Beanie boo coloring pages

Download free printable beanie boo coloring pages. Beautiful Coloring Pages for your Kids ;)

#1 Jumping Coconut

It would be really hard to find a more jumping creature than our cute Coconut Monkey. He lives in a Southern Africa and spends most of his time on the trees with his adorable family of monkeys. Judging from his name we can easily detect its origin – the Beanie adores eating coconuts more than anything else.

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#2 Adorable Pugsly

If you are searching for a friend that will spend a lot of time with you, playing various games, Pugsly is the right pup for you. Just colour up the puppy and he will be ready to become a part of your imaginative universe. Those kids who like pugs will like this lovely bulky eyed animal a lot. The universe of Beanie Boos can boast with a wide variety of different animals that are loved so much by children.

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#3 Leona from Savannah

There is one thing that Leona can do best of all and this is a speed running. She lives in the dessert and spends a lot of time training running on the hot sand. The kitty likes competing with various animals that live in savannah. Her dream is to become a star of animal Olympic Games and receive plenty of medals. The colouring of cute Leona will definitely help in her practice.

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#4 Cute Dazzle

The series of Beanie Boo is known for a wide variety of animals which have got similar shape of the body and specifically large eyes which seem to be staring at you. These pictures are perfect for colouring by little kids. The shapes of the Beanies are very simple and the details are quite large even for the smallest artists.

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#5 Fashionable Unicorn

This unicorn is definitely interested in changing his look according to the latest trends of fashion. It reads plenty of magazines and in one of them he found that spiky haircuts and animal prints are extremely popular. That is why Wishful went to the local beauty salon and totally changed his look to be the most stylish animal ever. Now colour it in the most attractive way.

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#6 Bright Glamour

As it goes from the name of this Beanie Boo this leopard knows how to look her best. Just take a look at her fine print. The Glamour’s fur definitely deserves some bright colours. The child can unleash the full creativity potential by colouring the cute animal with some unusual hues as the standard ones wouldn’t be suitable for such a magical being.

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#7 Lovely Piggy

Just take a look at this lovely little piggy. Unlike the usual piglets that prefer laying in the mud this Corky Beanie Boo piggy prefers staying really clean. She likes taking hot bath with foam and is really happy to eat some tasty sweets. To treat this lovely animal with something nice you need at first modify its look with some colours.

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#8 Peanut likes Peanuts

If you want to know about the origin of this Beanie’s name, it wouldn’t be hard to guess that the name originates from the strong love of this animal to peanuts. Fortunately, it is a very miniature elephant and he won’t require plenty of peanuts to satisfy its appetites. In addition, you can modify the look of the animal with some colours and it will become your best friend ever.

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#9 Kooky Lovely Koala

The koalas are popular for their love for sleep and are quite lazy when it comes to fast movement. Kooky also likes peaceful slumbering in her house in Australian eucalyptus forest. However, she can be very active when it comes to helping her friends. This lovely animal should be coloured in order to bring back the hue of the fur as it has lost all the colours after falling from the bed.

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#10 Dakota Lovely Donkey

Just take a look at this lovely little donkey. The usual four hoofed fellows cannot boast with some bright colours, but this character is a real punk who likes testing out bright colours. Dakota made a bright punk hairdo and selected the brightest colours ever. You can try and guess which the colour preferences of this rock donkey are.

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#11 Chubby Owl

This Haunt, the owl, knows how to look pretty even at night. Owls are the night beings and though it might seem that during the night it is not necessary to look pretty, this owl can’t stand looking gloomy. She feels really sad when her feathers don’t shine brightly. To make her happy again the kid needs to cooperate with parents and figure out some fancy design for the lovely birdie.

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#12 Magic the Unicorn

As any mystical being Magic is capable of flying and really likes that. He feels like some sort of a Pegasus, but doesn’t require any wings to maintain flying abilities. It can produce a magical powder to levitate and make other magic as well. Unfortunately, during one of the experiments it has lost all his colors and desperately needs some assistance to bring it back.

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#13 Swoops the Singing Owl

Some think that owls are created for night hunting only. Swoops, the owl, does not agree with this fact. She adores singing and practices day and night some vocal exercises. You need to assist her with some nice suit for a presentation performance. Try out a profession of a designer and colour the creature in the most fantastic way.

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#14 Duke a Happy Puppy

Duke is a lively dog with an extremely positive character. It is really hard to find something that can make him feel depressed. Such a colouring sheet with a Beanie Pup would be extremely awesome experience for the smallest kids. It can be printed very fast and designed by various tools like crayons, water colours, pens or pencils. Vast opportunities are available for creativity experience.

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#15 Riding up the Waves

This Beanie Boo dolphin is a real extreme sports fish. It practices surfing day and night testing the waves of various heights. It is dreaming to ride on the most giant wave – tsunami. If Surf manages to do this, he will become the greatest surfer ever. You can train this bold little dolphin and help him to prepare his swimming suit for action.

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#16 Smitten the Heartily Frog

There is an opinion that frogs are not beautiful and even scary. No one would dare to say it after looking at this beautiful little froggy. This Beanie radiates with loveliness and attractiveness. The whole body of hers is covered with lovely hearts. She’s a real frog princess that deserves the kiss from the handsome prince.

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#17 Bamboo a Fluffy Panda

Bamboo is a pretty Beanie Boo animal that lives in the Far East. It’s a lovely cubby panda that likes eating bamboo and playing games with little kids. It will become a great friend for any baby, but in order to befriend this lovely little being one needs to colour it. After you finish the work of colouring, Bamboo will look livelier than ever before.

