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Download free printable house coloring pages. Beautiful Coloring Pages for your Kids ;)

#1 Cozy House

This is the simplest house for coloring by a kid of any age. All the details of the model are made of straight lines and strict shapes. The child will have to follow the lines and color the house in the most comfortable way. Make it colorful again with your brightest pens and pencils or even crayons.


house coloring pages photo - 1

#2 Detailed House

If you are studying the objects about the house, the idea of the split through house would be a very comfortable one. The child can color the things he or she knows and afterwards add new colors with every new object that he finds in the house. All the curious children will color up this picture extremely fast as they are interested in everything around them.

house coloring pages photo - 2

#3 Ghostly House

There was a lonely house that stood on a lonely hill. There were many scary ghosts that inhabited the place. They were very angry because the house was colorless. If you want to calm down the evil spirits, you need to add some bright colors to the picture to scare off angry ghosts. Be sure that the white friends will be grateful for your actions.

house coloring pages photo - 3

#4 Sweet Dreams House

Children like sweets of all possible types and this house is a reflection of all kids’ dreams. However, you shouldn’t forget about the heroes of Hansel and Gretel story where they got almost eaten in one of such houses. It’s better to eat sweets from a shop than become a dinner for some evil witch. So sit down and color this picture while eating some sweets.

house coloring pages photo - 4

#5 Studying with Pleasure

If you want to learn basic shapes, then coloring is your best assistant in this case. As you see this picture is composed with objects of various geometrical shapes. Coloring and studying would be very effective if your child needs to acquire the best memorizing of the shapes. Check it and you will be surprised with the results.

house coloring pages photo - 5

#6 In the Empty Field

Here’s a very easy pattern to color that consists of the simplest shapes. There won’t be any problems for coloring even with a smallest kid. Just sit down and start paining. Moreover, it is possible to copy this image without any problems and modify it in a personal manner. So just down and start working on this art.

house coloring pages photo - 6

#7 Dreamy House

The sun is shining. The sky is clear and some smoke of cooking comes from the chimney. Everything seems wonderful, but the lack of colors definitely spoils the picture. It’s time to add some brightness to this image. This is a job for a real super kid. The pencils of fate will surely bring some life to this picture.

house coloring pages photo - 7

#8 Old Fashioned Mansion

Here is another stylish old fashioned mansion that requires the assistance of a child. It is so old that all the colors have faded away and it is necessary to add some bright colors to this building or else it would remain totally colorless. Ask your child to work as a designer who will renovate an old house and be sure that you won’t hear “No”.

house coloring pages photo - 8

#9 Stylish Fashionable House

The model of this house is very simple and attractive. There are many details in this building, but at the same time they are not too small and it would be very comfortable to color them. Consider the idea of coloring together with your kid as it is a really funny time spending together.

house coloring pages photo - 9

#10 Big House for a Big Family

This beautiful house is not for a small family. It is a large mansion for many happy family members with a lot of kids. They have got a lot of work decorating the house from the inside, but you have an excellent opportunity to assist them with decoration of the house from the exterior. Prepare your coloring brushes and start coloring work immediately.

house coloring pages photo - 10

#11 A Pretty Symbol

While learning the basic words and letters a good image is an extremely important thing. This is a schematic depiction of the house for the smallest kids who are at the very first months of the nursery school. Each kid in the class should have a personally designed item as will be easier to remember something that was done by their own hands.

house coloring pages photo - 11

#12 Merry Christmas

See a beautiful holiday picture for celebrating one of the happiest events of the year. Children are waiting for Santa Claus who is planning to get them some presents. However, he also wouldn’t mind some presents. Ask your child to color this pretty postcard for Santa and it will be done with a great pleasure.

house coloring pages photo - 12

#13 Welcome Home

Here’s a very simple model of a house for the littles kids. It has got specifically large details so that it was easier to stay within the boundaries of the lines. It is an excellent coloring page for starters who are just mastering the basic skills for bringing colors to the images.

house coloring pages photo - 13

#14 Celebrating Holidays

This is a very atmospheric picture for holidays. It breathes with a real Christmas fleur. The house is richly decorated for celebrating and all the family members are inside the house waving to us. Living in a monochrome house is not interesting at all so it would be an excellent idea to add some festive colors to the composition.

house coloring pages photo - 14

#15 Creativity Silhouette

One can think what is there to color at this picture. In fact, this is a powerful tool for improving the kid’s imagination. There is a blank space visible and it’s not hard to guess that this is a house. Ask your child to add some personal elements like doors or windows and color them to make the house look real.

house coloring pages photo - 15

#16 Postcard Style

If you are thinking about some special gift that can be sent to grandmas and grandpas who are living far away, think about sending them a postcard with some sort of a greeting that will be done by the hands of their favorite grandson or granddaughter. Be sure that a child will like an idea of coloring and your parents will enjoy such a gift.

house coloring pages photo - 16

#17 Tiny Set

Color and learn to count. This simple composition has a got a lot of squares in it. If a child is learning how to count the things, the coloring page of this type would be extremely useful. Let the kid color each square separately and when it is finished ask her or him to finish the picture as a reward for counting work.

