Hello kitty coloring pages

Download free printable hello kitty coloring pages. Beautiful Coloring Pages for your Kids ;)

#1 Ballet Dancer

Hello kitty is a popular fictional character that was created by the Japanese designer. It radiates with cuteness and is a really good pattern for coloring for little kids. In this art a cute kitty is dressed in a costume of ballet dancer. She was depicted in some elegant pose that desperately needs to be colored and a little kid will color this character with pleasure.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 1

#2 Mermaid Kitty

All the kids adore fairy tales and often ask their parents to tell them some before going to bed. There are no kids who didn’t hear the story about a little mermaid. Some kids might have already watched the cartoon and have a stronger knowledge of the story. Here is a brand new interpretation of the story that is distribute by little Kitty that is wearing some flowers and has got a lovely fish tale. Select some bright colors and beautify the underwater princess.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 2

#3 With Lovely Balloons

The kids are really crazy about a cute little being that is called Hello Kitty. The children often run to the amusement park and scream with the excitement. There you can see plenty of mascots that are dressed in the suits of this lovely character and they are selling colorful balloons. At this coloring page we have a real Kitty in a lovely dress and a cute bow on the right side. A girl dressed in such manner would look absolutely amazing.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 3

#4 Halloween is Coming

Kitty adores fancy dressing and likes wearing various suits. The Halloween is very near and kitty has just returned from shopping. Fortunately, she had luck to visit the boutique as she has returned in a totally amazing suit for Halloween celebration. It’s a nice suit that is decorated with web like pattern and a bow with a pretty skull on it. This is an awesome suit for the holidays.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 4

#5 Kitty Gentleman

Hello Kitty is a very curious little girl. She adores travelling the world, reading and getting acquainted with various people. She also adores changing her look to something totally unusual. This time our character is travelling to the moustache party and she has dressed into an image of a stylish English gentleman with a monocle.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 5

#6 Baby Kitty

Here is the photo of Kitty, when she was still a little baby. She is drawn in front of her family house in London where she lives with her father, mother and twin sister. She used to be a very pretty baby and grew into a fine cute kitty. The old fashioned black and white photo desperately needs some additional coloring. Now that you know more facts about her, it would be easier to add some nice design.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 6

#7 Spiral Heart

Such a cute color sheet would be a fine alternative for kids’ who are enjoying the most popular kitten in the whole world. This is a heart designed post card with a visage of Kitty in the middle. The heart is designed with an intricate style and would look totally amazing after the colors will be added to it. This would be a marvelous gift for a mother from a child.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 7

#8 Summer Time Look

When the summer is burning a decent change of clothes is necessary. That’s why kitty has decided to go shopping and get an upgrade of her garments. Certainly, she was very lucky to acquire decent discounts in the local shops. Now she is walking in a spotted dress and white fielded hat which look absolutely adorable. It’s an awesome coloring page for little girls.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 8

#9 Title Award

Hello Kitty took part in the beauty contest and was awarded with an honorable title of a princess. She was presented with a lovely ribbon and a marvelous crown. This picture does not look complete as it wasn’t colored and that is the task of your child to color this picture so that our beauty princess could look her best at the award ceremony.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 9

#10 Searching of the Eggs

The Kitty is now celebrating the Easter day. She is congratulating all of us on a special occasion and is dressed in the most attractive manner. She took part in the search of the holiday eggs and it seems that she managed to find the biggest and the most beautiful one. Now feel the spirit of spring and color the art into the most beautiful colors.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 10

#11 Roller Blading Quest

It’s an excellent weather and everybody has decided to go to the amusement park. Little Kitty is not an exception. She has just mastered the skills of roller blading and now practices riding in the skate park. Kitty is having much fun and her next stop is going to the wheel and ride on it to see the whole world around her from the height of the bird’s flight.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 11

#12 Take a Nice Flower

Coloring of the pictures is a nice time spending for a little kid. There are various animals that are available for the expression of kids’ creativity. However, Hello Kitty is one of the most recognizable ones. This is a very cute character of pop culture that radiates with positive emotions and would be an awesome solution for the smallest kids to color. Kitty is holding the flower as if offering it to someone who will color it in the most beautiful manner.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 12

