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#1 Cute Miniature Dragon

This miniature dragon is just an animal that will come to liking of many children. It looks so cute and positive that it would be almost impossible to resist and color the creature. It seems that is has just hatched out from the egg and is totally colorless. The choice of the dragon’s type belongs to the kids. It can be water, fire or even a lighting dragon.

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#2 Beautiful Dragon

The dragons are powerful mystical beings which are said to guard unimaginable treasures. Just look at this beast. Doesn’t it look amazing? The wings are wide enough to cast a giant shadow over the earth when it flies up in the skies. The dragons are usually associated with some marvelous dreams as they are purely magical being which know many secrets and can even use magic.

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#3 Wales Dragon

This dragon is very similar to the dragon that is depicted on the flag of Wales. It looks like a classical dinosaur looking lizard that might be considered an ancient ancestor of dragons. This ferocious animal has got long body and relatively small wings that assists it to travel over short distances. Large clawed paws make it a formidable opponent against the nights. Maybe Britain was one of the dwelling places for such creatures long time ago.

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#4 Scorching Chinese Dragon

Dragon is one of the most honorable beings in the various eastern cults. The dragon has got many symbols and it is a truly amazing beast. The people of China have got a special festival devoted to honoring this magical animal as it is considered to control good weather and bring luck to people who honor him. You can get some luck if you add the brightest colors in your arsenal to this dragon coloring page.

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#5 Say Hello to a Dragon

Just take a look at this hilariously cute dragon. It doesn’t look like any type of angry dragons that are often showed in heroic movies where a knight battles against an evil creature. This funny dragon wants to make friends with you and is even waving with his paw in a greeting movement. He desperately needs for some lovely hugs. Go and give him some!

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#6 Fire Spitting Dragon

There are various types of dragons and they have got different elemental affinity depending on the power of nature that is giving them strength. This is a real salamander – a fire breathing dragon that can produce an incredible amount of fire. It is so hot that even the body sometimes can be engulfed in flames. Such a dragon never feels cold. Go and color him with all your fiery imagination.

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#7 The Dragon of Light

Just take a look at this marvelous lady dragon. This is a real dragon of light. The graceful posture of the creature and smooth shapes make it look like a real nobility that has ascended from the sky floating castle to you. It is emanating with beautiful radiance and in order to see it you need to take up all your coloring gadgets, turn on your imagination and imagine that this dragon will become alive when you finish coloring.

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#8 Lord of Calamity

This dragon is like a messenger of the inferno itself. With such a creepy image this dragon will cause nothing but destruction and horrors. Just take a look at its evil face. It seems that it greens at the sight of the destruction that it has caused. But regardless of its nature the dragon looks really inspiring and attractive due to the realism with which it was drawn. Just try to imagine how incredible it will look when you finish coloring it.

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#9 Underwater Lovely Dragon

This cute dragon is a real dweller of the underwater depth. At first look it may seem that its body is composed of the sea foam and is richly ornamented with sea stones. This is a very kind hearted dragon that adores riding the waves and dance with the dolphins. If you color it in the prettiest manner, it will be in an awesome mood and maybe it will give you a nice ride on its back.

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#10 Blazing Lighting Dragon

When the sky is dark and thick clouds are hiding away the stars and the moon, you can see the sparks of lightning which cut through the darkness. This is a time of a lightning dragon. All his body is composed of lightning scales. He moves along the sky with an unimaginable speed and every spark that you can see is the dragon the was flying through the clouds in search of its prey.

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#11 Little Horned Dragon

This cute golden dragon is a beast that is roaming though the light fluffy clouds. It adores sleeping on them like on the softest white pillows. At a closer look you will notice that this is only a baby dragon and it will still grow until it becomes a large snake like dragon with a long body and long moustaches. It cute horns will grow as well and transform into dangerous spikes.

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#12 The Dragon with a Slight Overweight

It looks like someone has been eating too much. Judging from this example we can see that a dragon can suffer from the overweight. His capability to breathe fire didn’t help him to burn the excess weight. However, this might be a time to go sleep and he ate a lot of food to sleep for many hundreds of years and after waking up the body of the dragon will be again in an excellent shape.

