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#1 A Lovely Teddy Bear

This cute little teddy bear will definitely charm any person who sees her. A lovely dress and an attractive bow tie make this little creature popular among girl artists as they adore various cute little beings like my little ponies and Hello Kitty. Just take the favorite art tools and start designing dress in some very attractive way to realize the full potential of the pretty creature.

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#2 The Front Page

The coloring with crayons and pencils is a very useful activity for kids at an early stage of development. It creates basic skills of micro motoric system that will stimulate the brain activity for future studying. In such manner a loving parent can create a beautiful set of coloring books that will be decorated with a title that is created by the hands of the artist.

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#3 Fast Turtle

This cute little turtle is surely not a teenage mutant ninja turtle but it has got some slight resemblance to them. This turtle adores riding a skateboard just like ninja shell heroes do. The little animal breaks a standard stereotype of the fact that turtles are slow animals. This one can definitely compete against lighting fast bunny and even receive a victory.

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#4 Princess of Hearts

No coloring set for a little girl can exist without a princess as it is a dream of most girls in the world. This coloring art of a little princess would be a nice candidate to the collection of a tiny girl.This lady has got all the necessary attributes of the royalty person – the crown with hearts and rubies and a lovely necklace. All the jewelry is perfectly combined with a nice dress.

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#5 Beach Party Set

Are you ready for a beach party? If the answer to the question is positive then you definitely need to add some items to your bag while staying near the sea. Warm sun, glasses, starfish and crabs are all nice memories of summer. The child can spend some time and color these item set which will remind about a nice weather and hot season. All the items are rather simple for work.

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#6 Pencils at Rest

The pencils were working really hard in order to bring the brightness to the creation of some little Da Vinci. Now they are tired and need some rest before they can go on with their labor. While they are resting you can engage in some interesting activity – color them in your favorite colors. The design is totally free and kids are capable to realize all their imagination.

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#7 A Kitten at a Hunt

Here is a cute coloring art for little ones. The kids are crazy about fluffy animals and this option illustrates a little home tiger that is walking in the wild hunting. He has already found a prey – a little worm that has hidden under the flower. The kitten is not an angry being that is going to harm the little insects. It just wants to play a hide and seek game.

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#8 Spiky Beauty

The roses are beautiful flowers and an excellent option for coloring by children. Such an art can be a nice present on the Mother’s Day. The kid will do everything possible to make mother happy. Kids usually cannot afford the roses purchased on their own pocket money, while the colored ones would be an equally nice and pleasant gift as they were colored by the hands of a loving child.

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#9 Royal Puss

There are human princesses and princes but no one ever mentioned about a cat king. This is a poor king of fairy tale kingdom that was cursed by a witch. Well, it still looks cute and attractive even being a puss. If you like this lovely kitten and want to help it to become a human being again, you need to color this picture in the best possible manner and then evil spell will disappear.

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#10 Little Princess

Another princess has come to the album of the little artist. This princess is from the magical candy land. She adores sweets and has got everything made of them. The crown is made of sugar and the jewelry is made of caramels. The garment was crafted from the sugar thread. Pick the colors which would look the best and color this beautiful little lady.

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#11 Kitty on a Beach

No coloring pages collection can exist without the most popular character among kids. Hello Kitty is one of such characters. The lovely white kitten is the representation of kindness and positive emotions that radiate all around. This time she is resting on a sunny beach, playing the guitar and enjoying the fruits under the palm tree. Add some liveliness to this attractive picture.

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#12 Puppy Learns to Draw

This little puppy definitely wants to learn how to draw. You can assist him by showing a nice sample of your work. He wants to learn how to draw with markers. You need to prepare a similar weapon of art that will be comfortable for your usage. You can use some usual colors for the look of this puppy but if you want you can add the unusual magical hues as well.

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#13 Easter Bunny

Whom do we have here? – That’s right an Easter Bunny. Just look at this plump fluffy little creature. Isn’t it gorgeous? Children are usually interested in working on little animals. The bunnies take specifically important places as they do not bite or pose a serious threat and are essential part of any zoo. Color this bunny and you will get a pleasant surprise from him.

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#14 Take Me from the Box

There are plenty of colorful crayons in the box waiting to be chosen for coloring of one of the little masterpieces. There is a wide variety of color options that are available for the usage. This little fellow is really eager to work for the sake of art. Think about your favorite color and use it to transform this guy from blank into something totally unexpected.

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#15 Crayola in Space

In the fast nothingness of space there are no colors – only emptiness and darkness. That is why Crayola decided to gather an expedition of professionals who will deal with this colorless problem. You can become the member of the space program. This test will check if you are ready to fly to the stars. Just color this picture in some attractive manner and see the result.

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#16 Farmer Mouse

Here’s another nice character that will be very attractive. This is a cool looking Mr. Mouse. This is not a common mouse that runs in the fields. This is a professional farmer mouse that knows how to grow crops so that they were really big. Take part in coloring of such a nice mouse with your Crayola pencils and the resulting look will make the mouse a cool looking character.

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#17 Joking Crayons

The crayons are comfortable drawing tools even for the smallest children. They are totally ecofriendly and safe for use by children. The size permits to work with them very comfortable for miniature hands of little children. These two fellows are a perfect symbol of creativity – that should be funny and joking so that a kid could receive maximal pleasure.

