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#1 A Lovely Ribbon Wreath

It is really hard to imagine Christmas without a special wreath that can be seen on almost any door of a house during the holiday. There are various options available for coloring by a little child. All of the items will benefit in creating a nice holiday spirit and bringing joy. The work of coloring will not be that simple as it might seem as there is a number of miniature elements that must be colored in an appropriate manner.

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#2 Richly Ornament Christmas Balls

There is a vast amount of Christmas decorations which are widely used by people all over the world. The balls are considered the most essential ornament for decorating. The kid will gain a wonderful chance to design a personal crystal ball and breathe into it a real spirit of New Year holidays. Offer some bright sets of colors, those with glitter will look more awesome than anything else.

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#3 Hello from Kitty

Every person in the world adores celebrating Christmas. Even fictional characters are eager to participate in festive congratulatory parties. Hello Kitty is not an exception in this case. She has prepared a set of lovely decorated presents for her friends and printed a set of nice greeting postcards to send all over the world. Merry Christmas from cute little Kitty!

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#4 A Symbol of Joy

There is a number of associations that are caused by an evergreen beauty during the holiday. All of them are definitely positive ones as Christmas tree is often named the most valuable element of the whole holiday. Let the child receive maximal pleasure from the creative process and fill the soul with a true magical spirit. Every kid is expecting to find presents under the tree in the Christmas morning.

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#5 Lovely Bears

Animals in the forest are planning to celebrate the upcoming great holiday. The forest dwellers do all they can in order to prepare the forest for the visit of Santa as he is very generous to both animals and human beings. These friendly bears have gathered some lovely items and want to decorate the fur tree. You can help them as well by coloring the picture into some attractive colors.

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#6 Jingle Bells

When jingle bells start beating a melodic song, we all know that the time of the holiday is very near. The bells can be of various sizes and shapes. People decorate various places with bells, including the doors, fireplaces, trees and present boxes. It is a good idea to add some hues to this simple yet adorable item with some warm colors to create the atmosphere of coziness.

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#7 Donald Has Got Some Problems

Disney characters are also getting ready for the holiday. Donald has got a very responsible task – he must decorate the house with a sparkling garland. You all know that relying upon Donald Duck can turn out to be a catastrophe. He got stuck in the wires and needs your assistance badly. Bring back the light to the art and it will help him to deal with the task quickly.

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#8 Must-Have Fireplace Accessory

The fire place would look really empty and sad without some nice decoration. In this aspect stockings are renowned means of beautifying the fireplace. This coloring page introduces us some nice art with an attractive stripped stocking. However, it is not empty. You can see a lovely smiling puppy that is sitting inside it. This may be a possible hint for a future present for a child that is working with such an art.

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#9 Making a Huge Snowman

It’s a holiday time and children are free to do what they want during it. The night decided to bring kids a nice surprise in shape of a large portion of snow. Now children from all around are running along the streets and playing an abundance of winter games. One of the boys decided to make some stylish looking snowman. He got a fashionable hat, a carrot, a scarf and a broom for an exceptional design.

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#10 Silent Night

The candles are strongly connected to the religious symbolism. It is not just a simple decoration of the premise during holiday as most of us tend to think. You can teach your child this by telling a story about the birth of little Jesus. The son of God was born in the barn and the light of candle was the only source of light in the premise. Since that time candles symbolized the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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#11 Gift from Santa

The work of Santa during the preparation for Christmas would be impossible if not the assistance of the polar elves. They work all year round to make the best gifts for the children from all over the world. One elf got tired during the work and went asleep in one of the gift boxes. He was unnoticed and packed into the gift box. You need to hurry up and color this elf before he will be sent as a gift to some boy.

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#12 Mickey’s Snow Party

The Disney characters went out to the field to play some extreme snowballs. It won’t be a surprise that they are having a great fun in the field. It looks like they are planning to build some barricade to protect against the opposite team. They desperately require your assistance. Color this positive drawing and the process of building will run faster.

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#13 The Snowy Barn

The winter spirit frequently visits the most distant parts of the world. Just take a look at this simple composition. It is a simple distant village. It was covered up with snow and it seems that nobody will be able to get to this place. Well, at least there is one dweller in this snowy dessert: he is standing near the entrance to the barn. That is Mr. Snowman.

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#14 Gingerbread House

Something really awesome is waiting for the kids in the forest. That is a really tasty house that was made of various bakery items. A lovely cat that likes crackers decided to get some on top of the roof. The picture must be modified for some extra style as it can look even more amazing. Give some pencils to a kid and offer to color this art in some unusual way. Don’t forget to award the kid with something tasty.

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#15 Gingerbread Man

There was a gingerbread man, who lived in a gingerbread house with a candy door. The house was cosy and nice and all people wished to visit this cute little fellow. With the upcoming holidays ginger man decided to do some redesign of his premise. You can assist him with this activity. Take your favourite paints and start painting the walls immediately for the best look.

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#16 Greetings from Santa

The Christmas would be empty and joyless without the main hero that is anticipated by the kids from all over the world. Santa with his red suit and white beard comes to every house bringing happiness and positive mood to all kids who are filled with a festive spirit. It’s time to show the respect and color Santa in some attractive colors. Send it to his residence at the North Pole and he will be grateful.

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#17 Tasty Cakes

The idea of Christmas decorations in the shape of adorable gingerbread men sounds really awesome. The figures with ribbons attached to them and some nice suits made of cream are loved by both kids and adults. They will look really cute on some Christmas tree and will not go to the box for the next holiday season but become a nice treatment for milk or tea.

