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Download free printable alphabet coloring pages. Beautiful Coloring Pages for your Kids ;)

#1 Show Some Fantasy

In order to transform studying into a funny activity the person needs to prepare some well-styled letters. One should memorize the fact that letters are the most important and fundamental blocks of the early life education creation. The kids will enjoy coloring these letters and memorizing will go in a better way. The game is an excellent way to study for little kids.

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#2 Elmo Lessons

Here you have an opportunity to create your own flash cards for study. This image introduces us the series of lovely alphabet cards with the legendary characters from the Muppet Show. The first letter is introduced by a cute character from the series – Elmo. He teaches the kids by means of a variety of acorns. This guy will undoubtfully assist your kid with studying.

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#3 Slim Style Letters

Various fonts are used in different books and the child needs to be taught how to recognize letters performed in various styles. This ABC font demonstrates slim style letters which are often used in comic books and literature for kids. The use of such a chart will transform the alphabet into the best friend of your kid and present him the road to knowledge.

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#4 A Test of Skills

This is not just another alphabet coloring art that can be found everywhere. This is a real exercise of space orienting and shape recognition. All the letters are composed of several elements and the task of the little student is to consult with the guideline and color the letters according to the task that was stated. It will also teach your child to preserve attention for a longer period of time.

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#5 Small Letter Practice

Edutaiment is a new word for the study of little kids. It is the combination of two words – education and entertainment. With an abundance of studying options it will be easy to find the means of studying that will stimulate the desire to receive new knowledge. Coloring is also a means of decent art practice so it would be even double useful.

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#6 Designer Letters

Have you ever wondered why the kids are able to memorize various songs from the cartoons and the names of the characters from various TV shows? It is all because of the brightness with which the images are shown to people. The ABC can also be as funny as the cartoons if it is properly showed. Add some sheets with well-designed alphabet to have some fun.

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#7 Sample for Memorizing

A good sample for writing letters is an important addition to the collection of your kids’ educational equipment. Here is a fine set of letters that can be colored by a kid and that you can use as a pattern for writing. It is notable that there are both capital and small letter that are excellent for copying for their distinctive outline.

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#8 Resting under the Tree

A good print out with a letter is half work down on the way to memorizing the image of the letter. However, distributing of just a letter is not enough. As you can see there is a fine story depicted on the sheet with two boys who are sitting beneath the tree and who are eating apples. It is an excellent approach for a parent to think out some personal stories and illustrate them with visuals.

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#9 Learn the Basics

It is not a necessity to go and buy an ABC chart in the local shop. In order to teach your kid an alphabet you should go in for interaction with your little one. Consider an option of creating your personal table with letters and let your little student color it in the manner he or she prefers. Give your own commentaries to the letters which might attract the attention of the little scientist.

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#10 Comic Style Alphabet

Comic books are the first books for the kids. The smallest kids prefer comics with minimal amount of letters and a huge number of pictures, while the older ones adore some super heroic stories. Here is a chart with letters of an unusual look. Inside each letter there is a fragment of a comic’s famous character. It would be really interesting to work with such an alphabet.

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#11 Strict Shaped Font

These are the letters performed in a very strict design and thick outer outline. This is marvelous visual aids for revising and practicing of letter recognition. It is very good that the letters are hollow inside and if you think that such a look is too strict, you can modify the style of this chart with the help of your little artist and a pair of some drawing instruments.

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#12 Visual Assistance

Images are very important for the perception of the whole world. Bright images are capable to create an association in the young mind and later on become a fundament of the whole future education. Remember that first steps are always small and even during the study of the first letters one should try to add a variety of supplementary supportive images for a stronger effect.

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#13 A Real Mess

This is an excellent exercise not only for training and revising the ABC but also to enhance the attention and ability to perceive the information. The letters here are all messed up and your child needs to color them in the order they are distributed in the alphabet. However, if this task seems really easy, you can increase the level of difficulty by asking to color the letters backwards from Z to A.

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#14 Flower Design

Just take a look at this pretty chart. It would be really hard to resist coloring it. According to the flowers that are drawn inside the letters you can say that this option is especially for girls. The little princesses adore flowers and they will eagerly participate in studying and coloring of the letters by means of this tool.

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#15 Interesting Facts

For some kids studying the letters can be an extremely boring task. Some might become stubborn and even scream to avoid the studying. There are some ways that will help you to wake love to education inside your child. There are games by means of which the study process always goes smoother and faster. During studying the letters it would be really interesting to add some facts about the items on the flash cards for a greater “WOW effect” that will help to memorize letters.

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#16 Share into the Portions

Some parents are eager to teach their kids the entire alphabet at once. However, the brain of the child doesn’t work in such a manner. It is capable for switching from one activity into another extremely fast and it can be really hard to maintain a decent rate of attention that is required for studies. Add a variety of activities with the same purpose of studying – read letter, color the corresponding words, create cards etc. A variety of actions is a key for a better knowledge.

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#17 Cook Some Knowledge

Here is a sheet with an ABC soup that was so popular several decades ago. Right now it is also favored by kids and it has become an excellent tool for study. Certainly playing with a food is not a good idea, but studying is a totally different thing. You can use this soup of knowledge to make the simplest words or place letters in order.