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#18 Sea Dragon

Something very long and creepy is coming from under the water. One might think that this is a really scary monster that is going to eat people. But that is totally not a truth. This is a friendly underwater dragon that is swimming in the ocean searching for new friends. You can undoubtfully become one but you need to fulfill a very simple task – color it and let the dragon become bright like rainbow.

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#19 Lava Beast

This time we don’t have a friendly monster. This is a ferocious beast that is breathing out scorching tongues of flame. The heat is so great that it melts even the stones. It must be pacified so that it doesn’t harm people. To extinguish the flames try to change the colors of the beast into calmer ones to reduce the temperature of the fire. After coloring it won’t look that terrible.

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#20 Flying to the Castle

This dragon is guarding the unbelievable treasures that are hidden inside some fairytale castle. It is really hard to access for brave knights who want to steal it. The high walls of the castle with giant metal gates are not the only protection aside the dragon. The sharp-toothed rock and a river with strong current are formidable obstacles on the way to richness.

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#21 Gift for You

If you are searching for some sort of an unusual idea for coloring, consider a present wrapped box of candies. This heart shaped gift with a ribbon and a lovely rose would be a nice present of a child to mom. The simplicity of the coloring object is really suitable for kids of all ages. That is why the smallest artists will be able to make a nice presents to some precious person.

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#22 Taking a Bubble Shower

“I really like taking the bath and can sit there for hours.” – That is what this mouse is thinking. Being a very water loving being this fellow can spend hours lying in hot water together with its best rubber duck friend. He adores adding some foam bombs to the water and feel oneself flying on a little airy cloud. If you are the same go and help this guy to become colorful again.

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#23 A Valentine Bear

No Valentine ’s Day can pass without romantic mood. This bear is really shining with love. Take a look at its image and try to count all the hearts that are located on its body. Each of them needs to be colored in some attractive color. This cutie went to the field to gather some love flowers that bloom on the field during the day of all beloved ones. It seems that he was lucky to find a lot of them.

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#24 Going to the Movie

Everybody goes to the movie. The newest and the freshest movies are shown in the modern cinemas. Our little stripped fellow is going to the first-time show and has got everything that is necessary for the best watching of the movie – cola and pop-corn. He will surely like the film and enjoy the time spent with his friends that are waiting for him near the entrance to the hall.

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#25 Toy Story Pals

Woody is one of the best known characters from Toy Story – one of the first cartoons that were made by means of computer graphics. Here we can see the fragment of the second part where the cowboy finds his loyal stallion together with some friends from the past. The cartoon is very kind and has got a lot of things that will be useful for breeding of children. Participate with your child in the coloring process.

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#26 Disney Masterpieces

Here are the coloring sheets which demonstrate the classic stories that were created by Disney studio. These are three famous princesses that would be a nice coloring option for little girls. However, you can see a totally different cartoon that seems odd. The Toy story is the creation of Pixar but it became the part of Disney and now they share mutual heritage.

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#27 Pretty Butterfly

Butterflies can be of various sizes and looks. There are giant butterflies with lovely colorful patterns on their wings. This friendly fellow is an airy creation that has got incredible wings. Unfortunately, it lost all the colors but it is not depressed. The creature knows that you are eager to assist it and add some bright colors and even draw some unique pattern on its wings for a stylish look.

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#28 Crayola on the Moon

The Crayola man is the first man on moon who was sent there with a special mission. When we look at the sky we can see that it is totally white without any colors. The task of this fellow is drawing some amazing pictures on the moon surface so that people could see them from the Earth. At first he needs to be colored in some attractive manner so that he was able start his job.

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#29 Merry Christmas

The holidays are near and the holiday spirit is filling every child and adult. The tradition to decorate the rooms with some toys is common all over the world. Children are anticipating the arrival of Santa who is going to bring them some nice presents. The kids want to meet Santa and give him presents of gratitude as well. That is why it is a good idea to color some amazing Christmas composition for a bearded man.

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#30 Let’s Draw Together

Crayons are comfortable for drawing on almost any surface. They are better than markers, pens and paints due to their faster washability. The child can draw without fear that someone can come and start yelling at them because of art. These friendly crayons will become excellent friends for daily artistic searches of the child without any harm to the surrounding furniture or walls.

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#31 Love is Heavy

Just take a look at this teddy bear. He looks really tired of his heavy burden. He is carrying a large heart to present it to someone really special and precious. Judging from the size of the symbol of love the bear is really in love. Come here and help this little fellow with transportation by coloring the item in your best colors. This will surely assist in making the weight lighter.

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#32 Your Favorite Colors

These are the best friends of every child – the crayons. Both of them are very positive and will become excellent companions in daily coloring operations. If you are thinking over which colors should they be, consider selecting the colors which are your favorite ones and grant them such an unusual style that will be really attractive.

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#33 Friendly Aliens

In various movies aliens are frequently depicted as hostile beings which have come to earth in order to conquer it. These green people are nothing like previously described. They have come to our planet in search of new species to make friends with. It seems like they have managed to find a new friend and now they are playing some games with him.

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#34 For Little Readers

When a child learns the letters and basics of reading a nice bookmark will be a great present for a starter reader. This item is performed in shape of giant marker and will fit any books of the kid. With this item the child will not forget the page where he or she stopped during reading and if it will be designed in some special color, the bookmark will be cherished even greater.

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#35 Garden Dwellers

If you are planning to do some garden job, then it is time to start coloring the insect samples. Try to color them in the most natural manner and find similar ones in garden afterwards. If the child is not interested in standard color, try using some unusual hues or special sparkling markers to design totally new species of insects that will amaze everybody around.

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