Halloween coloring pages

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#1 Friendly Ghost

A tradition to put on a curtain is as old as the holiday itself. It is the simplest and the most affordable means to transform oneself into a ghost. The white curtain perfectly imitates the amorphous shapes of a classic ghost and nobody can see what is hiding beneath the curtains. There are various suits that look more modern and stylish but a classic remains the classics.

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#2 Mickey from the Box

The Halloween takes a special place in the traditions of Disney world. There are numerous episodes which were devoted to the All Saints’ Day. Some of the episodes, like the legend of a sleepy hollow, are specifically creepy. Even the Disneyland is transformed into something unbelievable with an incredible amount of Halloween decorations. Here you can see Mickey Mouse who’s jumping out from a celebrating pumpkin.

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#3 Traditional Symbol

There are many legends that are connected with the holiday pumpkin. Some people say that it is a charm that can protect people against evil while others state that it is a place of temporary dwelling for spirits. Regardless of any fable it is a fun time for family spending, when it comes to carving of the pumpkin in the most fanciful manners. This coloring pumpkin would be an excellent coloring idea for an upcoming holiday.

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#4 Entry Motto

Many families prefer decorating their houses in the most outstanding manner to carry the nightmare spirit to the little tricksters. This would be an awesome entry board to be stuck on the front door. Your kid would be really interested in taking part in the decoration of the house for a real show. It would be a marvelous addition to the beginning of your visitors’ terrifying Halloween performance.

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#5 Monster Family

No Halloween can be held without the iconic horror characters like Werewolf, Dracula and Frankenstein. They are considered the most renowned characters among all monster beings as there were hundreds of movies which introduced these characters in various shapes and designs. This picture looks like some family photo with the trio of famous horror brothers.

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#6 Brave Plush Warrior

Everybody is in a festive mood and even one of the most favorite kids’ characters has decided to take part in the holiday and dressed up in the suit of a pirate. Winnie the Pooh has placed a bandana and an ear-ring onto his head and equipped himself with a toy wooden sword. After you add some colors this teddy bear would be able to win a lot of candies for his lovely tummy.

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#7 It’s Horror Time!

Here’s a nice autumn composition for realizing the fantasy of a little kid. It offers us a stylish Halloween themed art with a pumpkin, raven and autumn leaves on the floor. When some fantasy is added it becomes an incredibly bright image that will charm the eyes of the watchers. The characters are quite positive and that’s all that is necessary for children.

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#8 Pile of Fun

The Halloween time is a moment when all magic beings can celebrate the Holiday of All Saints at the fullest. Here we can see a pile of various nightmare beings which have gathered near the castle and are having extreme fun while piling up together. Just take a look at their bright smiles, isn’t it funny? You can make it even livelier, if you manage to add some bright colors.

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#9 Cute Friends

Just take a look at this pretty kitten. It’s rubbing against the smiling pumpkin and they seem to be incredibly happy. Do you think that the kitten is a friend with a pumpkin? If you take a closer look at the picture, you will notice that this is not just a pumpkin. In the darkness there is a pair of eyes. Some tiny creature is hiding inside. It’s definitely a hide and seek game.

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#10 Happy Party

This is definitely a coloring page for the smallest ones. All the characters at the art are looking so friendly that it is almost irresistible to start coloring to add some brightness to the party. The child will enjoy the picture a lot and will be happy to make some new friends like spiders, kittens, bats and others. As a reward for a successfully finished job you might treat your kid with some sweets.

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#11 In the Open Field

Where is the greatest amount of pumpkins which can celebrate the Halloween? That is right – in the open field. That is why the creatures have gathered in the field and are ready for the most unbelievable party ever. The full moon is slowly coming out from the clouds and the fist guests are already on the stage and are getting ready to rumble. It’s high time to add some color show.

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#12 Team of Heroes

Here we’ve got a party of kids who have gathered on a journey to find some sweets. They look like a classical party from some sort of role playing game. A witch, a princess, a joker and a little devil make a fine team of adventurers who are hunting for the greatest treasure ever – a pile of sweets. You shouldn’t have any doubts that after the coloring of the picture they will get the game.

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#13 Easy Greeting Card

Now even the smallest kids would be able to craft an awesome greeting card to congratulate someone on Halloween occasion. Here we can see a starry sky and little Dracula who has prepared for holiday walk around the houses. This time he doesn’t want any blood at all, but a portion of some tasty candies. All that is necessary to be done is coloring the picture and writing down the name of the recipient.

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#14 Ghost Piglet

Even the Piglet who considers himself a very tiny little creature that is afraid even of his shadow has dressed up and got ready for the night Halloween celebration. Little pink pig has decided to try on the suit of the scariest being during the holiday – the ghost. He has even managed to carve out a creepy pumpkin friend that will scare off every evil spirit that will try to attack it.

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#15 Retro Ghost Busters

Most of the children who saw the movie about Mickey’s ghost buster team are now the adults. However, it doesn’t mean that the cartoon has lost its charm. It is still hilariously amusing to watch the team of ghost busters who were lured into the haunted mansion by a family of ghosts and what silly situations did our heroes get into as they tried to get rid of the evil spirits.

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#16 Pumpkin Puss

This puss definitely adores celebrating Halloween! It has selected the pumpkin as a place for scaring people. Imagine the kids that walk near the pumpkin and hear the spine chilling meowing sound… Suddenly a black cat jumps out from the pumpkin with a giant spider that is hanging on its tail. Wouldn’t it be an awesome Halloween joke? The kitten thinks that it’s a good idea.

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#17 Who’s There?

