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#1 Female Musketeers

The main character of this story is Corinne, a girl who lives in the countryside, but dreams to go to Paris and become a musketeer. She is not the only girl who has such a dream. She gets acquainted with three other girls: Aramina, Viveca and Renee. Four girls are not only very beautiful, but also talented. They are going to save Prince Louis. Help the girls to fulfil their dream by coloring them into some amazing colors.

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#2 Barbie Wedding

Which of the girls doesn’t dream about wedding?! Amazing princess like white dress, bridal veiling and handsome groom – all this is present on the picture. Barbie and Ken are real princess and prince, who will become king and queen. They are so happy as their fairytale has a happy end. Assist the merry couple in arranging their wedding by adding some bright festive colors.

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#3 Dressed according to the Latest Fashion

Barbie always wears the most fashionable clothes. This picture is not the exception. Our favorite character is dressed in the elegant evening dress of a really fascinating style. She has a small bag decorated with some sparking stones and amazing earrings with diamonds. Barbie is definitely going to visit some theatre or restaurant. It is an excellent picture to color for a small girl who is also very stylish.

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#4 Going to the Ball

This Barbie is amazingly pretty and romantic. She has a beautiful flower in her long wavy hair and wears a nice evening dress. Who knows, maybe, like Cinderella, she is going to visit her first ball?! Your little girl will definitely like this picture. Just let her color it dreaming that some day she will also visit a marvelous ball and meet a handsome prince there.

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#5 Radiating with Joy

Just look at this brilliant smile and eyes sparkling with joy. Barbie is really happy about something. Perhaps, that is why she looks so marvellous. She has a stylish hairstyle and fascinating bow like earrings. The dress is awesome as usual. If you want your beloved little princess to obtain style from the very childhood, let her learn how Barbie does it.

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#6 Barbie Mommy

Barbie can be different: she can be an elegant girl, a loyal friend, a beloved one and, of course, a mother. This picture shows us mom and her daughter. The little girl is excitedly showing something interesting to her mother. They are as like as two peas in a pod. Now we know how Barbie looked in her childhood. The picture definitely needs more colors to become brighter and more realistic.

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#7 Going in for Sport – Horse Riding

Lots of people go in for sport, Barbie is not an exception. She has a sportive look, but still she is very feminine. Barbie wears a striped T-shirt and short jeans. Besides she has a beautiful flower in her hair. The horse also looks fabulous with its long nice mane. If your kid loves animals and horse riding, then this story should definitely come to liking. It will be a great fun to color this picture.

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#8 Going to the Date

This Barbie is almost ready for a date. She has a brilliant hairdo, fabulous earrings and stylish clothes. The only thing that is missing is color. Let your child help Barbie to get ready for the date. It’s the first date, Ken won’t have no chances, but fall in love with Barbie at the first glance. Your little girl may play the role of a kind fairy who will help two lonely souls become happy.

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#9 Barbie Ballet Dancer

Barbie loves dancing a lot. Here she is dancing ballet. However, it’s not a usual ballet, it’s a magical one. Do you see sparkles all around Barbie? This is magic. She has magical shoes in which she dances under the moonlight. This nice coloring sheet will explore the painting talent of your little princess. She can even add some additional elements to this picture by drawing them on her own.


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#10 Two Princesses with Puppies

Just look at this picture! What a marvellous story it tells us. Two princesses in luxurious dresses are posing to the painter who works on their portrait. Girls have lovely bouquets with flowers in their hands and are accompanied by two funny puppies. Help the painter to finish the picture of the princesses. You can even put your signature on it after you finish the work.

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#11 Beautiful Princess

All girls are crazy about Barbies, perhaps, because of their amazing beauty. This picture shows us a marvellous Barbie princess who has a splendid look. Her dress is a real masterpiece made of the best fabric. The skirt of the dress is decorated with small lovely flowers, while shoulders are covered with a light airy cloak. Barbie also has a splendid tiara on her head proving that she is a princess.

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#12 Birthday Party

Barbie has a birthday party. Lots of her friends came to congratulate her on many happy returns. There are many nice presents which they brought her. All guests are very cheerful, they are dancing and laughing.  Guys will eat the birthday cake soon. Barbie and her best friend are going to invite everyone to enjoy the cake. Join this party if you would like to.