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#13 Young Horned Dragon

This is a teenager dragon. The scales are not large enough and the spikes on the back are only starting to develop. It looks rather cute and attractive and it’s only a matter of time when it will grow up and transform into a large adult dragon that will be able to fly thousands of miles. While it is still small you can color it the way you like and don’t worry as it won’t breathe fire at you.

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#14 Cartoon Like Character

There are good dragons, bad dragons and funny dragons. They look very cute but often get into various problems and then have to deal with them. Such dragons like to eat fruits and vegetables and do not like meat. They have got a pair of wings but are not capable to fly because of their natural laziness and weight. However, they are very kind and loyal friends to those who came to them with peace.

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#15 The Crystal Dragon

These are the characters from a popular children show Lego Elves, where kids were capable to transform into dragons. The show introduces various creatures which look unbelievable. There are plenty of dragons of various sizes and shapes that are excellent objects for coloring in any possible manner. If you want a tough challenge for the coloring skills of your child, go and give it something like this.

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#16 Large Dragon

This is a giant dragon that resembles a mountain. Just take look at its massive body. It can be hard to believe that this dragon is capable of flying in the sky but it is so. Fortunately, this dragon is not an evil creature, so it will not burn or destroy anything. It is passionate about reading books in its library and will gladly tell you some interesting tales if you ask him to do it and color him in return.

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#17 Spiked Northern Dragon

In order to live in the north one should be well prepared for bone chilling frosts. This dragon knows how to survive in the most terrible conditions. He is a real tough skinned monster with a cold blood and is capable to endure the peak colds. It can fly for miles against the coldest wind and achieve the destination as fast as possible. If you liked this dragon, you need to color it in some stylish manner.

dragon coloring pages photo - 17

#18 Air Battle

The dragons are not peaceful beings at all. They adore ravaging battles against the intruders who try to occupy their territory. In this case we have got two wyverns which haven’t shared something and the only way to solve the problem is to engage into a fierce combat. Fighting among dragons is often the only way to figure out who is right.

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#19 Treasure Protector

This dragon has got a strong resemblance to Smaug – the fire dragon that appeared in the popular movie based on the novel by J.R. Tolkien “The Hobbit”. This is a fearsome greedy lizard that dwelled underground after capturing the treasures of dwarfs. This was a main protagonist of the whole story when Bilbo, Gandalf and dwarfs went on a quest to retrieve the treasures of the Mountain King.

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#20 Funny Dragon

This is a very simple model of the dragon coloring page. If a child adores some magical beings like unicorns or fairies, the dragon like this will be a fine alternative. This is a very simple model that is available for coloring even for the smallest kid. It has more resemblance to a velociraptor dinosaur than to a noble fire breathing animal that is as huge as a mountain.

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#21 Stone Mountain Dragon

Such dragons are supposed to inhabit some sky tall mountains and fly among dangerous rocks and cliffs. Their whole bodies are covered with armor like scale with stone spikes that protect the beast from the falling rocks and other dangers. They feed upon the diamonds which they find in the stone and grow bigger and bigger until they transform into a part of a mountain massif.

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#22 Wide Winged Air Dragon

This dragon does not have any claws, only wings and snake like body. It makes this art similar to Quetzalcoatl, the ancient Mayan god of lighting. People used to worship it and offer various gifts as they believed that with a single movement of his immense wings he can cause terrible typhoons and hurricanes. It is said to be able to travel through time and space as well.

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#23 Angry Chinese Dragon

The Chinese dragons are associated with extreme wisdom and capability to control the powers of nature. That is why all the dragons should be dealt with a portion of a decent respect. For the same reason dragons decorate various temples and are present on various heraldic symbols. People in old times believed that if dragon is worshipped he will become a good patron.