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#18 Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus

Kids shouldn’t forget about the real meaning of the Christmas. It is the time when the Lord Jesus Christ was born. It is a great holiday as the saviour of the world has come to the world in order to bring happiness and atonement for everything bad that was done. This pretty coloring page illustrates the mosaic design of Virgin Maiden Mary that is embracing little Jesus under the magical star.

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#19 Somebody’s Got a Problem

It looks like somebody desperately needs to go to the gym and do some workouts. We all know that Santa loves sweets a lot and can eat a limitless amount of them. This time he seems to have overeaten them and got stuck in the chimney. Kids, you need to come to the rescue of the Christmas hero or else you will stay without presents – come and color Santa.

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#20 In the Workshop

Santa Claus’s workshop is a truly unbelievable magical place. All year round the elves are working on the creation of fabulous gifts which are transported by Santa to the most distant corners on earth. The elves are little beings which live in the polar cold and are known for their miniature size and skilfulness in creation of the toys. Color this lovely composition and get some portion of joy.

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#21 Santa Mask

A tradition to dress oneself like Santa is very old. People really adore this character so much that every year you can see a variety of parades which introduce Santas of all nationalities, race, age etc. If you are interested in creating a miniature image of Father Christmas with your kid, this is a nice sample of a mask that can be colored and then used as a part of a fancy dress set.

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#22 Portrait of Father Christmas

This is a lovely image of Father Christmas that will be colored by any child with a great pleasure. Santa is associated with everything good that kids dream about. He brings presents during Christmas night travelling on magical sledges with the bag that is filled with endless amount of gifts. The character gives presents only to well-behaved children so there is a decent motivation to behave fine.

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#23 Wreath with Sweets

The wreath is a traditional winter holiday symbol. There is an abundance of options that are available for people. Some prefer buying the one from the shop, while the top class wreathes are considered those which were handmade. This coloring page introduces a fine option with flower bead and candies that inspires a true holiday spirit among both adults and children.

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#24 Set of Lovely Gifts

Everybody likes receiving presents on special occasions. There is definitely something magical in opening the present and excitement that a person experiences during the process. During coloring, you can teach the child of the importance of not only receiving presents but also giving them to someone who is very important. This will be a nice lesson of kindness and generosity.

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#25 Attractive Bells

There are songs which have become the representation of Christmas and New Year holidays. One of them is the Jingle Bells song. It is a song about the sledges of Santa that jingle all the way, when he is flying high in the sky during the delivery of the presents. Kids of all ages are acquainted with this song and eagerly sing together with the parents. After coloring this sheet it would be funny to get the real ones.

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#26 Winter Beauty

The evergreen tree is a must have attribute of the upcoming holidays. There is a growing tendency of preserving the trees and using the artificial ones instead. Here is another alternative for your child. He can color a simple picture with totally unusual colors and add some unusual toys which together will create a unique masterpiece of Christmas art.

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#27 Merry Postcard Congratulation

Everybody likes receiving congratulatory postcards on some special events. Those which were made by the hands of kids are the most cherished ones as they are filled with sincerity and open heartedness. This is a draft of a very simple holiday postcard that looks like a real gift from Santa. It looks cute in black and white and what would it look like in color?!

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#28 Cutie Snowman

This attractive snowman would be a very simple assignment for coloring by the kid. The composition introduces a lovely snowman that is standing in the open field. He is taking care of a little Christmas tree and uses a brush to clean the area around it so that it didn’t disappear under the layers of thick snow during the snow storm that is about to start.

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#29 Elf from the Box

All of us have seen a popular toy with Jack from the box. It is really funny when he jumps out from the box surprising the person that is holding it. This little Santa helper really likes this toy and that is why he decided to take a role of such a character. He got inside the box and waited till it was tied with a ribbon. He waited patiently until it was delivered to the destination to scare the future owner.

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#30 Very Sweet House

This is a lovely house that is standing in the candy forest. Such a place would be a dream of any child. This magical house would be a real celebration of brightness. After the kid will spend some of the time on this little work of art, it will become an excellent postcard idea for sending it even to Santa as he likes various sweet things a lot.

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#31 The Joyful Moments

The decoration of the Christmas tree is an amazing and fascinating process. Many families prefer doing this together in a close relatives circle. It makes people closer to each other as if they are filled with kind Christmas spirit. The garlands, toys, balls and other decoration make Christmas tree a perfect landing beacon for Santa who will put the presents beneath it.

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#32 Decorated Candy

This stripped red and white candy stick is most often connected with Christmas. With additional decoration by mistletoe it becomes even more attractive and beautiful looking. The color – that is what this picture lacks. You definitely know what the natural colors of this composition are but you can color it in some totally unusual manner.

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#33 Greeting from Happy Santa

This happy Santa is waving to you with his hand in a greeting gesture to congratulate you with the upcoming festival of joy and happiness when all the dreams come true. Just take a look at his big bag with presents. It has got an endless number of gifts for every child who was obedient, polite and kind. It’s time to do some work and color this friendly fellow.

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#34 Christmas with Family of Snowmen

All creatures are planning to have a special Christmas holiday. Even these little snowmen have gathered to decorate this lovely tree with a brilliant star on top of it. The father is teaching the child of the importance of stylish decoration of the tree. You can take part in the lesson as well and add some brightness to this monochrome picture.

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#35 Happy Jingles

The jingle bells are important attribute of the house decoration during the holidays. People tend to use it for fireplaces, doors, Christmas trees, windows and other places. With a single movement of air the bells are producing a sweet sound that reminds us of the presence of the holiday spirit around us. We need to be kind and generous not only during holidays but always.

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