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#1 Belle Simplified Princess

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess. The very idea is greatly popularized in vast sources of mass media. This coloring picture represents us a famous Disney’s princess character – Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The model was made specifically simplified so that little girls were capable of work with the details to create their very own colored princess. The model here is represented with a beautiful updo and sweet summer dress. Coloring of such a picture will surely bring a lot of fun.


girls coloring pages photo - 1

#2 Running Horse

Little girls adore coloring pages and horses. They often ask their parent to get them a pony. As an alternative for a living horse get a pretty coloring print of a cute horse that will bring a lot of fun to the child. Just take a look at the graceful animal – it definitely requires some coloring.

girls coloring pages photo - 2

#3 A Simple Girl Picture

For the practice of artistic skills this simple coloring page would be a very useful thing. It doesn’t introduce any complicated lines so your kid shouldn’t have any difficulties while bringing it some colors. The simplicity is really comfortable for learning to draw by a usual repetition of the contours to sharpen the space orienting skills.

girls coloring pages photo - 3

#4 Royalty Coloring Pages

This kids’ art tool is showing us a beautiful lady that is dressed in a stylish winter dress. Such attire is often demonstrated in various fairy tale cartoons and movies when winter arrives. This marvelous art will be an excellent practice of the aesthetic taste of the child as coloring a real queen would be a wonderful time spending.

girls coloring pages photo - 4

#5 Cute Positive Girl

Just take a look at this little girl. She is smiling to you and waving with her hand trying to attract your attention. Unfortunately, she is so black and white, but your child has got a powerful weapon against this monochrome disease – this is your kid’s imagination. Let your little girl make a new friend shine with colors.

girls coloring pages photo - 5

#6 It’s Football Time

Here is another attractive sample of coloring pages that would be a good training for developing excellent artistic skills. The girl playing football is a very easy piece of art for coloring. The child can think out the most appropriate colors for this sportive girl. Make it bright as the sun by adding some shining paints.

girls coloring pages photo - 6

#7 Hula Dancer Girl

The Hawaiian dancers have got a special natural charm about them. Most of the girls must have watched a popular cartoon “Lilo and Stitch” together with series. There were a lot of hula dancing girls there and most of them wore traditional dress like this while dancing hula. Let your child try out coloring this picture and she will definitely enjoy the creative process.

girls coloring pages photo - 7

#8 Snow White

Here we have one of the most popular characters that have ever been created by Disney creative studio. As you must have guessed from the picture, this is a Snow White. She is one of the most famous Disney Princess series. The Snow White is famous for her kindheartedness and love for animals. These features are well-matching trait for every girl.

girls coloring pages photo - 8

#9 Playful Girl

Although sport is very useful for developing bodies of children, the development of creative skills is also an extremely important thing. Let’s combine sport and art by offering a sport coloring picture for practice. This one will be suited for little girls as there are no great deal of difficult lines and small particles.

girls coloring pages photo - 9

#10 Star-Lit Princess

This elegant princess in the style of Japanese Anime would be an awesome option for performing coloring manipulations. As you can see there are minimum details which require coloring so it won’t take a lot of time until you will get a stylish art with some magical princess.

girls coloring pages photo - 10

#11 Angular Style Teenager

Another fine art for coloring of a little girl offers us a simply designed art of teenager. The details are really big and do not require a lot of work to bring all the colors back to life. It won’t take more than twenty minutes until you will obtain a little product of your child’s creativity. Your girl will gladly engage in coloring of such a cute picture.

girls coloring pages photo - 11

#12 A Girl with a Friend

Here is a beautiful girl that is holding a beautiful house with a bird in her hand. They both look like real friends as it must be in all kind stories. The girl’s hair is decorated with flowers and looks really gorgeous. Such a cute art will be drawn with a great pleasure by any girl who likes everything pretty and kind. Such pictures teach children of being good-hearted to the animals.

girls coloring pages photo - 12

#13 Horse with Flowers

All the girls feel a strong affection to horses as it is associated with father king and a castle. This coloring picture would be an awesome acquisition for a little girl’s creative process. The horse with a ribbon and rose flowers is a fine combination that will assist your girl to realize an entire creativity potential.

girls coloring pages photo - 13

#14 A Girl with Funny Hair

While looking at this simple picture one might think what’s so special about this girl and why coloring it would be interesting for a little girl. Have a look at the hair that is probably the thing that is worth attention. Try coloring each lock in a separate color and the result will be truly amazing. Let the child start painting and see what you can do.

girls coloring pages photo - 14

#15 Dancer Style

A design with a dancer would become a cute option for coloring. Parents prefer to send their girls to dancing classes. This cute little ballet dancer would become a fine inspiration for a little lady. Let the picture dance in colors and shine with brightness. Everything depends on the pencils of your child, so let her draw with pleasure.

girls coloring pages photo - 15

#16 Radiating with Joy

This girl is just shining with joy. Perhaps, it is her first day at school and mother has already prepared everything for her. Unfortunately, the girl can’t go to school without your daughter’s help. She must add some colors to the girl so that she was able to appear in the class looking very beautiful. It’s time to help a school girl!

girls coloring pages photo - 16

#17 It’s Party Time

Somebody is planning to have a celebration. Just take a look at a happy smile and a holiday hat. Such a party look definitely requires bright colors to commemorate some important events in the life of a little girl. After the kid will add some colors the image will obtain a totally different picture that will bring a lot of happiness to a little artist at work.