house coloring pages photo - 17

#18 Specially for Kids

Here is a very simple composition that can be drawn even by a little kid. The child can color this cute farm house and adjoining flowers into some pretty colors or even copy an image on another sheet of paper and improve the drawing skills to a greater extent as this picture is just a right thing for drawing training.

house coloring pages photo - 18

#19 Living in a Forest

This house looks like a typical wooden one in the woods. Maybe a Red Riding Hood went to this house to bring the cakes to her grandma, but found there a scary wolf in disguise. Color this house with some good colors and imagine who can live in such a cute tiny house.

house coloring pages photo - 19

#20 American Dreams House

Here’s a classically designed house, a representative of many similar ones that was called later on an “American dream house” that became an object of desire of many American families. Now your child can acquire a personal dream house and even decorate it in the way he or she feels appropriate.

house coloring pages photo - 20

#21 It’s Made of Wood

This rural style house is something that will take a lot of your kid’s attention. There are plenty of details at this piece of art and it requires a decent amount of skills to finalize the image to make it look the most attractive building in the region. Sharpened pencils or gel ink pens are strongly advisable as there are many details that would be hard coloring with paints.

house coloring pages photo - 21

#22 Rough Sketch

This sketch is just for the children who want to add some details of their own to the house to personalize it in an individual manner. Such a simple box dwelling would become a superb basis for the development of creative skills as there are still a lot of details that can be added to the picture.

house coloring pages photo - 22

#23 This is Really Big

The house at this coloring page is really gigantic and it would take quite a lot of time to finish coloring it in the best manner. This would not only be a picture of a pretty house but it will also be an excellent exercise tool that will teach your child of patience and work with tiny details.

house coloring pages photo - 23

#24 A Block at the Corner

This is a cartoon style block of flats that is richly decorated with a lot of things. The whole concept of this coloring picture is to add a lot of various shapes so that a kid could not only spend time coloring the pictures, but also upgrade the skills of orienting in space that are extremely important for a developing body.

house coloring pages photo - 24

#25 A House at the Lake

This dwelling definitely misses some lake. A large two storied building will occupy the kid for a long time. It has got a decent amount of parts that must be colored. The final result when everything is finished will definitely leave a child satisfied with the results of his or her work. Let the little artist do his business.

house coloring pages photo - 25

#26 Swept with Snow

Just take a look at this attractive art. It is breathing with real Christmas spirit. If you wish to meet Santa and want him to enjoy the party, add some colors to this picture. It definitely needs some bright decorations that would look best if they are done with the hands of a child.

house coloring pages photo - 26

#27 Haunted Dwelling

This coloring page would be an excellent idea for Halloween celebration. The picture is very simple and as you might have noticed there are many mysterious beings that are hiding all over the place. Can you find a bat, an alien, a werewolf? Start playing this fascinating Halloween game and find as many monsters as you can and color them.

house coloring pages photo - 27

#28 Home, Sweet Home

Just take a look at this picture. While a kid is learning his first words at school there is a strong need for adding some bright visual aids. If the child adds some personally selected colors, the effect of memorizing would be stronger and more effective. Let the colors shine brightly on this attractive image that will assist in learning process.

house coloring pages photo - 28

#29 Add Some Details

Here is a schematic design of a house that would be an excellent option for training designer skills of any kid. Consider not only coloring the picture, but also add some details like a satellite on the top of a window frame. Let the child imagine that this is a future house of a kid and let him design it in the most attractive manner.

house coloring pages photo - 29

#30 What a Lovely Nature

Here is a mansion performed in an elegant style and would be a fine test of skills for various children. The house in this picture is an old fashioned tiled roof house that can boast with a lot of details. Just take some coloring tools and imagine what would be the best designer solution for this atmospheric picture and start creating.

house coloring pages photo - 30

#31 The Dwarf House

This cute house would be a fine illustration of a well-known fairy tale about Snow White and seven dwarfs. This little dwelling desperately needs some bright colors as it seems inappropriate to leave a fairy tale house that is supposed to be very bright and colorful, black and white. Fortunately, the pencils can always save the situation.

house coloring pages photo - 31

#33 Modern Complex

Now we have an opportunity to look into future house designs. Here you can see a stylish design of a futuristic building. It is filled with various technological gadgets that will be used by people from future. Let your child imagine what super abilities will the houses have in future and ask your daughter or son to add some colors.

house coloring pages photo - 33

#34 An Old Palace

Just take a look at this luxurious castle. Isn’t it amazing? There are columns and aches of a classic style building. Any child would be fascinated to color such a grand premise. Little girls would be really pleased to work with this picture. Just tell them that there lives a princess that wants to meet them if the house will be colored in the stylish manner.

house coloring pages photo - 34

#35 Farmer’s House

This is just a house for a farmer. It would be very comfortable for him and his wife and kids live here. Assist the farmer in painting his house and take some pencil to color it in the best possible way. Be confident that the farmer will be very grateful to you for you amazing work of coloring a large house.

house coloring pages photo - 35



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