#13 Preparing for Shower

Hello kitty is well prepared for water procedures. She has got everything that is needed for the best shower ever. She is wrapped into a nice fluffy towel that preserves warmth and has a beautiful shower hat that will protect the ears from water. The kitten didn’t forget to take her favorite brush and a basket with toys to play some games during swimming. Any kid would like to have such aqua procedures.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 13

#14 Taking a Bath

Nothing can be better than a nice warm bath. Kitty knows that and takes bath as often as possible. The kitty is sitting in a giant bath tub that she can be hardly visible from the mountain of bubbling foam. It may seem that the kitten is taking a rest on the cloud and enjoying flying in the air. Assist Hello Kitty with her bathing by coloring the picture in some unusual colors and then go take bath yourself too.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 14

#15 With a Cute Friend

Playing games is one of the most favorite activities of the little kitty. She can spend hours like any real kid with a favorite toy thinking out some interesting games. At this picture she is engaged in some game with her favorite teddy bear toy. Maybe, she is pretending to be the bear’s mother and you can take care of the kitty by adding the colors to this monochrome art.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 15

#16 Like an Angel

Here you have an opportunity to print a marvelous coloring sheet with a Kitty in a shape of an angel that is flying high in the sky together with adorable miniature teddy bears. With such a design little heroine looks absolutely divine. Your kid would be really happy to color this pretty art and even pin it to the wall when the picture will be ready.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 16

#17 In the Café

It’s coffee time for a little kitty, but she doesn’t like black coffee at all due to its bitter taste. However, she adores the taste of the cappuccino. That’s why she ordered a beautiful cup of double milk shake and is enjoying the soft and gentle fleur. Kids would be really happy to color this art and help themselves a cup of sweet chocolate drink together with Kitty White.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 17

#18 Baby Kitten

Here is a picture that will make any girl fascinated as most of them become very emotional when they see babies. A popular character Kitty was not always little. She used to be a baby and this is a picture from her family album. The Hello Kitty is dressed in a beautiful spotted baby suit with a hear decoration. Experience plenty of fun while adding the colors to this little cutie and be sure that your child will like this coloring page.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 18

#19 A Nice Day

This is a nice sunny day outside and Kitty is having some rest at home. She has got a visitor – a pretty bunny who came to Kitty for a party. Right now Kitty is reading a mail that was recently delivered to her. Maybe this is a letter from some fan of a little kitten as there are many admirers of the fluffy character. Color the picture to make it livelier.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 19

#20 In a Cup Attraction

Having fun alone is good, but having fun together with a friend is even double interesting. Fortunately, our Kitty is not alone and many of her friends can be met in various places. Here we can see a beautiful animation character, which went to the funfair and met her friend bear there. They decided to spend some fun time together. It is the moment when they went to a rocking cups attraction.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 20

#21 Sleeping Tight

If you want to make your kid to go to bed but your little one is against it – offer a nice coloring page with a sleeping topic. This picture would be a nice option for printing and coloring. Little Kitty is lying in a bed and is covered with a warm blanket. She is already fast asleep and we can see a smiling moon and stars dancing above the sleeping beauty.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 21

#22 Delivering Flowers

Kitty has engaged into socially -interesting activities. She decided to bring some flowers and that is why she went to the country side to gather some fresh flowers from the field as her mother likes them very much. Now she is riding home very fast on her bike to make her mother happy. It will teach the child to make presents to their parents even if they are very small, but reaching out from the sincere heart.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 22

#23 Greetings from Kitty

Is it a time for somebody’s birthday? A gift card is an important thing that can be done by the hands of any kid who knows how to color things. Hello Kitty worked hard to bake this holiday cake and presenting a birthday card with a big lovely cake with candles would be an excellent gift. Just look at this picture – it has got the best wishes and many candles so that a receiver could make a wish. Kitty will make sure that it will come true.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 23

