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#1 Evolution of the Dark Knight

Batman is one of the most popular DC comics characters of all times. In the beginning of the franchise he was supposed to be a detective with a special set of equipment and unusual suits that assisted him in finding the clues at the crime scene and helped to catch bandits of all kinds. With the flow of time he evolved and transformed into a real superhero that does not only deal with simple thugs but also with super powerful masterminds of criminal world.

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#2 Cartoon Batman Style

There is a great amount of cartoons devoted to the adventure of the popular hero. Most of modern kids usually get their first meeting with this character through the TV series. This is the design of the Batman that was present back in the 90s. The cartoon was one of the most popular in the whole biography of the Batman as there were almost all of the major characters of the universe.

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#3 Toy Style Design

This simple coloring page introduces us a very simple design of the night hero. It got all the vital attributes of the real hero: long cloak that is totally bulletproof, boots and gloves. It also shows us his special Bat belt that has got a vast arsenal of various pieces of equipment. There are tracking tools, disarming bombs and batrangs, of course. A child will be really fascinated while working on this coloring art.

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#4 Fully Armed

Long time has passed since Batman was equipped with simple tools. Bruce Wayne is a millionaire and he has got his personal research laboratory where various military grade equipment are being made. That is why his set of tools is constantly enhanced by a variety of different items. His suit has also been modified. It is not that old suit of cloth but powerful smart armour with a built-in computer intellect that constantly scans the area around him.

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#5 Toy Soldier Batman

The figurines of super hero used to be extremely popular in the past but they still haven’t lost their fame even with the existence of so many electronic gadgets and toys. The best thing about such toys is their capability to stimulate the phantasy of the children who play with them. The kids are capable to create their own super heroic journeys in their personal universes where anything bad can happen.

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#6 Sign of Batman

The bat sign is one of the most recognizable symbols of all in the world of super heroes. There is a tradition to wear the mark on the breast so that everyone could recognize the hero. Each hero of DC Universe has got such a symbol. The bat is quite a meaningful sign – a night being that hunts prey under the moonlight or in a total darkness. For some reason the animal causes a lot of fear and Batman uses this very well.

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#7 Constantly on Guard

When the night falls upon Gotham city, it becomes totally defenceless against the criminals, who are waking up. Fortunately, the city has got a protector that never sleeps at night. His name is Batman and he is the knight of Darkness that stands on guard of people’s sleep. He offered the city a special projector by means of which it is possible to summon him to the rescue and when some serious danger appears he comes immediately.

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#8 The Name is Batman

I’m the night. I’m the Batman. – That’s what the hero would say to the criminal that he has got and needs to interrogate. The very style of the suit is supposed to cause dread of the bandits. Unfortunately, many of bad people consider that they can overcome Batman in quantity but it turns out impossible. The Hero is too strong for usual people and is definitely cleverer than street thugs who think with muscles only.

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#9 Walking to the Cave

While a small boy Batman fall down to the cave and was scared with hordes of bats which flew towards him. In some aspect this moment can be considered the birth of Batman. The boy remained a human being but his subconsciousness gave birth to an image of which the villains will be afraid. This image introduces an adult Bruce that is accompanied with the bats in his cave. It really causes some anxiety.

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#10 Bat Badge Design

If the child is planning to go to some fancy dress party, the suite of Batman would be an awesome idea. Super hero theme is never getting too old. This coloring bat symbol would be an excellent pattern for coloring and cutting out to add to the personal suit. It is very simple and easy to work with and child will get a lot of fun while participating in the creation of a heroic costume.

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#11 Batman is Watching

The goal of Batman is to protect the city from villains. During the day he is a Bruce Wayne – a celebrity and a businessman who owns a giant financial empire. When the sun goes down, his second personality wakes up. This is a superhero – the dark knight that patrols the city in search of the dangers which might befall upon it. All of this is done thanks to a special awesome suit with a wide range of equipment.

