaming through the forests catching the weak leaves into the imprisonment and tossing them from one place to another. The nature knows no mercy and everything comes and leaves when she desires. Here are the last three leaves which were caught by the Northern Wind and now all the leaves stay totally undressed.

leaf coloring pages photo - 19

#20 Sharp Tips

This maple leaf can be characterized by sharp spiky tips and it really resembles the shape of the one that is distributed on the Canadian Flag. It would be useful to add some political information to the coloring sheet so that your kid could receive geographical knowledge. You will quickly understand that the information that was acquired through the game is better comprehended by children.

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#21 Maple Art

The maples are among the most favorite autumn leaves for numerous people. This leaves have got a special structure and pigmentation that generates a splendid gradient of irresistible beauty. All the hues of red and yellow can be found while looking through various leaves that are both on and beneath the trees. The coloring of such leaves will surely be a joyful activity.

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#22 For Decoration Purposes

Here is a set of leaves which have got a specific saw toothed edge. They look quite attractive and would become a fine decorative element for some autumn festival. It is a wonderful idea to gather some people and provide them with samples of coloring pages so that each person could color and then cut out a personal set of decorative leaves for some premise.

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#23 Distorted Leaf

This is a leaf with some distorted proportions. It shows us once again that Mother Nature has created all types of leaves and all of them have got some peculiar function. This one for example is capable to maneuver through the air flow and dodge strong winds, staying longer on the branches. Such information can surprise your kid and cause even greater interest to biological sciences.

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#24 The Golden Rain

Did you know that there is a time when gold is falling from the sky? This is not a joke! When autumn starts you can see how the colors of the leaves slowly change to golden ones. It looks totally like in some fairy tale. It is really amazing to walk along some alley with many trees and bathe in the rain of lovely leaves. If the period of Aurum Fall hasn’t started, you can color these leaves as a reminder.

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#25 Simple Design

This model of a leaf coloring sheet is very simple and would be a nice alternative for any little artist. The kid will positively enjoy the process when he or she will be allowed to create some sort of a fantastic leaf. You can also add some personal information about the elements that are responsible for a change of leaf’s color like chlorophyll and anthocyanin, thus providing some supplementary information during leisure time.

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#26 Cut It Out

This model of a leaf definitely needs some cutting. Not only kids but adults as well are charmed by autumn time and they often engage into various activities that are connected with decorating of the premise in autumn style. You can print as many of such leaves as you like and start sticking them all over the house but do not forget to color them in some fall style.

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#27 The Nature’s Cloak

The white snow is a dress of lady winter. The green leaves are the garment of Miss Spring. The flowers in blossom are an attire of happy Summer. This lovely maple leaf can become a material of Madam Autumn’s clothes and a little child can be very helpful here. He or she can select some real fall colors and assist in creation of the loveliest dress for a pretty season goddess.

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#28 Modify as You Like

This is a blank sheet. One might think that it is too simple for coloring. However, the simplicity is the key to endless opportunities. The kid is able to select the texture and the hue of the item. It is also possible to modify the look of this leaf in various ways. All that needs to be done is switching on the fantasy and bringing it to reality with an honest heart.

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#29 The Window Flow

The leaves become alive during autumn time. They can start running the streets like busy pedestrians or the little beings may dance in swirling movements. All the magic is possible thanks to the wind that accompanies lovely performers. This is an excellent time for sitting in some park and meditating while looking at leaves. This coloring page will become an excellent anti-stress picture if you don’t have time to go out.

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#30 The Slim Design

This is a lovely picture of a leaf with which even a smallest kid would be able to cope. Coloring is one of the most attractive activities for kids of various ages. They can sit for quite a long time focusing upon the picture coloring one piece after another. The slim leaf at this page is a fine solution for an easy coloring page.

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#31 Sharped Edged Leaf

The leaf of this kind is an excellent practice item for both teachers and parents. At the very beginning of the studying kids do not write at all. They usually engage in various drawing and coloring. If it is an autumn time, drawing the leaves and coloring them is a fine practice for little schoolers that would bring a lot of fun.

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#32 Autumn Loveliness

Autumn is an excellent time for watching the nature. The nature changes its look into something totally unusual and amazing. The child can be inspired by some magical nature samples and reflect his visual experience on paper by coloring this simple but very interactive coloring page. Put your imagination into practice.

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#33 Falling Leaves

The leaves are marvelous items. Each of them is a masterpiece of Mother Nature artist. Texture, shape, color – everything is unique. The kids will be able to put their creativity into practice and it will be realized through this splendid coloring sheet. Follow the greatest artist ever and realize the infinite potential.

leaf coloring pages photo - 33

#34 Add the Texture

Here is an empty leaf sample for the practice by kids. During the lessons of biology it is a good experience to train the drawing of the leaf’s skeleton. You can not only draw the texture of the leaf but also color the whole item in some attractive color that will be strongly preferred by little kids. Children like creative tasks and this one is definitely a good one.

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#35 Just a Leaf

There is nothing easier than coloring of the leaves. It is a funny activity for both parents and their kids. Just imagine how funny it would be to create a personal design of some leaf and color it all together. The nature is an excellent teacher and little kids should take some totally free lesson from it.

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