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#18 Moonlight the Night Walker

Nothing can be better than a walk under a beautiful moon and our little Moonlight knows it best of all. She likes sitting on trees and look at the silver moon that spreads the silver shadows all over the sky. The cutie also prefers meowing on such nights and communicating with her friend mewing network. The coloring sheet is missing something and you need to finish this picture on your own.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 18

#19 Scraps the Voyager

When it comes to sea voyages, Scraps know best how to do this. Although he is a real puppy, he can be confidently called a sea wolf. He is the third dog in his family which spent almost all his life exploring the seas. Scraps adores travelling and will eagerly take you on his journey. All you have to do is pass the exam by coloring his picture.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 19

#20 Twigs the Adorable

Twigs is a real adoration. This cute miniature giraffe will be an excellent coloring object for kids of various ranges of years. He lives in hot Africa with his big family. He likes eating leaves but, because he is rather small, it can be hard for him to get them from the upper branches of trees. Fortunately, his mother helps him by lowering the tall branches and letting him practice to hold them with his teeth.

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#21 Midnight the Friendly Bat

Midnight doesn’t like the stereotype that bats are evil creatures. That is why she is trying to do everything possible to befriend various animals and people so that they could understand that bats can be really good friends. Help the little batsy by dressing her up in some nice dress and it will help her in her friendly business.

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#22 Lightning Zebra

Here’s another speed racer in our beanie family. This striped Zebra is called lightning not in vain. It can run with an incredible speed through the valleys in his motherland. It’s all because of everyday practice. Also this cute animal is an excellent teacher that proves: anything can be achieved when a decent amount of efforts is placed into the work.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 22

#23 Rocco the Fluffy

This raccoon likes doing various chores about the house. He likes helping his mother about the house and cleaning everything until it is shining with perfection. Rocco is a good example for kids as he knows best how to keep everything in order. If your child doesn’t like to help you, tell about this hero and be sure that your kid will assist you afterwards with pleasure.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 23

#24 Mandy Dancing Bear

Just take a look at this lovely bear. What can be so special about this character? Little Mandy has a little secret. She adores dancing and trains all days long to prepare for some important competition. It is sad to say that Beanie hasn’t got a nice bright suit for dancing, but you are the one who can bring it back to our lovely character by coloring this picture.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 24

#25 Ellie the Bright Elephant

This cute little elephant is totally unusual one. Ellie was born with a fabulous anomaly – she is covered with diamond sparkling dots. That immediately made her a superstar. She can try on various suits and demonstrate them during fashion shows. You need to take care of her skin and make it brighter by polishing it with you brightest coloring devices.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 25

#26 Cancun from the Dessert

One might think that no one lives in the desert and that there is only sand there. Fortunately, there are many dwellers and among them there is our Cancun. He is an expert in dessert survival and knows the best way of finding the water and food in the places where nothing can survive. Colour this cutie to fill you with an adventure spirit.

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#27 Pinky the Amazing Owl

Coloring is an excellent means of practicing art skills, but at the same time it is a powerful therapy tool that can upgrade the mood of the owner. Pinky is a special owl that has got an unusual design that is very useful for relaxing. The smooth lines desperately need coloring and you can pick any colour you like and transform her into a bird from some amazing fairy-tale.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 27

#28 T-Bone Jumping Doggy

T-Bone becomes extremely agitated, when somebody is throwing balls. He is an excellent jumper and practices every day. This dog is really cute and sportive and trainings are rather useful for his physical shape. Just look how he is looking at you as if begging you to throw him a ball. Prepare him for training and add some bright tones to his image.

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#29 Handsome Casanova

Certainly, all of you are interested why this lovely monkey is named Casanova in honour of a women adorer. All this is because of his awesome stylish look with a heart in the middle of his body. It is capable to melt even the iciest heart and give some warmth to anyone who meets this magical monkey. Colour it to make the power of love even greater.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 29

#30 Lovely Fantasia

This is symbol of all kids’ dreams. The unicorn is one of the most magical beings that is said to appear in front of the people with pure hearts. Children are definitely such type of people. The unicorn with a marvellous name Fantasia is a magical being that can make friends with various animals and people alike and make their fantasies real.

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#31 Fiery Speckles

Say hello to a fiery Leopard Speckles. This animal is characterised with a burning colour of fur as if this is some magical animal that was born in the flames of fire. Regardless of the look this animal has got a very kind heart and likes making plenty of new friends. Bring back the colour of his fur to make him bright again.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 31

#32 Yogi the Bear

Here’s a totally alien guest in the world of our Beanies. This is a popular cartoon character Yogi bear. He is also extremely cute so he can compete with famous big eyed fellow animals. He lives in Yellowstone national park and likes getting some tasty things from the visitors who came to the park for their holiday. This bear often gets into problems because of his big appetite and talkative mouth.

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#33 Boo Boo the Farmer

Mr. Boo Boo is a professional master of farming art. There are many giant fruits and vegetables in the garden and he likes treating his multiple friends with various tasty and healthy things. If your child doesn’t like eating vegetable, tell the story about the farmer bull and be sure that your kid would eat the healthy products with pleasure, especially after coloring this page.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 33

#34 Gorgeous Maddie

Maddie is a lovely fluffy dog that really takes care of her look. She can be easily called a dog princess due to her extraordinary charm that radiates in the every outline of her charming fluffy body and beautiful big eyes. However, the character of this being is really modest and she is very shy when it comes to meeting plenty of fans. Help her to deal with her fears by providing her with a proper make up.

beanie boo coloring pages photo - 34

#35 Heart Eyed Teddy

When it comes to adorable creatures our Teddy knows best how to look attractive. This is a very cute bear that likes spending time with people. He has got a lot of fans among children, especially girls who like his pretty heart shaped eyes. All those who feel sympathy to this bear need to colour this coloring page to make it look bright and sincere.

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