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#12 Shadowy Image

This is an awesome design of the Batman that seems to be made in a fabulous pencil manner. It is very convenient to work on coloring as half of the art is already finished. The child needs to add some colors to blank spots and it will not take too much time. The resulting picture will be a stylish image of a muscular super hero. The kid will definitely like this design of art.

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#13 Something over Pumped

This coloring page with Batman has definitely some differences if compared to movies and comics. It seems like our bat has overvisited the gym and pumped the large muscles. Now he looks likes some Arnold Schwarzenegger. With such a look the enemies will just flee, the moment they see the hero approaching. Well, at least it will save time and energy for fighting with some serious opponents.

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#14 Batman and his Car

The means of transportation is very important. You need to have a good one, especially if you are in a hurry and need to get to the crime spot very fast or need to prevent the robbery. The car of Batman is an awesome masterpiece of art. It is extremely fast and manoeuvrable. With its help the hero will be where he is needed most in no time. The car has got a serious firepower as well.

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#15  Are You Talking to Me

The suit of the Batman is supposed to cause fear with villains. Imagine that you have got some bad intensions and suddenly you were caught by some creepy guy in black armour with a cloak. You can’t see the face but you can see only white eyes that are glowing in the darkness. You would be ready to answer all of the questions not to this this monster of the night ever again.

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#16 Model Pose

The suit of batman is a real fashion work of art. This coloring page demonstrates us the suit in the most comfortable manner for coloring. All the details of the front are visible to us while the back is always covered with a cloak. The child will enjoy greatly the process of decoration Batman in personal way. It might be a standard dark set of colors or something totally new.

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#17 Get Ready for Battle

Batman is ready for battle any time as he always knows where the crimes will take place. Inside his bat cave there is a giant super computer with a database of all the criminals that were caught and that exist in the world. He is also connected to the police department radio frequency and knows if something bad will happen. The butler always assists Bruce during his special operations.

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#18 Why so Serious

That is certainly the most recognizable image in the universe of Batman. The Joker has been Batman’s sworn enemy in hundreds of episodes. The evil canonical laughter of the mad man became so popular that it was transferred to videogames, cartoons and movies. We can always hear that Joker claims to be opposite of Batman and that they can’t exist without one another.

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#19 Battling Time

Here we have a battle between popular characters of Batman’s world. They are Joker – crazy clown that is fighting against Batman, of course, and Poison Ivy – mutated ecologist who is battling against Batgirl that is Commissar Gordon’s daughter. It is good that Batman managed to find some loyal assistants as it would be really difficult for him to deal with all of them. You can help him too by coloring the picture.

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#20 On Top of the World

The best place to monitor the activity of the criminal world is to get as high as possible. From the top Batman will remain unnoticed, though he will be able to see everything that is happening around him. He can jump along the roofs and attack the villain from top of them by descending on a special bat claw rope. The cloak can serve as an excellent parachute that will also horrify all bad people.

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#21 With a Moon in the Background

That is quite a symbolic coloring page. It shows us Batman that runs to the rescue of people. The moon is the only natural light that can be seen in a complete darkness. Batman is like a ray of light that eliminates the darkness and brings justice to the city that is filled with criminals who consider Gotham City their personal property. The dark knight will deal with evil if you color him well.

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#22 Batman and Robin

Batman is not alone in this world filled with evil. He has got several loyal friends which are ready to assists him. One of them is Robbin, Batman’s adopted son. He used to be a circus stuntman but his parents got murdered. Robbin’s fate is very similar to Batman’s and that is why he decided to take care of the orphan. Together they are truly unbeatable team.

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#23 Big Brother is Watching You

You should always be careful with your actions because Batman knows well how you behave yourself. He is definitely like a big brother that is constantly hiding in the darkness checking if the actions you do are positive. For criminals he is the worst nightmare as he knows how to deal with them in fast manner. For kids he is a positive example that expresses the virtues.