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#24 Little Pretty Dragon

This cute little dragon shouldn’t be left without attention as it will immediately feel alone and start crying. You wouldn’t like to make a lady cry, would you? In order to fix the situation you need to color up this cutie and prepare it for a show. Take the brightest colors that are in your pencil box and try to make the brightest dragon ever. The little one will be very grateful to you.

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#25 Friendly Lake Dragon

Here we have another dragon that doesn’t pose any threat to our lives. This dragon is the one that lives in a deep lake and sometimes shows its head from beneath the water surface to check out if there are any guests around. This creature is a real friend maniac as it loves making friends with any person that comes on its way. Just color him and you will obtain a new happy friend.

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#26 Classical Dragon

This is a classical dragon that is said to kidnap the princesses from the castles and burn the local villages with flames. There were a lot of brave knights who tried to face the monster. However, they were not capable to deal with it as their armor melted under the hellish fire that the dragon breathed out. You need to color the dragon before it became angry and burned everything up.

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#27 Large English Dragon

This is a classic image of a heraldic dragon that can be found on various banners and in many middle ages books. Throughout the history there were legends about terrible beasts which were posing a serious threat to the humanity. They were large and strong and huge armies were sent to battle against them. The myths about dragons can be traced in all the cultures all over the world.

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#28 Graceful Dragon

The dragons are noble beings. They are characterized with a great strength and even greater wisdom. It is very useful for a child to engage in coloring of the dragons of any type. Kids believe in miracle beings and why shouldn’t you present him a miniature dragon to color. It will be an excellent skill of enhancing the kid’s fantasy and the artistic skills as well.

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#29 Videogame Dragon

Several decades ago this dragon was one of the most recognized characters in the PSOne videogames. The name of this tiny dragon was Spyro. He lived in the world of dragons and was probably the smallest dragon among all. But he was extremely brave and was the only person who came to rescue various worlds when an enemy came and started stealing the dragon eggs.

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#30 Burning Dragon

Something made this dragon very angry. Just take a look at this fire Lizard. It is blowing intensively large streams of fire. If it is not calmed down, it will burn everything around. It has become crazy because it has lost all the colors and needs some assistance in dealing with it. Use your color to extinguish the flames and bring the angry dragon back to the good mood.

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#31 Adorable Flower Dragon

The dragons can be large as a rock so that it can be impossible to miss them. However, there are some species which are rather small and are almost unnoticeable unless you take a closer examination. Just take a look at this miniature dragon. This is a rare species of flower dragons which live inside the flowers and take care about them. They are very bright and colorful, so you need to do your best to bring colors to this fairy animal.

dragon coloring pages photo - 31

#32 Simple Dragon

This is a very simple model of a dragon that doesn’t require some serious coloring skills. The parts of the dragon like spikes, claws, leather wings have a thick outline to make it more comfortable to color even for the smallest kid. It’s a standard dragon that can be found in almost any child’s book. This is an evil dragon that seems to have stolen some treasures.

dragon coloring pages photo - 32

#33 Large Scaled Dragon

At this coloring page we can see a fine representative of a classical wyvern that is depicted in the myths of various cultures. A wyvern is a winged dragon that is of an average size and with an emerald scale. It’s a fearsome predator that prefers sleeping at day and hunting at night. They have got an ability to produce fire with their lungs and that made them extremely dangerous animals.

dragon coloring pages photo - 33

#34 The Underground Lava Dragon

Among a vast variety of dragon types this dragon is the one that deserves a lot of respect. The lava dragon is a powerful beast that adores extreme temperatures and their favorite places of living are inside huge volcanoes or deep in the underground. They swim in stone melting lava like in water and feed upon red hot stones. All their bodies are covered with stony skin that is ten times more durable than diamonds.

dragon coloring pages photo - 34

#35 The Chaos Dragon

This is a picture of a chaos dragon or king of dragons. This is a unique species of dragons and one of a kind beast. It is capable of controlling time and space and inhabits the places beyond the scope of understanding. When it appears, it brings total annihilation to all surrounding. Fortunately, this monster is sleeping tightly and to preserve its peaceful slumber one need to color it in the most extraordinary colors.

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