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#13 Princess of Butterflies

Butterflies are very delicate creatures. They show all the beauty of the Nature. Barbie on this picture has butterfly wings as she is the princess of butterflies. She needs to protect her subordinates from evil witch who wants to enslave their kingdom. Unfortunately, the witch managed to put a dark spell on the princess and she lost all her colors. Help the princess to protect her kingdom by bringing her colors back.

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#14 Flower Fairy

This is a fairy who flies from one flower to another gathering a magical powder that brings children happy dreams. If the dream is very powerful, it may become real. Such a nice coloring page will come to liking of small princesses who want their dreams come true. All is needed to color the fairy so she can gather magical powder and bring the kids happy bright dreams.

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#15 Beach Wedding Ceremony

Look at this amazing dress! It is perfect for a wedding held on the beach. Ocean breeze will gently wave the light linen of the dress making it even more fabulous. The bottom of the dress is decorated with lovely flowers which perfectly match the bride’s wedding bouquet. You have an invitation to this wedding, but, please, first help Barbie to get ready for it.

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#16 Diamonds – Girls’ Best Friends

All girls love jewellery, Barbie loves it as well. She tries on a new set of jewellery in front of her mirror. Sparkling with excitement her eyes resemble diamonds as well. The set consists of an amazing necklace, a ring and earrings. Barbie’s look is emphasized with a splendid make up. The hairstyle is perfect as well. Let your girl enjoy coloring this lovely picture.

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#17 Graduation Party

Barbie has graduated from school and now she is celebrating this event together with her class mates. Like all other girls on the party she has a beautiful dress and a lovely hairdo. All her dress is covered with sparkling decoration. Someone just invited her to dance and she is a bit anxious. Coloring this will be a great idea for a small lady who loves dancing.

barbie coloring pages photo - 17

#18 Selecting the Dress

Barbie is preparing for her first ball that is why she is very worried. She doesn’t know what dress will be better to wear. This one seems pretty good. It accentuates her thin waist in a positive way. The dress has many layers that make it similar to the flower. Besides, it is decorated with a great number of small sparking stars. Color the picture and help Barbie to make the decision.

barbie coloring pages photo - 18

#19 Barbie Ranger

This Barbie loves animals a lot that is why she became a ranger to be able to take care of little creatures. Animals feel her positive attitude and treat her as a best friend. On this picture Barbie hugs a small koala which lost its home. But don’t get upset! You can help Barbie to find a new home for her koala friend. Just color them with the brightest colors you have.

barbie coloring pages photo - 19

#20 Playing Volleyball on the Beach

What a lovely sunny day on the beach! Barbie and Ken together with their friends have fun on the beach. They are dressed in marvellous swimming suits to be able to swim and sunbathe. Valley ball is a splendid game. Whose team is winning? Score is equal. However, you can help Barbie and her team to win the game by coloring the picture.

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#21 Barbie Triplets

Did you think that these are triplets? Not exactly, they are three sisters: elder, middle and younger. They all look like their mother Barbie. When they grow up they will become as beautiful as mommy. Judging from their marvellous dresses they are little princesses.  You can either make their dresses look similar or color them in completely different ways.

barbie coloring pages photo - 21

#22 Telling a Fairytale

Do you love fairytales? It is difficult to find the person who doesn’t. On this picture Barbie tells her daughter a charming story about a common girl and a prince who fell in love with each other. The kid looks worried if the story has a happy end. Don’t worry, it will definitely have a positive final. Any little girl will greatly enjoy coloring such a marvellous picture.

barbie coloring pages photo - 22

#23 Lessons of Horse Riding

Mother queen presented her daughter a new horse. They are in the stable getting acquainted with the animal. The horse looks really amazing. It has a long luxurious mane gathered into a tail and its head is decorated with a nice ribbon. Young princess is very happy to get such a gift. The queen is going to give the first lesson of horse riding. The girl is eager to start.

barbie coloring pages photo - 23

#24 On the Date

Ken invited Barbie for a walk in the park. Barbie couldn’t stand wearing a lovely long dress as she always wants to look perfect. It’s already an evening, that is why Barbie took a mantel in case it becomes cold outside. She is posing for a photo as Ken has a hobby of taking photos. Obviously after he saw Barbie in such an amazing dress, he wanted to make a photo of her’s.

barbie coloring pages photo - 24

#25 Going to the Party

These three girls are friends who were invited to the party on the occasion of their friend’s birthday to the most luxurious club of the city. Girls put on their best dresses and visited beauty salon to look in the best way possible. They go there not alone, but together with their boyfriends. Guys will spend amazing time on the party. Add more bright colors to this picture so they have more fun.