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#24 Batman from Future

The Batman is not the hero of present only. There were both comics and cartoons which introduced a totally new Batman – the heir of Bruce Wayne. This was a totally new type of Batman though with the same goal: to protect innocent and vulnerable people of Gotham city. The new hero has got new style and new suit that is even more upgraded than the old one and with Bruce Wayne as an overseer.

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#25 Team to the Rescue

This is Batman with his family of superheroes. Together with them Batman can be not afraid of anything. The team always supports him and adds some positive tone to his gloomy life. Without them Batman would have been totally obsessed with revenge for his parents deaths and didn’t know when to stop. Color this picture in some positive colors to add it some bright style.

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#26 Batman is Throwing the Batrang

The batrangs are special pieces of equipment that assist Batman in various situations. The items are the personal creation of the hero of the night and each of them has got unique abilities. There are burst batrangs, remote control, tracking and many others. All of them are hidden within a special belt of Batman that is a vital part of his suit. Besides them, there are many other items in his arsenal.

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#27 Flying above the City

This Batman knows how to move fast above the roof. He has got a special bat claw that shoots with a grapping hook that attaches to various surfaces. By means of this thing Batman can get an incredible speed and move fast as a lightning to glide among the skyscrapers with a help of his cloak. He can also use his special hiver but it is quite noisy. Batman prefers stealthy takedowns.

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#28 Loyal Partner

Batman is not alone in his crusade against evil. Robin is his loyal assistant and adopted son. His character is totally different from the Batman’s. He is positive and joking and that often irritates old Bat. However, we shouldn’t underestimate his assistance in battles as he helps in battling two-faced, Joker, Mr. Freeze and many other super villains that escaped Arkham Asylum.

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#29 Classic Look

This is a standard look of Batman and his assistant. It is hard to believe but it didn’t change for over 50 years. They both started as detectives and were supposed to deal with the crimes of various types. Only several decades later they became superheroes that fought against a variety of creepy fellows that threatened not only the city but the whole world.

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#30 Lego Batman

The LEGO Batman became very popular after appearance of a popular cartoon. In that cartoon Batman appeared as a gloomy character that managed to catch all the villains but was not happy because he was a lonely man. When he finally understood that he was right, he managed to change the situation with an army of Batmans. Children can create their own stories with LEGO Batman.

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#31 Pretending to be a Statue

At this art we have got a coloring page with a hero that is posing for his monument of glory in Gotham City. He took a lovely pose as if attacking someone. At a closer look you will see that something is wrong with it. Mr. Freeze has immobilized Batman and you are the only one who can save him or an eternal winter will cover the world. Hurry up and melt down the ice.

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#32 The Dark Knight is Ready

This is a really creepy silhouette of the dark knight. He has got large muscles and really fearsome look. He is ready to fight against evil and nobody can stop hip. To make the composition complete you need to add some bright colors to it. Think what hues would match the dark knight and equip yourself with some decent gear and start coloring the image of the hero.

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#33 Together with a Batgirl

At this coloring page we have our hero uniting forces with his apprentice Batgirl. Barbara Gordon was unsatisfied with the criminal state in Gotham city and she wanted to support her father in some way. She is a very clever girl and she managed to find out the true identity of Batman and he helped her to learn how to fight.

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#34 Batman is Coming to the Rescue

Something terrible has happened in Gotham. Fortunately, the saviour is always near. He is ready to come to the rescue. All that must be done is sending a bat sign to the sky so that the hero could see and come to the rescue as fast as possible. Even now the hero is running as quickly as a lightning strike not to be late and catch the criminals just at the scene of crime.

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#35  The Face that Everybody Fears

This is an art with a Batman’s face on it. The design is quite simple so even the smallest kid will be able to practice the motoric skills. It can be either a classic colored black helmet or something totally fantastic and unbelievable like pink for girls. Can you imagine pink colored Batman? Villains will definitely run away from such a hero.

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