Just take a look at this pretty picture. The cute little kitten is slowly walking around this Halloween decorated pumpkin. It seems really strange that an animal is showing so much interest to the vegetable. After a few seconds of thorough examination you’ll be able to notice that a pumpkin is hollow and somebody is hiding inside it as a pair of eyes can be noticed at the top. Maybe it’s a kitten’s pal.

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#18 Stitched Decoration

Here’s a stylishly decorated pumpkin that is introduced in an excellent embroided manner. The stitches and the contour can be additionally highlighted by the hands of a little artist to add some extra three dimensional effect. After the coloring will be finished it would become a fine greeting card to congratulate friends or relatives with a happy Halloween.

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#19 Creepy Composition

The Halloween is usually associated with the beings of the night and it is often considered that all the spirits are ascending down the earth on this holiday to have some fun. They are everywhere roaming in disguise among real people in suits. The raven is one of the birds that is tightly bound to the holiday due to its color and grim look. The pumpkin with a witch hat finalizes the horror composition.

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#20 Scarecrow Gentleman

It is often said that spirits are capable of dwelling inside the unanimated objects which look similar to human beings (e.g. dolls). At this coloring page you can see a spirit that has inhabited a usual field scarecrow. However, this gentleman is not an evil spirit. He looks rather polite and seems to encourage people to celebrate Halloween. Take up all the pencils and add some colors to this dude.

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#21 Evil Elmo Fellow

Now, who has got out from the trash bin? That is Elmo! He seems to be very angry. The reason of his bad mood is that he was preparing for the Halloween but got stuck in a trash bin and has lost all his colors. He needs somebody to bring them back. If the person manages to do this, it will bring back his good mood again.

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#22 Friendly Spider Neighbor

Spiders are very often considered evil insects. They are said to weave the web and catch innocent victims into their sticky nets. Take a look at this cute little spider. He doesn’t look evil at all. He has come to your place as a Halloween guest and wants to stay in your house as in a hotel. You wouldn’t refuse this cutie, would you?

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#23 Real Halloween Symbol

It would be hard to argue that a pumpkin has been the symbol of all saints since the very old time, when humans dwelled in the forests. The Halloween used to be celebrated as the day when the harvest gathering was over and pumpkin symbolized the fertility and richness of the soil. With the course of time the meaning has evolved and now the pumpkin is used as a protection against evil spirits.

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#24 Stylish Celebrating Decoration

If you got tired of standard arts for Halloween, there is an awesome opportunity to upgrade the look of a festive decoration. You should take the two most popular images of the holiday – the bat and the pumpkin and combine them. The result would be a creepy being that will definitely add some peculiar charm to the celebration of yours.

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#25 Dream of Every Kid

Halloween is an excellent opportunity for a kid to fulfill two greatest dreams – to transform into some supernatural hero for one night and get a huge pile of sweets. What else can a kid dream about? Take your coloring tools and start adding bright hues to this bag of sweets and let it be your talisman that will bring a lot of sweets to your treat bag.

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#26 Mr. Creepy Man

Halloween is often associated with something creepy and this creature is of the things you wouldn’t like to meet personally. This skeleton is at full parade – a lovely suit, a gentleman cylinder and a pumpkin, of course. Nobody will guess that this is a real monster that is hiding among the children. He will surely receive a fair portion of tasty stuff.

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#27 Witch Owl

Even the animals want to get dressed for a Halloween party. Our cute little friend lady owl decided to try on a nice suit of a witch. She’s got brooms stick, a decorative accessory, of course, a coned hat and a cloak. She’s also got a pair of bat minions which will follow her on the way to the party. This owl will definitely rock the party with an amazing look.

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#28 The Real BOO!

BOO! – That is the scream that usually describes some sort of a horrifying sound that is supposed to frighten people. At this coloring picture we can see a ghost that is screaming loudly at the hat. However, a coned hat cannot be a simple hat. This is a magical hat and this composition needs some proper colors to reveal its secret to the little artists.

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#29 Friendly Frankie Monster

The Frankenstein monster or Frankie for short is one of the oldest and the most respected monster characters among all. His green skin and screws in the neck make him extremely noticeable among people. Look and his smile! He is eager to walk around the houses and ask for some sweet tasty things. To get more presents he must be colored in appropriate colors.

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#30 Who’s There among People

Halloween is a time of magic when all miraculous beings and spirits are capable of walking into the world of humans through magical portal. You can find creatures of various types and styles. Look at this parade of people wearing various dress up suits. Among them you will notice an unusual, extremely tall figure. Color the picture and you will see the being from another world.

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#31 Who’s beneath the Curtains

See another character that prefers dressing up into a white curtain to resemble a ghostly spirit. The best thing about such a simple suit is that even a real ghost can dress like this and walk together with kids asking for treats. Nobody will guess that somebody beneath the curtains is a real ghost and that he adores candies as much as kids do.

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#32 It’s not that Empty

One might think that it is another abandoned house. It would be a great mistake to come alone to this house or even worse – to spend a night here. When the full moon starts casting silvery light onto the roof it immediately becomes filled with otherworldly spirits. The ghosts are having parties here every full moon and you wouldn’t like to disturb them.

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#33 No Halloween without Dracula

No holiday can pass well without presenting someone a nice gift card. Dracula is the most recognizable character among all and he would find a good place on a stylish postcard. In order to craft this memorable gift you will need to write down the name of the receiving person in a special field and color it in the best possible colors. Present a vampire postcard to some close friend.

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#34 A Familiar Dog

It would be really hard not to recognize this famous Disney character. This is Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s loyal dog. He has also decided to participate in the celebration of the Halloween and picked up the best attire to get plenty of candies. This town has got a new sheriff and he is ready to get some treats. Go and give him some sweets by coloring the picture.

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