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#26 Rapunzel Barbie

Rapunzel was imprisoned in the high tower by an evil witch. However, one day a brave prince came to the tower and saved her. They fell in love with each other once and forever. They got married soon and now Rapunzel is a queen in the prince’s kingdom. She is a wise and kind ruler. Besides, subordinates love her for her beauty and long golden braid.

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#27 Magical Shell

Barbie is having rest on the sea side. She is swimming and sunbathing. Once she was walking along the beach and gathering various nice shells. One of them appeared to be a magical one. It was producing not the usual sounds of the sea, but music and songs telling about the underwater kingdom. Later on Barbie will meet its dwellers and make friends with them.

barbie coloring pages photo - 27

#28 Lovely Portrait

This picture will be a nice choice for coloring for the smallest kids. The contours of the girl’s image are thick so it is easy to color them. For those who want to make the task tough there are smaller objects, such as hairpin in the shape of sun, necklace with a flower, bow on the top and butterflies flying around. One can even add some more things to this picture, for example, some background.

barbie coloring pages photo - 28

#29 Selecting a Dress for a Party

Barbie is going to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. She invited all her friends, decorated her home with balloons and various wall stickers, ordered lots of tasty dishes etc. The only thing that is left to do is to select a marvellous dress for her party to look amazing. She is in the shop and going to buy a dress with a fluffy skirt and a bow on the top. The material is shining as if it is made of diamonds.

barbie coloring pages photo - 29

#30 Travelling all around the World

Barbie loves travelling a lot. On this picture she is near the bottom of the sleeping volcano. She is going to climb on its top. Of course, it is risky as any moment the volcano may wake up and erupt with hot boiling lava. However, it won’t stop Barbie. She visited many dangerous places before and knows how to deal with them. She will conquer this sleeping fire beast as well.


barbie coloring pages photo - 30

#31 Ladies under Cover

Here we can see three adorable ladies dressed in the astonishing festive dresses. They joke, dance and seem totally carefree. However, they are not so simple as they might seem at first look. In fact, they are royal spies who fight against the plot against the king. Be sure that with such secret agents the king will be totally safe.

barbie coloring pages photo - 31

#32 Sleeping Beauty

Here Barbie tries on another fairy tale image. It’s a Sleeping Beauty character. We can see the moment when the prince kissed sleeping princess. Judging from the hearts flying around them it’s quite clear that they fell in love as only true love could break the dark spell. Very soon prince and princess will marry and princess will become the queen.

barbie coloring pages photo - 32

#33 Animal Queen

This Barbie is the queen of the animals. She has been ruling animal kingdom for many years. She protects everyone who lives in her kingdom. All the animals honour her and love very much. Regardless a great number of animals under her reign, she knows everything about each animal. Besides, she can turn into any animal. Thanks to this ability she can protect the kingdom.

barbie coloring pages photo - 33

#34 Cinderella Story

Barbie is pretending to be a Cinderella. She visits a ball dressed like a princess. The prince falls in love with her at first glance. They are dancing together all the evening, but it’s almost midnight. Once the clock strikes twelve Barbie’s dress will turn into her old working garments. Fortunately, the story has a happy end as true love knows no boundaries.

barbie coloring pages photo - 34

#35 Princess and her Pauper Sister

Barbie is pretending to be a Cinderella. She visits a ball dressed like a princess. The prince falls in love with her at first glance. They are dancing together all the evening, but it’s almost midnight. Once the clock strikes twelve Barbie’s dress will turn into her old working garments. Fortunately, the story has a happy end as true love knows no boundaries.

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