girls coloring pages photo - 17

#18 A Princess in a Magic Dress

Just take a look at this black and white coloring page. We can see here an extremely attractive princess in a luxurious dress that will become an object of desire of any cute girl. Let’s imagine that you are planning to present such a dress to your little one. Offer her this coloring page to see what colors she would prefer in her own dress.

girls coloring pages photo - 18

#19 A Golden Fish

This fish is not just a simple fish. This is an enchanted underwater queen that desperately needs some colors that will cast away the spell and bring back the look of a real fish princess. After your child finished coloring of the fish, it will grant you any wish that you want together with a bright image.

girls coloring pages photo - 19

#20 Attractive Bright Girl

This coloring page can be considered a next level of coloring pages as there are many parts that need to be colored appropriately. You can see a lot of details that must be carefully colored to obtain the best result. The selection of colors depends on the taste of your daughter and the only thing that you need is providing a decent amount of colors to choose from.

girls coloring pages photo - 20

#21 A Cute Doll

This coloring page looks like some rug doll from some story where the main character always caries the one with her. In fact, this is one of the simples coloring pages to start practicing. The size of the details is rather big and it won’t be a problem to draw even lines to make an image filled with awesome colors.

girls coloring pages photo - 21

#22 Ready for Exercises

The main character from the Lazy Town show is always ready for action with her friend Sportacus. She is in a constant movement and popularizes a healthy way of life. Let your child follow her example and run and jump as this character does. Add the colors to the girl to make her look like a real person.

girls coloring pages photo - 22

#23 Power Puff Girls

Here’s a coloring page with a popular cartoon network series power puff girl. They are not just cute tiny girls, but special weapon that was designed for fighting evil of various kinds. The cartoon used to be extremely popular and sometimes it is shown on the kids’ channel. They are powerful superheroes who serve as a great example for little girls.

girls coloring pages photo - 23

#24 Best Friends

This coloring page demonstrates us several pretty girls who are going somewhere. All of them are fashionably dressed and even have got a makeup. As you might have guessed this is a picture of Bratz company of friends. There is an excellent opportunity to unleash your whole creative potential due to a cool detalisation of art.

girls coloring pages photo - 24

#25 Fallen Leaves

For the autumn season the red and orange colors are the most characteristic ones. Here we’ve got a pretty girl that stands beneath a shower of falling leaves. Why should they be colorless if your child can add some brightness to the composition? Give her the pencils, pens or markers to bring autumn beauty to the picture again.

girls coloring pages photo - 25

#26 The Bratz Star

Here we have a cool star Bratz character. She is dressed very smart and is sitting on a chair reading a script of her next star role. It’s an image of a successful lady and your daughter would be really happy to draw a character that might serve her as a possible positive example. Anyway a colored picture looks totally different from black and white and this one needs some colors.

girls coloring pages photo - 26

#27 Welcome the Lazy Town Heroine

Here is a popular character from a TV show that was positively accepted by a large number of kids and that was shown first on Jetix channel. It is a really positive show about friendship and helping each other with difficulties. Select classic pink colors of design or invent a totally different one. Create your own heroine of the Lazy Town.

girls coloring pages photo - 27

#28 Horse Family

It’s not a secret that girls seem to adore horses, especially little ones. This easy to color picture offers us a lovely composition of mother horse and her little child with a rainbow on a background. The end result of this coloring art will grant a lot of joy to your little kid, so it is definitely worth offering to your daughter.

girls coloring pages photo - 28

#29 Bratz on Ice

Here we a have a famous Bratz series character that is ready for a winter show. Pay attention to the style in which she is dressed. It is contemporary and elegant – just a right look for any girl. Add some colors to see what ice show was she planning to present to people around. Be sure that your daughter will do it with pleasure.

girls coloring pages photo - 29

#30 Hello Kitty and Friends

It’s really hard to find a person who hasn’t heard about Kitty character. Both kids and adults have seen this image in various places. This extremely cute character would be an excellent idea for coloring. Here we have a whole set of Hello Kitty characters that can be colored in any possible way. Let the child decide in what way it should be done.

girls coloring pages photo - 30

#31 Trio of Friends

Here is a very easy coloring page that will not require a lot of work, but will look really pretty after the color will be added. It introduces us three friends who are dreaming about something. Make their dreams come true by adding some colors to their look. Be sure that they will be grateful for all the efforts that will be put into coloring.

girls coloring pages photo - 31

#32 An Icon of Style

This coloring page offers an excellent opportunity to your child to play a role of a clothes designer. Here you can see a girl in fashionable attire and your kid can select all possible colors that would be matching for an overall design of the girl on the picture. Let your daughter pick the most daring colors to make an image complete.

girls coloring pages photo - 32

#33 Bratzalicious

Bratz series is an object of fashion of many girls and many of them would adore coloring pages with favorite TV show characters. Here is a full set of the most popular heroines of the show that will become bright as a rainbow after the child will finish coloring. Such a coloring page with plenty of details would be an excellent exam of your child artistic skills.

girls coloring pages photo - 33

#34 Beach Memory Reminder

If the summer is over and it is raining outside, it will be an excellent idea to offer your daughter this coloring picture with a beach motive. Here is a girl in a beach suit, a pair of umbrellas: sea and sand – all the attributes of a perfect beach. After adding colors it will become a pretty postcard that will be made with a kid.

girls coloring pages photo - 34

#35 Cutie Owls

This pair of comic owls seems to have been made by the hands of the designer by means of some crafting technique. The creatures look extremely attractive and cute. Your child will find a lot of pleasure while coloring the creatures. Make them as bright as possible so that they could entertain more and more people around.

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