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#1 Enjoying Pop Corn

It is the time of some new premiere show in the cinemas. A pair of cute puppies has prepared for the movie. They came early enough to occupy the best spots in the whole movie theater and bought a giant pack of a popcorn with bacon of course as little doggies like meat most of all. The light has gone out and the trailers have been already shown. It’s time for the show to begin!

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#2 A Lovely Puppy with a Bow

This little cute puppy knows how to look attractive. Her masters love her really much and brush her fur every day. This lady is very proud to have such nice people. In order to have glossy hair she uses some special dog gel after every shower and her hair feels smooth and silky. A lovely bow tie on her head is her favorite decoration and she tries never to take it off besides shower time.

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#3 A Friendly Pup

The dogs are often cold the best friends of people. In fact, this might be truth as dogs are considered the first animals which were tamed by people many years ago, while ancient humans still inhabited the caves and didn’t even wear clothes. The dog assisted with hunting and even protected kids. Now there are several hundreds of popular dog breeds which can satisfy the tastes of any dog lover.

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#4 Lady and a Tramp

With a vast amount of modern cartoons, some of the kids might have missed a real classic of children cinematography. This is a famous movie that was produced by Disney and titled “Lady and a Tramp”. This is a story about love between a well-bred cocker spaniel from a rich family and a street dog called Tramp. When Lady got lost in the city it was he who helped her to come back home and the masters accepted the tramp into the family as well.

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#5 Running through the Field

This little puppy really likes flowers. When it is spring and summer his family often goes to the countryside on a picnic. At this time kids play ball with a lovely doggy and while they are resting under the sun our little friend can run along the fields and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding flowers, insects and other adorable things that are on his way while he’s running about.

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#6 Read me a Story

Some dogs are really curious but this one is a totally unique one. This puppy likes listening to various stories. That is why he often goes to the local library and barks for some interesting books. His favorite story is a novel about White Fang, of course, and other popular stories where main character is a dog. The librarians know that and have some books prepared for the little fellow.

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#7 Dog in a Pot

This is a nice sunny day and a team of fellows has gathered up to play hide and seek. A clever little puppy has found some pot and decided to use it as an excellent hideout. Fortunately, the dog is quite miniature and will be able to hide inside this tiny clay item. He needs to be very quiet so that nobody could notice where he is hiding. Color this picture and have some fun as well.

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#8 So Lonely

Dogs are tremendously affectionate to their masters. Some can wait in front of the door for hours until the master returns. This little puppy is very sad as his master has left to the work and won’t be back until tomorrow. Just look at his eyes – it seems that he is about to cry. You can help this honey one! Distract this dog from thinking about his master by coloring him in some positive colors.

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#9 Cartoon like Dog

Here is a very simple design of a dog that is available for coloring by the children as they can be totally crazy when it comes to asking the parent for a real one. Ask your child to color this fine dog in the best way as dogs need care and a great level of responsibility. If a child cannot deal with a picture of a dog, how is it possible to live with a real dog that needs feeding and walking around?

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#10 Luxurious Lady

This dog is a real adoration and one cannot resist but admiring the charm of this little beauty. It is so fluffy and is almost sparkling with the silky gloss. Such a puppy is an excellent present for any child and even an adult. The ribbon on her neck instead of a collar looks like a gift wrap of some birthday present. A lovely butterfly on the tip of the tail makes this image a perfect idea for coloring.

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#11 Need Some Food

It seems that someone has forgotten to add food into the dog’s bowl. Our little friend looks really surprised and sad. Because of this he has become totally colorless and the power to bring back the hues to this dog is in your hands. Color this composition in some nice colors and this dog will be really grateful for your actions. If you know how, you can draw some food in the bowl to feed the dog.

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#12 Toy Terrier Doggy

The little terriers are extremely popular house dogs. It can stay indoors and rarely needs to be walked out. These are really funny cute little beings and they feel much attached to all the members of their families. However, due to their miniature size they need some additional care from the side of their masters. Some might even require a set of clothes for extra warmth during cold seasons.

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#13 Spot is Happy

Spot is a little puppy that has been presented on the sixth birthday of a little Johnny. It is totally new to the world around as he was taken from his mother quite recently and requires a lot of love. Fortunately, the whole family is taking care of him so that he didn’t feel lonely. Spot has been just offered a portion of some nice dog food and is really happy. That is why he decided to show a little stunt for his masters.

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#14 Meeting with New Friends

The puppies are extremely friendly little beings. They can make friends with almost any one. Quite recently they got acquainted with a trio of stylish snails and immediately made friends with them. Right now they have got a meeting in the forest and are thinking what games they should play next. Help them out with your own idea and color the picture in a sweet manner.

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#15 D for a Dog

There is nothing better than studying together with some art practice. In this case we have got a letter D that is represented with a fine dog sitting next to its bowl asking for food. The dog is a memorable image for a little child so there won’t be any difficulties with memorizing the word and mean of writing the letter. Colors will make the association even stronger.

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#16 Taking a Nice Tub

It was a rainy day and mud is everywhere. Our little fellow went out for a walk and certainly he got into this mud and now he is totally dirty. You cannot let such a muddy dog walk around the house. That is why its master decided to take the tog to the tub and wash it up. Our little friend is strongly enjoying the water procedure and very soon it will be clean again.

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#17 The Fishing Time

It’s high time to go on some fishing. Our little puppy woke up really early while it is not too hot. He dug some worms as bait and hired a miniature boat. Now he is a professional fisher dog that will hunt a lot of prey. Luckily, he managed to befriend some pretty singing birds and now he has got a personal natural radio with amazing performers. Hopefully, they will not scare off the fish.