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#18 Alphabet Needs the Help

It is an excellent idea to start learning the alphabet at an early age as it is the time when the kid’s subconsciousness is still open. The showing of the simplest picture with letters will be an effective activity and though it might seem useless, you will be able to see the effect in future. The process of studying at school after such a practice will run faster and more effectively.

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#19 Smiling Giraffe

Just take a look at this wonderful giraffe. It is radiating with a beaming smile. With such a bright positive smile your kid will be happy to study the letters. After the colors are added to this art, it will become an excellent flash card that will be so funny to look at and practice both phonetics and writing. A new friend will encourage the kid for a further work.

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#20 Size Does Matter

Sometimes there is a strong need for large letters. Such a letter demonstrates an authority and can be manipulated with the hands of a little student of yours. Such a close interaction and manipulation between the kid and an object is very useful as the direct contact is an excellent means of remembering the information through all five senses.

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#21 The Sweetest Apple

Apple is the word that is associated with the letter “A” most often. In various school books it is given as the first word to study while working with the alphabet. Here we have got a fine apple that is supposed to be very tasty. The kid needs to finish the picture and see what a marvelous design he will get in future.

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#22 Angular Letters

These attractive angular letters will become an excellent asset to your collection of various educative supporting tools. They look as if they are dancing on the sheet of paper. It’s a fine art indeed for an imaginative kid that enjoys drawing and coloring various items. Letters would be a useful direction for the creativity realization.

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#23 Gathering the Flowers

This lovely elephant is running through the field gathering various flowers. He is hiding behind a giant letter “E” that symbolizes his name. The creature offers you a little bouquet of flowers in a very shy manner. If you want to befriend such a lovely animal, you need to add some bright hues to the image and memorize this letter well.

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#24 Coloring is the Key

Nice simple pictures are very perfect for practicing the alphabet. Some people say that pictures distract kids while psychologists state that images are an excellent supportive instrument for studies. This collection introduces a full A-Z sheet with bright memorable images that will be an excellent study support.

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#25 Play the Ball

This picture introduces us a fine large letter “B” with an illustration of a ball. In the aspect of practical usage this letter occupies quite a decent position. There are both variant of the letter and the image of the item that illustrates the whole picture. During the process of absorbing new knowledge the visual aids is a must have for all kids.

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#26 Bright Samples

The more pretty objects you have, the greater number of associations you will acquire. This lovely image is a composition of various items which start with a letter “A”. The squirrel that is going to get an acorn and a boy that reached out to a giant apple make a fine composition for learning the first letter of the ABC.

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#27 Mother Duck

“There was a mother duck that lived at a happy farm. She lived with tiny ducklings who swam in little lake …” – this can be a beginning of a little fairy tale that can be composed by a loving parent who wants t provide the child with some good fundamental knowledge like the first letters and some simple words.

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#28 Here Goes the Train

The trains in the past were an alternative of modern gaming consoles. The toys with little steamers were very rare and expensive and only rich people could afford such toys. Here you will be able to create your own long train but that will not be an ordinary train. Each of them will have a special passenger inside – a letter of an alphabet.

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#29 Catchy Phrases

It is very easy to study the letters and the alphabet if they are parts of some catchy phrases or have some pictures which generate fine associations. This illustration is just one of such visual helpers which can develop the motoric skills when the kid is coloring the pictures and mnemonic abilities when the phrases are remembered and practiced together with father or mother.

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#30 Zoo Fun

When it comes to the animals, kids can listen to the stories about them for many hours. Such an interest to animal world is quite natural and you can utilize it in order to learn various interesting things. In our case we see that each character in this poster represents a separate letter and it will be very interesting to study animal species and letters together.

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#31 Exercising Cat

Here we can see a cat that is practicing its yoga exercises with a help of a letter “C” support prompt. It is really interesting to watch how this little kitty is practicing very hard to stay fit. The way in which the kids color their pages is also a worthy look as they put so much efforts into what they do. During this work we can also teach the kid to memorize the objects and the letters which are on the pictures.

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#32 Rugby Boy

Coloring is one of those rare ways for a kid to impress the parents at an early age. They work really hard on each movement of the pencil as their motoric system is not as developed as of an adult. That is why drawing is an excellent interactive means to provide your kid with some useful information on various things.

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#33 Go&Get Grapes

The fruits are useful not only when we are eating. Children react positively on various fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, pine apples etc. It’s very convenient to apply the biological education to coloring practice as by means of your assistance your child will be able to recognize the fruits and remember the letters with which they start.

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#34 Live Letters

The letters with faces will be like little friends of your treasure. Just look at them – the smile will definitely appear on your face in response to such cute tiny letters. Studying with such friends will not be boring and you will really enjoy the process a lot. Start befriending the letters with your best paints!

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#35 Smooth Shapes

One can tell that letters with smooth edges are perceived in a better way, probably because of their natural look. You can check if it is true by printing this set and offering the kid to color it. The experiments with fonts are quite useful as a little student will slowly get used to different writings and create his own one.

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