#24 Lovely Flowers

Hello Kitty or Kitty White is one of the most famous animated cartoon characters that were ever created. Although she was created in Japan she dwells in England with her whole family. The little wonder is popular all over the world and it is really hard to resist the Kitty’s charm and not to become her fan immediately. Just look at her offering you a flower – you definitely need to color her.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 24

#25 From the Depth of Heart

Here is another option to congratulate someone with St. Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is color this lovely picture and cut it out to have a greeting card of an unusual shape. Kitty is holding an empty heart on purpose so that you were able to write any desire you want on this sheet of paper and present it to someone you really care about.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 25

#26 Summer Time

Everything is in blossom and Kitty has gone on a picnic with her family to an open field. While her father is working on the barbeque she went to gather some pretty flowers to present the to her lovely twin sister. You can decide on your own what flowers will they be as you can color them in any shade that you think is best suitable for the season.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 26

#27 Kitty has Become a Chef

Kitty was practicing really hard in order to obtain the skills of a real master of the barbeque. That is why she is all dressed up in the suit of a professional and standing in front of the grill, roasting the pieces of meat. You shouldn’t have any doubts that our talented heroine would be able to prepare the best meat ever.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 27

#28 Who’s There

As any girl Kitty adores communicating with her friends over the phone. She can spend hours on the wire discussing some girlish affairs. If you are one of such girls, then this coloring page is just for you to color. Take up the best coloring tools and inspiration to color this simple but attractive image of a favorite character.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 28

#29 Hello from Kitty

Every child has got a unique creativity potential inside them that needs to be awaken in due time. The best option to stimulate the potential is to give the child a coloring page and offer to color it in the most appropriate way. This will increase the ability of a child to manipulate the shades and drawing tool to draw straight lines during the procedure.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 29

#30 Red Kitty

This is a story about Red Kitty. Instead of a red hood she decided to put on a beautiful red bow and she went to her grandmother with some sweet candies. Fortunately, she didn’t meet any big bad wolf, only a lovely puppy that assisted her on the way to her granny, hoping to receive something sweet from Hello Kitty. This is a new interpretation of famous kids’ story as it was narrated by Hello Kitty.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 30

#31 Pirate Kitty

The Kitty decided to become a real sea wolf. She watched the last Pirates of the Caribbean Sea and was really impressed by the movie. She prepared well to become a pirate and set on a journey to find multiple ocean treasures. Here is a picture from her banner that she crafted manually to hang on her pirate ship so that everyone could see that the most beautiful pirates are coming.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 31

#32 In the Circus

This picture demonstrates us one of the first visits of the little Kitty to the circus. She came to the circus in a pretty dress with a flower decoration. The lady was accompanied by a teddy bear. Here we have a large tent that was organized in the middle of the forest. In front of it we can see a lovely miniature elephant that is holding a special stick used for some awesome performance and he is attracting the viewers to the show.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 32

#33 After School

It’s three o’clock in the afternoon and the school is over. Hello Kitty together with her twin sister and a fiend are on the way home. It is a fair weather in the streets and there is no cloud in the sky. Our friends are enjoying the free time and are planning what to do next. If your child has got some free time as well, there is nothing better but engaging into a creative activity like coloring of this beautiful coloring sheet.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 33

#34 With Love from Kitty

Among the variety of adorable gifts for Saint Valentine’s Day the gift card is among the most important presents that should be given to a beloved person. Kid’s often wish to make some special gifts for their parents on this day and this sample of the Valentine card would be a marvelous DIY gift for any member of the family. Take the pencils and start coloring this sheet filled with hearts.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 34

#35 On a Skating Rink

When the winter comes there is a huge amount of activities that can be undertaken by kids. Certainly, it is necessary to be well dressed in order to deal with the frosts. Hello Kitty knows that and has dressed in a beautiful coat and is practicing to do some amazing stunts on ice ring. Assist her with the exercises by coloring the picture with some pretty winter colors to make the scene even more adorable.

hello kitty coloring pages photo - 35



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