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#1 The First Princesses

Here is a full meeting of the Disney princesses. These are one of the first cartoon characters which were shown on the full screen. Immediately they became popular as they used to be the embodiment of kindness and virtues. Each of the girls needed to overcome difficulties in order to obtain true love. Fortunately, each of them has got loyal friends who assisted and supported the heroines in the most difficult minutes.

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#2 Sitting in a Shell

This is a beautiful underwater princess Ariel. She is a very positive character and she has got a luckier fate than her historical prototype. During the series she got into various quests and acquired a whole ocean of loyal friends who helped her in the time of need. At this coloring picture Ariel is sitting inside a sea shell as on the throne, posing for a brilliant art.

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#3 Pretty Belle

It would be problematic not to recognize Belle who managed to melt the icy heart of the Beast and bring him back to his human self. This is an elegant and kind-hearted lady that is rather intelligent as she likes reading books and knows a lot of interesting things. Belle would be an excellent example of behavior for little ladies. Color this lovely woman with pleasure.

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#4 Lovely Aurora

Sleeping beauty is one of the most memorable characters in the family of Disney princesses. The cartoon is one of the first and the oldest ones that were released by the company in full color. Of course, there is an abundance of other more modern cartoons, but all of us should know about the movies with which the history of the cartoon cinematograph has started.

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#5 Trio Princesses

At this art you can see a group of famous princesses, who have come to make a beautiful common photo. Here you can see the images of a Little Mermaid, Aurora and Beauty. All of them are in their best dresses and look absolutely adorable for this marvelous photo session. The princesses are decent examples of behavior for little girls and coloring pictures with them is a comfortable art practice.

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#6 Beautiful Lady Jasmine

Everybody knows about Princess Jasmine – the beloved one of Aladdin. She is the daughter of the sultan who spent most of her life in the palace. However, she is not an ordinary princess that is capable of doing nothing when dangers come. She is a strong personality who often helped her beloved person with a wise advice. Jasmine appeared to be not only beautiful but also well fit.

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#7 Ariel before the Wedding

Here is a lovely Ariel in her human form and in a beautiful white dress. It is obvious that she is preparing for her wedding with Prince Eric. It is probably the happiest moment in her life as after all the problems she had to face she can finally be with her beloved one. You can help her to make the celebration even more memorable after adding some brightness to this black and white photo.

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#8 All Princesses Cast

It’s high time for a princess celebration. We can see at this picture all the famous princesses from the Disney world that have gathered at one place and are standing all together for a memorable photo. Each character is from a separate magical universe and together they look absolutely amazing at this photo. Commemorate the event with bright color touch of yours.

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#9 Princesses with Flowers

Princesses are the most frequent characters who are present in almost any fairy tale. At this picture we have got three first princesses which were shown by Disney studio back in the 20 century. Each of them suffered from the evil but, fortunately, managed to acquire a happy ending and lived happily ever after. They are really cute and are marvelously represented at this picture.

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#10 Adorable Ariel

Every little girl has a dream of becoming a princess. Little mermaid Ariel is one of the most popular characters among all. She has got many friends who live both underwater and on the surface. Probably, the most important thing about her is that she has got a beautiful prince that is ready to do everything for the sake of love even to fight against evil witch.

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#11 Having a Flower Party

Girls adore flowers and princesses love them too as well. This time our honorable ladies decided to go to the park and gather some beautiful flowers. It is an excellent time spending for girls. Look at the pretty ladies and what flowers did they gathered. However, this art lacks some brightness and you are the only person who can save the flower party of the beautiful girls.

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#12 Loving Birdies

Aurora is a legendary character from the fairy tale that is several hundred years old. In the cartoon Aurora was a beautiful girl that was cursed with an evil witch Maleficent to sleep eternally. However, before she got pinned with a yarn needle she had a happy life and was loved by the whole kingdom and by all animals. Just look at the birdies that is fearlessly siting on the hand of a princess.

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#13 Magnificent Lady Swan

This is an illustration of Adel – the swan princess. She was cursed by an evil sorcerer because she refused to answer his feelings. Each time she had to transform into a beautiful white graceful bird. After overcoming a lot of difficulties and finding real love Adel managed to break down the curse and get married to a handsome prince. In order to do this the lady needed to have a portion of iron will.

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#14 Dancing with the Beast

This art is introducing you a picture of Belle from Beauty and Beast fairy tale. She stands in a pose for a waltz dancing as if inviting someone. Of course, we know who is the person that she invites. In order to break any type of spell, one needs to be filled with kindness and patience. It is important to see beauty even in the ugliest things and this is the greatest power of this princess.

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#15 In a Beautiful Forest

This coloring art introduces us a classic favorite princess of all children – the Snow-White. She is a kind and loving character and coloring her will attract a fair portion of imagination of any kid. Any person that is a fan of fairy tales would be fascinated to color the kind princess. If the coloring of the sheet will be combined with a fairy story, it will be double amusing.

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#16 Gathering the Flowers

Most of the children who have listened to the story about the Beauty and the Beast remember the importance of the Rose and what would happen when the last petal would fall… At current coloring sheet we have got a pretty Belle that is holding a bouquet of roses. Maybe these are her wedding flowers after the beast got dispelled. Color it in the most festive manner.

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#17 In the Garden

There is a marvelous garden that is adjoining the palace of the sultan and it used to be the only place where princess Jasmine was allowed to walk until she escaped and met Aladdin. This is a beautiful place with many birds and greenery. This is a wonderful place for romantic meetings. The most fabulous thing is that the garden is in the middle of the desert.