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#18 Jumping with Joy

The dog is an excellent gift for any child as most of the kids tend to adore various animals. They watch vairious cartoons, movies and books with different flora and fauna and acquire various information about their lives. They start asking parents to get them a puppy, a pussy or a fishy. If, for some reason, it is impossible, there is a way out just offer a coloring with the kid’s favorite animal.

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#19 Big Polar Dog

There is an abundance of various dog species. There are special types of dogs which serve as a decoration of the house, sportive dogs, hunting dogs, guardian dogs etc. Among this variety we should mention the dogs which inhabit the territories near the polar circle. These are extremely large animals with long cold proof fur. They are often used during expeditions as assistants and these animals often save the lives of people in the icy desserts.

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#20 Lovely Doggy

This big eared cute dog adores running and jumping all around. One moment it can be at one place and in the next moment he can appear in a totally different place. There is one thing that he adores doing most of all – it’s following the butterflies. He just cannot resist trying to catch the butterflies which are sparkling with magically colored beings. It seems that the dog has noticed one and is running towards it.

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#21 Extremely Thirsty

It is really hot in the streets and one desperately needs something to drink. Just take a look at our Spot. He was running all day under the burning sun together with his fellow puppies and got really thirsty. Fortunately, the masters have left him a giant bowl with water so that he could drink as much as he wants. Quench the thirst of the puppy by coloring this image.

dog coloring pages photo - 21

#22 A Friendly Fellow

Here you can see a lovely dog that is waiting for its new master. There are many stray dogs and all of them dream about some cozy place and a person who will take care after them. There is nothing special about this dog – it’s another tramp that are in abundance in the cities. There is only one thing that he wishes for – acquiring a new family. Would you like to become its master?

dog coloring pages photo - 22


#23 Dreaming of Something Pleasant

This lovely big eared puppy was running all day long and got really tired of her activities. That is why she came to her favorite sleeping spot to lie down and have some peaceful slumber. Judging from her appearance she is really enjoying her rest. It seems that she is smiling. Probably, she is dreaming of some beautiful dog prince.

dog coloring pages photo - 23


#24 Who Stole the Slippers

This pair of puppies specializes on professional robbery. They are real professionals of stealing the master’s slippers. When it is dark at night they can crawl to the bed of their beloved master and take the slippers to their secret hideout. When they manage doing this they will start torturing the slippers until they give up and tell them all the secrets.

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#25 Studying with Dogs

A visual image is an important element of the intellectual development of a child. All the information that is perceived from the outer world goes through the visual analyzation. That is why when a child is learning the first letter it is important to illustrate the images with bright samples so that they were well memorized and had a stronger associative bond in the mind of a little student.

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#26 Long Eared Honey

Here is one of the loveliest dog breeds among all – the cocker spaniel. This is a very cute doggy of an average size that can boast with a lovely character and pretty appearance. The most characteristic trait of this animal is a pair of long hears which look as if they were just permed. This is an excellent animal for a little girl who wished for an elegant animal in the house.

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#27 Wearing a T-short

This dog is a real fashion lover. Fortunately, the animal fashion has greatly developed for the last few years. There are various dressing options for both cats and dogs. There are skirts for female animals and even tuxedos for males. Some people don’t like purchasing standard items and they create the garments on their own. There are exclusive fantastic models that will look really amazing.

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#28 Fluffy Adoration

If you are searching for a pretty dog that will become your loyal friend, you should pay attention to this cute little fellow. It is not very big, perfect enough to match a standard apartment. It is very kind and well-bred so you don’t have to worry about order in your house. To obtain this cute animal you need to color it first and then you can make friends with it.

dog coloring pages photo - 28

#29 Angry Dog

This bulldog looks really angry and it feels somewhat scary to look at it. However, the look can be quite deceiving. This fearsomely looking animal is, in fact, very kind hearted dog. It just requires some gentle petting from the master. But before one dares to touch him, it is necessary to color him into some positive hues to bring him back good mood.

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#30 A Wounded Paw

An accident has happened. This poor little fellow has got into an accident and desperately needs your help. Luckily, the ambulance provided this fellow with some first aid. Now it is sitting with a bandaged paw. Can you present this little cute animal some home warmth and help it to feel better? You can make this dog happy again by coloring it.

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#31 A Loyal Lassie

There was a popular book and a legendary series. Both stories were based on the real dog that lived in Australia. Lassie is a real symbol of friendship and kindness. In the stories this is a dog that constantly helps someone in the local town and everybody knows her. Such a reputation made her a real hero of the city and every kid would be unimaginably happy to have such a friend.

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#32 Christmas Puppy

When the Christmas is near every being on earth believes in magic. Just take a look at this puppy. It has already prepared for the celebration of the holiday and has got even a bell that jingles with every step he makes. You need to breathe in the Christmas spirit into this image so that he could meet Santa Paws.

dog coloring pages photo - 32

#33 Sleeping Tightly

It was a very tiring day and the dog was too busy doing some important things. Now it has finally returned to its bed and has curled up on the floor and went to the world of dreams. This is a very simple coloring page that will be very easy for coloring due to a small number of parts. A child will be really happy to work with it.

dog coloring pages photo - 33

#34 Playing Dalmatians

These two Dalmatians really enjoy playing with each other. Right now they are engaged in catching a butterfly. The insect is very fast and maneuverable and it seems that these two pups were trying to catch this little thing for quite a long time. At last they will manage to do this and you can assist them by adding some colors to the game.

dog coloring pages photo - 34

#35 Miniature Dog

This cartoon like dog is a drawn representation of one of the most popular dog breeds for girls – Chihuahua. They are considered the smallest dogs in the world and can be placed even in a cup. People really adore this cute doggies and think out various methods of life improvement for these lovely angels.

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