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#18 A fateful Present

This is one of the most recognizable moments in the whole fairy tale about Cinderella. It is the episode when a fairy god mother came to present the girl with miraculous gifts. Of course, it was only in the cartoon when a group of mice assisted the future princess to deal with the problems, but after the cartoon they became an important part of the magical universe.

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#19 Really Long Hair

Tangled is one of the newest cartoons that was relatively recently created by Disney studios. This new movie represents a totally new type of a princess that is not waiting for prince to save her but saves the prince herself. The name of the princess is known to everybody – Rapunzel. She has got an incredibly long hair and awesomely strong will that helps her to overcome difficulties.

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#20 Sleeping Beauty with a Rose

Here is an attractive coloring sheet with Adel a sleeping beauty after coronation. The terrible spell that has been put by the evil sorceress Maleficenta has been destroyed by the power of true love. The princess is in her royal dress ready for her wedding with the prince. She looks very beautiful and can look even prettier when the colors are added to her.

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#21 Walking in the Balcony

Here is another famous Disney princess that is standing on the balcony. She put on an excellent evening dress and has got an amazing updo. The dress is a real masterpiece of the designer art. The fan crowns an elegant look of the girl bringing it to perfection. Among other interesting elements to color is the peacock. It would be really funny to color this bird with all rainbow colors.

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#22 Kind Princesses

There are no girls who didn’t hear about Disney princesses. These are the girls from the tales that are loved by kids all over the world. The princesses are strongly loved for their supernatural beauty, melodic voices (as each of them sings in the cartoons) and unique ability to overcome all possible difficulties. Here is one of the most beautiful ladies from the fairy tales who require your assistance.

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#23 A Lovely Couple

Although the Beast seemed totally inhuman in the beginning of the cartoon, his heart was slowly transformed by the warmth of Belles kindness and melted it. In the end of the story the Beast transformed into Prince Adam and married the princess. This tale proves the fact that a person with virtues can change the world and bring happiness.

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#24 A Beautiful Reflection

Belle is the fifth classical princess that installed in a beautiful cartoon back in the 1991st. She used to be a common girl who lived together with her father. However, her fate decided to make her a wife of a beast who appeared to be a beautiful prince who was transformed into the beast because of his character. This cartoon proves that love is an almighty feeling and can make wonders.

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#25 Dancing in the Ball

Cinderella is the second princess in the family of the Disney princesses. She was transformed into a servant by her evil stepmother and had to do all the chores. However, with the help of her godmother and loyal assistant animals she managed to become a princess. It would be really fascinating to engage in listening to the story and simultaneously coloring of the princess in her luxurious dancing dress.

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#26 Dreaming about Love

The daughter of yours will be really interested in listening to the story about the princess. If the story telling is accompanied with some decent art to color, it will create a ready image of a character that will be very useful for the development of the creativity. In this case a story of a magical kiss from the Sleeping Beauty would teach the child about the strength of true love.

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#27 With a Pair of New Feet

Here we can see Ariel – the little mermaid princess that is standing in front of the mirror. She is presented here without her mermaid tail and in a lovely dress. She is characterized with her fire red hair and deep blue eyes which seem to reflect the depth of the sea. She is the type of the girls which any little girl child wished to be when she grows up. Color the princess and have some fun.

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#28 Pencil like Drawing

This is a stylish picture of the princesses in beautiful dancing evening dresses. The whole art is performed in a pencil like design and would become a fine art for a room of a girl. However, to get this ready you need to fill the picture with colors and pin it to the wall. It is also possible to add some frame to make the picture look prettier.

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#29 Nice Group Photo

The coloring sheets are not only an excellent way to become friendlier with the characters from various tales, but also they have some very useful educational functions. They train the motor skills and capability to select the best colors. The coloring teaches to control sensorial and motoric functions of the body. And nothing can be a better practice than coloring the favorite princess characters.

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#30 Little Frog Princess

She was the first Afro-American princess among all and the only person who lived in modern times. Tina had a dream of opening her own restaurant and was blind to other feelings. After she was transformed into a frog and overcame multiple difficulties she understood the power of strong love and was able to turn back and become human again.

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#31 Jasmine Calling Aladdin

Jasmine is the most famous Arabian princes. She is supposed to rule Agrabah after her father the Sultan. That is why she is so clever and educated. In addition, she is very brave and beautiful with her big eyes and long plated hair. It would be an excellent time spent to listen to the story and color the princess or watch the cartoon.

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#32 Losing the Crystal Slipper

When the clock strikes midnight, there is nothing good to wait from this time. Cinderella was warned that she needs to leave the ball before the midnight but she was charmed by the prince so much that she was lost in time. She needed to escape the palace until the magic disappeared. However, maybe she was destined to leave her slipper on the staircase to find her happiness.

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#33 A Beautiful Basket of Flowers

Love requires patience. Belle was extremely patient as she was able to see through the beastly visage of the Beast and destroy the darkness that enshrouded his heart. With a power of love she was able to deal with the magic that imprisoned a beautiful prince Adam in the body of a monster. A magical love story is the thing that is necessary for most of the little girls.

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#34 Loyal Friends

This is the art from the very beginning of the cartoon about hardworking Cinderella. It tells us about the beginning of her hard working day and what an incredible amount of work did she have in the household. Fortunately, she was not alone in the world. There were many loyal animals that helped her with all possible means. They even assisted in organizing her pretty look.

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#35 Beloved Characters

Here you can see the picture of all the most popular first Disney princesses. There are Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel and Snow-White – the first fairy tale girls which were demonstrated in the most popular Disney cartoons. Such a lovely image would be an excellent means of training the taste and drawing skills. Nothing is more pleasant than working with the favorite heroes.

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